Questions to ask Before Hiring WordPress Developers

There are certain important things which you need to keep in mind while hiring WordPress developers. The best way of ensuring that you have hired the best professional, you may just ask him a few questions. If you get satisfactory answers to all these questions, you should hire him.

Experience of the Developers

The experience is very important. While you interview the developer or the firm, make sure you ask them how many years’ experience them of working in this domain. Everyone wants to learn at different rate and you may receive different answers to your questions.

Thus, on the basis of the requirements as well as the budget of the project, you need to first decide if the level of experience is good enough. You need to hire a professional who has minimum 3 years of experience in this field.

Action of Responsive Technique

The whole idea here understands the ability of the developer of differentiating between options, for giving a theme to the WordPress website. A WordPress website may be built with the help of the current theme, customizing one and developing a new one right from the beginning.

The remuneration of the developer

For the theme development of WordPress, the charges may vary from one developer to another because of the wide range of components. A lot of developers charge a high price for a quick turnaround time while some may charge you extra for adding complex functionality such as forum to the website. The best solution of grabbing the best deals for the project is by making a list of all the requirements and comparing the charges offered by different developers and agencies.

Technical expertise of the developer

The technical expertise of the developer is also quite important. After all it is a technical task and thus, the developer you hire needs to be technically sound.

Services even after web development

Before you choose a firm, you should not forget to check with the developer or the agency if they would offer support to you after the launch of the website. You need to ensure that you check the time zone they work in and their availability and enquire about the communication mode they would prefer using for supporting the client like email, LIVE chat, phone, etc. You need to keep in mind that a reliable WordPress developer believes in keeping a long term relation with his customers.

What kind of data and files you need to provide for developers?

For being free from any responsibility and for avoiding any kind of unnecessary delay in development of the new project of the website, you being a business rep should offer all the important things to the developer or the agency well in advance.

This means that if you wish to make sure that your project goes on smoothly right from the beginning till the end, you should not just read as well as agree with the terms & conditions, but you should even ask them which files as well as information they need for starting the work on the project.

Will you work on old theme or else you will choose a new theme

This is a technical question and you may not know the right answer to this. But still, this has to be clear in your mind that why your site is being developed on some specific theme.

Will website will be Mobile Friendly or not?

A mobile is a device which has become a popular device which helps us in reaching out to the target audience. Developing the mobile version of the website is a way of making the website mobile friendly.

Will you install any Plug-ins on site?

WordPress offers a wide range of plug-ins which helps in adding functionalities to the website. This particular feature helps in making it a sought after CMS today. Some basic plug-ins which need to be installed while developing a website relate to:

  1. Caching Plug-in
  2. Anti-Spam Plug-in
  3. SEO Plug-in
  4. Contact Form Plug-in

How WordPress site will be secure?

You need to check with the developer and the agency as to how he would be making the site secure. It may be made safe with the help of below techniques:

  1. Appropriate coding
  2. Selecting the right vendors for the plug-ins and themes
  3. Updating the website on a regular basis

Do we need to keep additional back up?

You need to ensure that the developer knows about integrating the WordPress website with a backup solution such as Backup Buddy and Manage WP in case anything worse happens in future.

What is the developer’s portfolio and how much time does it takes to complete the Project?

Going through the portfolio of the firm in which you are going to consider in the development of WordPress would help you in knowing the sort of projects they’ve accomplished previously.

Whether the site will be tested before it goes live?

Testing the site is very important for ensuring that everything is working well. It’s suggested that you check with the developer to first test your website precisely for ensuring that it’s compatible with the different versions of the popular browsers.

Cost of Maintenance?

You need to check if the developer you will be hiring would take the onus of maintaining the website. You also need to check about the cost which he would be charging for maintaining the website.

The coding standards

A good and efficient developer needs to follow the WordPress Coding Standards for avoiding the most common errors of programming, simplifying the code modifications and improving the readability of the code. You need to ensure that the developer, you hire keeps the coding clean as well as semantic.

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  1. Great tips, Kumar! I am so glad I found this post just before hiring a WordPress developer. Thanks for sharing this and I look forward to reading more posts like this one here! Cheers

  2. Thanks for the tips. I’m thinking of hiring a web developer myself. But what’s the difference between a wordpress developer and a regular developer?

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