6 Popular Social Media Inspired WordPress Themes

If you are searching for any new theme for your blog or want to try something new then you must surely check out my collections of themes which is totally an inspiration of some popular social media sites and blogs on web.

I didn’t share all the copycats’ template here, instead I selected the best themes that fit perfectly with all sort of wordpress blogs. Some may available of free of cost and some may demand money for their work to use it in your blog.

1. Google + (Plused)

Google plus style wordpress themes

Google’s best social media attempt that comes with best User interface has failed to reach people as expected. But its UI has inspired many theme developers to design a unique Google plus style wordpress themes and here is the one you are going to see now.

Download | Demo

2. Techcrunch (Comp press)


If you are avid reader of Techcrunch then you will surely love this theme. This theme will make you blog look exactly like techcrunch old design. It has wide range of features that includes,

–  Simple and neat design

–  Readymade Social Media Integration.

– You can change Featured Image, logo, background image from admin panel itself, you no need to find out the code for manual install.

– Top and High CTR Ad placement: 728*90 Banner Ads in header.

–  Multi-Tabbed Sidebar.

–  Easy Threaded Comments to increase user engagement.

Download | Demo

3. P2

P2 theme

This themes that transform your wordpress blog into super fast twitter like template to do blogging at the speed of your thought. Its homepage post, comments and inline editing of post will appear real time to the visitors no need to refresh the page. Here the quick video review and features of this theme.

Buy it now | Demo

4. Mashable


One of the best tech and social media blog in internet industry which is going to be sold for $200 million to CNN, recent news says. They are also popular for many inspiring products like Mashable themes, Mashable sidebar, Mashable floating sharebar and much more things which have been widely used by many bloggers.

And here we are going to check about Mashable inspired magazine theme created by Themedesk, fast growing Indian based premium theme makers. Unfortunately, it is not free of cost you have to pay for their work; the cost will be around $80 per theme and $300 for all themes from themedesk.

Buy it now | Demo

5. Facebook

Facebook theme

Here comes the wordpress themes inspired of the world largest populated website, facebook. Facebook lovers will surely like this theme which has exact facebook layouts, Timeline features and options that give them a feel of blogging inside facebook.

A. Smell like facebook – This theme will be like old facebook layouts before timeline features comes to play.

Demo | Download

B. Facebook Timeline – If you are avid lovers of new facebook timeline features then this theme is for you.


6. Digg

Digg theme

One of the most popular social bookmarking and traffic generator sites in the past but now it has been fadeout by rise of Reddit. This theme is totally inspiration of Digg social bookmarking site that comes with variety of admin options and features to best fit with wordpress blogs.

To get best results from this theme you have to install wordpress plugins like Get recent comments, flickrRss and WP-Pagenavi plugins in your blog.

Download | Demo

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and many of you will surely try these themes in your blog. If you want to say something about this article, shout out in comment section.

22 thoughts on “6 Popular Social Media Inspired WordPress Themes”

  1. I think you have to be careful with these kinds of themes and how they’re used. You don’t want to use them in the same context as the original sites that inspire them as they get no credibility. They have a use but it must be in a different context.

  2. I’m obsessed with WordPress now. I’ve been thinking about trying out the whole social network themes just to give myself a taste but haven’t yet. Thanks for the ideas though.

  3. This is amazing. I love Techcrunch Theme. It will be the next theme on my next blog which I am planning to create on next week.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cool Collection! Truly indeed you picked the bet of the best social media inspired by WP themes. Well, we use Facebook and Digg very often since they come free of charge and used almost by everyone. Mashable and P2 are rule of a thumb as well…very reliable when you are aiming real time exposure.

  5. really nice themes I am considering starting a blog on my site for ranking purposes, I will probable end up using one of these themes as they will go well with my site and why not use a UI theme that everyone will recognise and be familiar with – thanks

  6. I think these are one of the best social media inspired themes that I have seen. I definitely like their structure and the way they are related to the different social media.

  7. Hey, I download techcrunch theme, but unfortunately it has some errors. I don’t know how to fix those errors since I don’t have an idea on php. It says some errors on function. php on some lines. :(

    1. Hey Sajith, maybe you need to go to http://www.comptalks.com/comppress-theme-a-clean-professional-theme/ to ask for this theme support.

  8. The Techcrunch theme is really good! Haven’t tried the other ones yet but i’m sure i will soon. Thanks for sharing

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  9. The Facebook theme looks really nice as well as the others. Personally, I’ve only tried the Techcrunch theme which worked pretty good for my blog.

  10. Even this all social sites look more better in wordpress theme.. I will download this all wordpress theme and apply it one by one on my wordpress blog.

  11. I’m liking that one that looks like Google+. By the looks of the image, you can make the site a lot easier in terms of navigation, and the users can get to see most of the good content above the fold.

  12. In my opinion, it’s nice also to have that lookalike theme but I’m more interested in designs that are not common but have very interested designs. On other hand, when it comes to popular theme just like this there are also advantages. The user-friendly theme can be a quick learning for any viewer which is a good thing because they can easily access your site without being lost in your site. They familiarize with the environment of the theme as your site. That’s the good thing and thanks for sharing by the way I can use it in the near future.

  13. These themes seem trendy because of the social media effect of it. My favorite among them is the facebook theme not because I’m a facebook addict but it’s seems like easy to use because it’s very common and it’s very familiar to everyone which is also a good thing for having a new site. Also, all themes look nice and easy to recognize. Thanks for sharing your list to us.

  14. LOL, I really love the Mashable theme. Sky Blue is my favorite color. :D I’ll try to test these themes on my blogs and wait for my friends and readers reacton.

  15. Theme is a plus in a website or a blog. It is also interesting when you accompany it with famous or trendy things. Just like these themes, from popular social media. Most of them are very popular, and you can adapt this popularity to your new site. The only thing I want to recommend is that when using a theme like this you also need to have a uniqueness factor. Just like some new feature within the site that differs from the original site so that it will be likable.

  16. This is the best collection of wordpress themes i seen based on social media sites…there is no alternative for this Post…I will Visit again For Downloading that Mashable Theme…

  17. This is why I love wordpress because there are always wonderful, wide range of blog themes you can choose on.. Love it. Thanks themes developers… Kudos!

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