5 WordPress Plugins to boost SEO in 2013

A free and open source blogging tool, over 60 million websites are powered by WordPress, making it the most popular blogging system on Earth. Nearly one quarter of all new websites use it to promote their businesses and improve their website rankings.

In addition to being a free tool, WordPress is also extremely easy to use, even for people who don’t spend much time online. With that said, there are many ways to improve the performance of this valuable virtual resource.


By definition, a plug-in is a software component that adds a particular feature to an existing software system. Because it is so popular, there tens of thousands free plug-ins for WordPress. In fact, it’s a challenge to keep track of them all, since they are introduced on an almost daily basis.

The most popular software components can enable customization and correct common problems. They can even help you promote your business through search engine optimization (SEO). With that in mind, let us take a moment to discuss five of our favorites.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast


One of the issues many users have with WordPress is that it is not compatible with their websites. In other words, they have a hard time adding blogs and other original information to their web addresses. This can cause major issues for businesses owners who operate several different sites.

WordPress SEO by Yoast solves this problem and allows you to add new information to every website you own. The popular plug-in is not only extremely easy to use, it’s also free!

2. Widget Logic


As we mentioned, WordPress is not a particularly sophisticated system, but it is incredibly versatile when you add plug-ins like Widget Logic. This component lets website owners control when and where there widgets should appear. In laymen’s terms, that means the content on your website will only appear where and when you want it to in different sections of your site.

3. Members


There’s nothing more important to search engines than original content. That means you have to write and edit your own blog entries and other additions. Over the years, many regular bloggers have complained that WordPress is sorely lacking when it comes to default user roles. In order to increase control and flexibility of writing and editing functions, simply add the Members plug-in and it will augment your current user roles, making it easier for multiple users to contribute new content.

4. Simple URLs


If you have affiliate links on your websites, and many websites do, you need a way to track their success or conversion rate. This is the rate that tells owners how many times someone who clicked on the affiliate link actually ended up purchasing the product on the other end. Websites that boast high conversion rates can charge much more for their affiliate links than those with lower rates. The Simple URLs plug-in helps you track exactly how successful your guest’s ad s are, which will help you determine a fair rate.

5. Gravity Forms


Last but certainly not least, we wanted to review a plug-in that you actually have to pay for. At present, Gravity Forms can be found online for around $40. But trust us, it’s worth every penny! While the primary purpose of these forms is not SEO improvement, but rather customer service management, they can be used to create original content. What exactly does it do and why should you pay for it?

Like many paid applications, this plug-in is far more sophisticated than anything you can get for free. Not only does it allow you to manage contact forms with email routing and provide seamless integrations with CAPTCHA, it also lets you add posts and even entire pages directly to your website! As with any other original content that is posted on your site, this practice should improve your website ranking.

How it works?

As you may have guessed from the name, everything is presented and added in a form format. With the click of a button, you can create a form that contains all of the information you would need to add a new blog or webpage, including the title, text, images, icons, and more! The plug-in makes WordPress much easier and more versatile, which more than justifies its light price tag.

44 thoughts on “5 WordPress Plugins to boost SEO in 2013”

  1. Hello Dear

    its very amazing plugins really in fact these plugins are very useful for SEO really so thanks for sharing me

  2. Excluding yoast all the 4 plugins that you’ve mentioned in your post are new for me ..would certainly use them in my wordpress blog as they seem to be promising ..thanks for sharing these plugins.


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  4. Yaost is one of the plugins that I nearly always use, it includes just about everything you need to do good on page SEO. I especially like the ability you have to do 301 redirects on each page and the Google Webmaster Tools easy verification.

    I’ve never used Simple URL’s but might try that too. Thanks for the really good article.

  5. Siddhartha Sinha

    I could say one one thing these 5 plugins are the must in order to boost the SEO and if SEO is boosted then you will get the result automatically and after that no worries and your blog will start appearing more frequently than earlier.

    Siddhartha Sinha

  6. Interesting list i basically use WordPress SEO alone and its really helpful for my blog when i started off i didn know much about optimizing my articles then after reading a few blog posts and downloading that plugin i’ve started seeing alot of traffic coming especially from google search

  7. Cool I am using Yoast plugin for quite some time and this is really helpful. Though being new to WP, i just want to know that what is benefit of using Widget Logic, when there is already widget section in wp and allow you to where to place them.

  8. Great list Martha,
    I particularly agree with the plugins at position one and two.
    Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin is pretty much the defacto WP SEO plugin nowadays, and rightly so. Widget logic is perhaps a little less widely used because its a bit tricky to grasp the conditional tags, but its well worth taking the time to figure it out.

  9. Love wordpress plugins – enhance your web site greatly. I do use a couple of the mentioned plugins, and really enjoy them. Great post.

  10. Yoast is the best SEO plugging for beginners. Many suggest SEOPRESSOR and all, but I don’t understand why use so heavy SEO tools when you have this free yet awesome seo tool.
    Annd Gravity forms, well that’s something new, will give it a try as it sounds interesting.
    Great Post !

  11. Thanks for this great post. It is quite frequent people consider a blog as a second category website and neglects SEO. If it is easy to create a blog, a blog without the care it deserves is useless. Get the best out of your blog with these easy SEO tools available.

  12. Wow really a bunch of plugins we all must be using to have a better control over our site. Coz i lack in budget so using Yoast for SEO and it’s really worth it.
    Plugins really are very important for synchronizing our blog wrt to our wordpress.
    Very nice post…keep sharing!!!

  13. Well, must say Great article and I am using 3 of them… yet to discover rest 2 , after reading this post I will start exploring them. Thanks

  14. once upon a time i have activated seo by yoast on my blog but i find it a bit confusing n now i am using all in one seo.that have great results.but why didn’t you mention w3 total cache?it’s also an important part of seo.

  15. Awesome post and great tips.I love WordPress Plugins.I also use this Plugins in 4 year and very easy to use,really nice.thanks

  16. I have been using wordpress for a long time now. Other than WordPress SEO by yoast, I use all of the plugins on all my sites. For SEO I prefer SEO ultimate as it helps with review in the snippet. The GD rating and other systems get tricky to set up.

  17. Great list –

    I have had some recent isues with Yoast’s SEO plugion but am sticking by it for now.

    Also I recommend “Display Widgets” for those looking for an alternative to widget logic – It’s a very user friendly way to show widgets only on selected pages/categories


  18. i talked early on somebody post that wordpressis giving youvery good opputunity to boost yor website based bussniess it works and works like rocket we have improved many of our websites

  19. I use All in One seo together with Squirrly seo. Have you try it? I like to use them both, because in this way I can manage my off-page seo and on-page seo as I like.

  20. Awesome plugin which i have been looking for the plugin to convert affiliate links to simple url just got from your post and have much experience with other listed plugin thanks for sharing it

  21. Thank you for this article as i just started my own blog a few days ago. I am using yoast seo already. I will try other mentioned plugins.

  22. I love Yoast. I use it very aggressively (I mean, as much as I can) on my website. It’s a very powerful tool for me because I’m far from anything resembling an expert in SEO. With Yoast I at least feel like I have a fighting chance to end up in the SERP for the right searches for my law firm.

  23. I am using yoast for now but now i’ll install all the above plugins for sure! thanx a tonne man! keep posting! :)

  24. thats a good share.. Especially gravity form which I haven’t tried yet. Hope they will have more user attention. Thanks bro :)

  25. Thanks for the great plugins! Have recently started using SEO by Yoast plugin and it works great! Will defiantly check the rest out as well! Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  26. all good plugins.. Yoast is the best probably but I use All in One Seo.

    also, I use Seo Smart Links.. I consider it the best between the free plugins, but of course there are better plugins if you have some money to spend.

  27. Nithin Upendran

    Thanks bro i was searching for this.Because of the availability of these plugins word press is still known as the best blogging platform.I personally had tried some the plugins on your list and they were effective.Thanks for sharing this list with us.

  28. great write up…I am going to add a few of these plugins to my WP site, I have been adding all the valuable ones and now have more to add, thank you for doing a great post and i look forward to keeping in contact.

  29. Love WordPress plugins – enhance your web site greatly. I do use a couple of the mentioned plugins, and really enjoy them. Thanks very much. great post

  30. Martha,
    Great little list. Martha is my mother’s name. Martha and Mary were sisters in the Bible who met Jesus. :-)

    Anyways, my two favorites on your list are Gravity forms and Yoast SEO plugin. Looks like Yoast is going to have paid support for his plugins pretty soon. And both plugins are kinda like industry standards!


    Jupiter Jim

  31. I use wordpress seo by yoast and I love it very satisfied with the plugin and the results. thank you for this great post.

  32. There is one more social viral share popup plugin by wptit which i am using and i feel that is very good for bloggers and as well as fro seo as i think social traffic is also responsible for ranking in google

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