15 Sleek & Clean WordPress Themes to Kickstart Your Business Online

When you start a new business, one of the most important things in your marketing strategy is the way your start-up will be represented online. A great website can kickstart your business and get you hundreds of new customers. A buggy or poor-looking web page can drive away all the visitors you have been working hard to attract there.

So how do you launch an amazing and effective website without investing too much money and time?

Fortunately, with an open-source content management system like WordPress and one of the ready to use design themes available for it, you don’t have to spend months and thousands of dollars on developing and designing your website.

WordPress was introduced as a platform for bloggers, and soon became one of the leading content management systems in the world, powering over 70 million websites today. It’s immensely popular with new website owners due to its simplicity of use, search engine-friendliness, and good loading speed. With tons of free or low-cost plugins, you can add nearly any functionality to your WordPress-powered website, and thanks to hundreds of affordable design themes for this CMS, your website will easily beat even more experienced competitors.

This post is a selection of 15 sleek WordPress themes that look uncluttered and tasteful, and will help your business grow online.

Here’s Why These Themes Are Perfect for Your New Website:

Flexible & Customizable

If you are concerned that your website will not look unique, don’t be: the themes are fully customizable, so you can replace or remove any images or elements to personalize the theme you bought.

Licensed Images

You like the images used in the theme and want to use it as is? No problem with that. You get a license to use all images in the template on your own website.


Most of these themes are responsive, so with a design like that your website will look great and be easy to use on any mobile device, from smartphones to tablets.

The Biggest Collection to Choose From

Perhaps none of these 15 themes will be the right fit for your website, but don’t worry: they are provided by TemplateMonster.com , the biggest resource offering commercial design themes. You are sure to find the perfect one on the website.

Round-o-Clock Support

TemplateMonster provides 24/7 pre-sale and after-sale support, as well as assistance installing and customizing your theme for an additional fee.

Ready to pick the look that willkickstart your newly launched website? Let’s go ahead and see if the right fit is there.

Light Blue – Management Company Responsive WordPress Theme

With its pleasant light blue color scheme, this minimalistic design looks trendy and sleek. A young and creative management company will love this look for its new website.


Details |  Demo

Professional Services – Management Campaigns WordPress Theme

This “big” responsive theme looks very professional, and even though the design uses dark gray shades, it looks clean. It will be a find for a new business that wants to look professional and trustworthy.


Details |  Demo

IT Competence – IT Responsive WordPress Theme

This IT theme looks dark and elegant, with a prominent lightbox and well-structured content. This will be a perfect choice for an IT start-up.


Details |  Demo

Building Trust – Insurance Business WordPress Theme

Combining a nicely designed light gray background with soft shades of red, this responsive theme looks tasteful and classic, but trendy. It would be great for an insurance start-up that wants to build trust.


Details |  Demo

Sleek White – Minimal Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

This minimalistic responsive theme looks sleek and elegant, using primarily white. A start-up marketing agency that has taste will love this design.


Details |  Demo

Dark & Clean – Solid Investment Company WordPress Theme

Even though the design is primarily dark, the theme looks clean and uncluttered. This WordPress theme is mobile-ready and will be a good choice for a new investment company.


Details |  Demo

Clean & Original – Management Solutions WordPress Theme

The design uses traditional colors and fonts, but several unusual elements make this responsive theme original. With this template, a management solutions start-up will be able to stand out from the crowd while remaining more or less traditional.


Details |  Demo

Elegant Metallic – Consulting Services WordPress Theme

Combining lots of white with subtle light gray, this responsive design looks pure and sleek. It would be a good fit for a consulting services start-up.


Details |  Demo

Clean & Professional – Investment Business WordPress Theme

This clean white theme looks pretty traditional, but the interesting background and the bright menu give it an original look. It would be perfect for a new investment business that doesn’t want to look too conventional.


Details |  Demo

HR Expert – Recruiting Company WordPress Theme

This clean responsive theme uses primarily white, livening it up with several shades of cyan. It looks elegant and professional, and would be good for a new recruitment company.


Details |  Demo

Soft Gray – Consulting Responsive WordPress Theme

The theme is traditionally structured, but the combination of the creative soft gray background and turquoise accents make it look fresh and unconventional. A consulting start-up will appreciate this design.


Details |  Demo

Effective Funds – Clean Investment Company WordPress Theme

This responsive design uses mostly black, white, and gray, but there are several creative details that make it more interesting. This would be a good choice for a newly created investment business.


Details |  Demo

Clean Black & White – Marketing Business WordPress Theme

This primarily white theme that uses black & white images and small bright accents looks very clean and stylish. It will be an excellent choice for a marketing start-up.


Details |  Demo

Minimalistic Black – Consulting Agency WordPress Theme

This darkly-colored design is “big” but minimalistic, so it feels very spacious and uncluttered. It would be perfect for a new consulting agency.


Details |  Demo

Sleek & Original – IT WordPress Theme

This clean white theme looks very classy and sleek. The unusual lightbox feature gives this design some originality. A newly created IT company will appreciate this WordPress theme.


Details |  Demo

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  1. Jenni, brilliant themes and most important – just what I was looking for. ‘IT Competence’ looks pretty good, hopefully it will come out as good on my site ;-)

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