Giveaway : Win Premium Theme From MyThemeShop

WordPress is one of the best platforms to build a website, both because of the wide array of available functionality and the number of themes available for it. However, in order to build a truly successful blog, you’ll probably need a premium theme that brings the best features with it.

Good premium themes can be hard to find, as they don’t all include the same features, and many include a premium price tag. However, today, that’s no concern, because I’m running an exclusive giveaway of premium WordPress themes from MyThemeShop!

I’ve teamed up with MyThemeShop to giveaway 10 of their premium WordPress themes to my readers. Each of the winners will get to choose their theme from MyThemeShop’s collection of 60+ premium themes.

MyThemeShop’s premium themes are a cut above the rest, because they put effort into truly premium features that other themes lack. Built on a rock solid framework using HTML5 and CSS3 and featuring regular updates, MyThemeShop themes also include premium support from their highly trained staff.

But where MyThemeShop stands out is their optimizations. From speed optimization to help your site load faster, to search engine optimization to help your site get more visitors, MyThemeShop themes are tested and optimized to maximize performance over a variety of metrics. You’ll get more visitors and earn more with ad optimizations.

You can build sites quickly with the included custom widget library and one-click shortcodes, and because all MyThemeShop themes come with an options panel, you won’t have to tinker around with confusing code or 3rd party plugins.

























How To Enter:

Entry is simple! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account on the MyThemeShop site (it’s free) and browse their collection of the themes.
  2. Leave a comment on this post about which theme you would like to win most.
  3. Only one entry per person.
  4. If you win, I’ll contact you via email and the theme will be assigned to your MyThemeShop account.
  5. The giveaway ends on 02/22/2014.

Hope this suffice. If anything, please let me know. Good day.

102 thoughts on “Giveaway : Win Premium Theme From MyThemeShop”

    1. @anchit i am totally agree with you and @jenni R it’s really great themes here! I really liked the sensational one.. thanks

      Altamash Sid
      (personal branding advisor)

  1. I hope that i will win this giveaway because me really want Mythemeshop themes by the way thanks for such an awesome giveaway

  2. Really cool post. Every blogger needs some cool Premium theme. their search ends here. It’s cool collections of some of the Premium themes here. I specially like to put TruPixels, Minimalist. These 2 themes are nice and cool.
    I hope i might winner of this contest.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome Premium theme list here.

  3. I am looking for the similar type of giveway for last one week and i have found it after reading your articles. Thanks a lot@Jenni for sharing this wonderful articles for the intenseblog readers and specially for me.

  4. Hi Jenni, thanks for this opportunity. I’ve been struggling with my very first and new beauty blog. After I read your giveaway post, I browsed through MyThemeShop themes and I’m absolutely mesmerizing by “FrontPage” theme! It looks very versatile, engaging design and well-fitted to my need. Hope I will win this giveaway and looking forward to use “FrontPage” theme for my blog. Again, many thanks!

  5. Sandipan Mukherjee

    First of all I would like to thank you and My Theme Shop for this giveaway. If possible I would love to have all of them :D coz all of them are awesome. I know thats not possible. So, I would love to win Splash theme. Hope I win :)

  6. Thanks for setting up this giveaway. I’d like to win “Immunity” theme for my newly started travel blog. All themes are truly nice and clean. Overall, “Immunity” is the best in my eyes.

  7. Thanks for the wonderful post, I like all the themes of Mythemeshop. I am giving all the Premium themes and plugins for free on my blog. I really liked all your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have see your sharing, its really nice collection but I am looking theme for Web Designing and Web Development companies. Is there any thing that you can help me to find themes according to my requirements.

  9. These all are really a great themes. These is one of the best giveaway for your site readers and also best chance to win some premium word press themes.

  10. Nice post Jenni
    I was seraching for good theme for my website’s blog.
    One thing I want to know is this theme responsive like Avada?

  11. Hi, The post is really nice Jenni. I get really puzzled when I had to choose appropriate blogging theme for me. The themes of MyThemeShop are really good to look. But are they SEO optimized?

  12. This is really an best giveaway for all of your site reader. You don a great job Keep it up this Great work!

  13. Again missed a glorious chance of getting such great themes specially the splash impressed me a lot.But what can I do as I”m a bit unlucky in such things.

  14. Great opportunity missed this time,,,as i was gonna start a new blog and these great themes was a great start for me if i was here a bit earlier,,,anyway thanks for this nice share and keep up the good work,,,maybe i will win something next time…

  15. oops….i think i m late…is there any other giveaway in progress?? I will not miss the next one for sure.

  16. Im also using Point theme from mythemeshop on my site, really very simple and clean theme. But most of other are paid, hoping for more free themes like POINT.

  17. For me, I had a fairly positive experience using Splash Theme. Made is a great theme and definitely compatible with WordPress 3.8.1.

  18. Checked out most of the themes from the list and I’m a bit confuse about which one to buy as some are quite similar in price and their design really impressed me.Can you guys help?

  19. Shashank Bhattarai

    I loved the sensational and splash theme. Missed again.. always get in place after the giveaway ends. Late again, think have to check my emails regularly.

  20. Almost every other of their themes are awesome. Personally, I have purchased few themes from MyThemeShop, but I would love to take a part to get my hands on Repose.

  21. Hi,

    MyThemeShop has been doing a splendid job in coming up with different attractive premium themes for the WordPress users and this was a great opportunity for your blog readers to grab a chance to win the Exclusive Premium themes from MythemeShop for Free.

    Hope Im too late and missed it. But congrats to all bloggers who have got it. Hope to get back to be the first person to join your next giveaway.

    Thank You

  22. Very good post Jenni, i want to aski 1 question, is there any discount available to buy Minimalist theme? I want to purchase this theme for my health blog. thank you

  23. nice html5 theme. I used Splash theme. I missed this giveaway, really want other Mythemeshop themes. I like Sensational themeThanks for setting up this giveaway.

  24. Oops missed the giveaway again :( I want the “Splash Theme” from your giveaway but can’t. Well, I will surely try next time. Thanks for organizing such a great giveaway’s.

  25. Yeah i tried many giveaways but didn’t won any of them but i try and try again until i will win a one!!

  26. Mythemeshop offer top notch themes for any type of blog and for all budgets too.
    It seems I forgot to like your Facebook fan page and from today I’m a an to, now you have 1362 likes.

  27. Hii admin thank you for sharing this great information about themes. I was searching for a good theme and now i get it in your post. Thanks & good job

  28. Looks great though I’m late this time. Congratulations to lucky winners. When is the next giveaway coming up?

  29. Oops! I missed another great chance of winning the theme :( It’s very sad, hope you launch one more giveaway and I will be the winner in that! Finger crossed :D

  30. i need these amazing Mythemeshop themes for my blog …. because these are SE optimize and fast loading theme .

  31. Paul Billygraham Reang

    Mythemeshop has awesome collection of flexible themes. I am extremely pleased by their themes, I am using mythemeshop theme in my several blogs….

  32. MyThemeShop themes are really pretty awesome. They are very good looking and responsive as well. I like the Splash theme very much.

  33. thanks for sharing this theme artical.your all theme design is very best.but i am choose Glamour theme very’s design is so nice.i like it bcoz it’s widegte is very nic.thanks

  34. Hi Jenni,

    Thanks so much for the fantastic opportunity to get access to some of these themes. As you say WordPress is one of the best platforms to build a website and if you have the right theme an amazing job can be achieved.

    Wish me luck!

  35. Alvin Setiawan Rusli

    i have used splash and true pixel that 2 themes are awesome and i really want to get that theme for free..
    i’m too late to know this information, but thanks anyway for sharing this information

  36. Mythemeshop is the one of the best themes provider that deals in top notch quality wordpress themes. I would really love to grab their themes.

    Thanks for sharing this ultimate giveway :)

  37. Well, I think none of the bloggers will not love to grab some free stuff and I am also amongst those. will be looking forward to win this giveaway but a lot of people are already in and it would be great competition than :D

  38. Thanks for sharing wonderful collection of premium themes.Thank you so much admin i am very thank full to you again i thank you for great sharing :)

  39. Kamlesh kumar sharma

    Good giveaway by JENNI R but i missed it. :(
    If i got a chance to get this giveaway then i will select splash theme. :)
    Thanks for giveaway

  40. As you have provided the open opportunity to all who will get the chance of getting that free theme.

    Theme plays down important role behind the website success either it attracts more & more viewers due to designs as well as more clicks automatically done by viewers

    Moral : Both sides gave the opportunity to earn the $.

    Thanks for sharing the great information.

  41. Really nice themes! I have to change some of my website, thing i’ll use couple of the one you introduced in here!


  42. Hi Jenni

    If you publish an article pretty much of WordPress themes. And mythemeshop their service is much better. This article that you wrote for this article will be of great value to me. I am interested to buy themes from mythemeshop. My friend already mythemeshop’s theme is used. My friend looks at the themes of mythimshop has many choices. Now I feel really good buy and you see this post.

  43. I can’t believe how popular this post is, considering that the giveaway ended 10 months ago. This obviously shows not only how popular these these are to people, but also your great writing skills, Jenni.
    Great Post!

  44. Very Interesting thanks for sharing the list of themes, appreciate your words. Am also thinking to change my WordPress theme and keep on searching for a creative and well looked design and I think i found one of them. Keep it up. God Bless You..!!

  45. Well Seems to be very great themes are providing you here. If i choose from the above I would choose the CLOCK theme. Its nice and thanks for the sharing. Cheers!

  46. Oh! What a nice subject you chosen, i would love to experiment with various themes. thanks a lot for giving me a nice platform to choosing theme easily…

  47. Great Themes!!
    I like the Splash and Minimalist more than other themes!!
    I’ll use one of them for my new blog!

  48. Can Anybody suggest me a WordPress theme for a classified site, there are many themes out there but I want a them which is very light in weight ( I mean the website speed must very good in Google Developers speed test ) and there should be all the facility like easy to integrate payment gateway, easy CMS to manager ads .. Thanks in advance.

  49. The Themes also plays a lot of role in defining the success of the website so it is quite important to choose the correct them and if you have the right theme matching with niche it can do wonders

  50. All of above web design theme are very awesome and looking pretty much attractive. if you consider this type of themes in your PSD designs than it cretes better user experience.

  51. I love clock its a real good one. All over well written and well explained to all those who don’t know about wordpress themes and of course mythemeshop themes are always the best

  52. Hi! It will really be great if you could give me the TruePixel theme. I am planning to use this theme for my tech blog (link attached with my name).


  53. Hi,
    I really love the sensational theme. I have been looking for a means to get it for my new blog all these days but couldn’t find any one to help me with one. I hope I’m going to be one of the lucky winners.

  54. Hi Jenni,
    Thanks for this beautiful, interesting and useful post.
    MyThemeShop is my best option to purchase themes for my WordPress websites.
    SociallyViral is my favorite theme forever.

  55. Hello,

    Good post for premium theme which may help you to bring nice idea about website theme and great post. Thanks a lot for sharing

    Rama Krishna

  56. Hi Jenni, Hello Jenni Thanks for the best themes collection. But I like Promax and SocaillyViral theme both are for wordpress and too much load faster even also they both are seo friendly.
    Thanks for the informative article.

  57. Hey Jenni,
    Thanks for sharing this useful article with us, I like Sociallyviral theme in this list and I am using this theme on my movie site HD Wale.

    ~ Vijay

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