Most Importance of Plug-ins For WordPress

There are a number of concepts, which form a part of computing. Getting the details of every concept is not very easy. However, there are certain concepts, which require attention and are considered very important for the functioning of the computer. One such important term is plug-in, which ensure proper functioning of certain software applications.

Why do we require plug-ins?

Plug-ins is basically a set of software, which adds certain specific capabilities to large applications. The plug-ins helps in the customisation of the functions of a software application. It is commonly seen that to play videos, displaying of certain files and even for scanning viruses, the plug-in are used in the browsers. Some common examples of plug-ins are Quick Time, Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash Player.

Today, plug-ins finds application in various blogging sites as well. The blogging tools like WordPress has features of plug-ins. There is a number of plug-ins available in WordPress and such availability of plug-ins makes it a famous blogging tool. Such plug-ins will truly accomplish the purpose behind every blog.

Top 5 WordPress plug-ins

  • Gravity Forms – This is considered extremely beneficial for forms as there is no competition. It allows creation of posts, uploading images and media files, and various other applications.
  • Thank Me Later– This plug-in sends email to every visitor, who has logged into the WordPress. The emails can help the people to establish a connection for personal terms.
  • W3 Total Cache– This plug-in helps in the quicker loading of the pages and requires very less processing in the central processing unit.
  • WP-DB Manager– This plug-in greatly helps in creating a backup of the website. This has the capability to mail the entire database of WordPress on a daily basis.
  • Max Blog Press Affiliate Ninja- This plug-in is simply great in reducing the amount of time required in the promotion of various affiliated products throughout the website. It can very easily convert the keywords to be identified by people and also tracks the clicks.

Advantages of plug-ins for WordPress

Today, various types of plug-ins have been created, which have greatly helped in electronically carrying business operations. Such plug-ins to a great extent has promoted the concept of e-commerce. They help people to earn large amount of profit by selling the products and services to online buyers. With the different types of plug-ins developed for WordPress, people are comfortable in posting their blogs. Such choices would definitely meet the needs and requirements of the websites.

Plug-ins does not cause any kind of inconvenience to people, which are usually caused by the pop-ups. The plug-ins of WordPress is great creations and it helps people to bring huge benefits to their websites. They have been greatly successful in bringing about an extension in various applications. Uploading such plug-ins is also very easy and requires less time. With such plug-ins, people have been provided with search engine optimisation of their blogs. This plug-ins is considered very beneficial from various points of view.

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  1. Sanjib Kumar Saha

    It was a crisp, informative, basic, enlightened article putting up a very basic question with full research and insight into the topic. It can be of great help for newbies. It is so important to know the basics of computing in the world today. It is important for anyone who is into blogging or even not. Its a crucial subject.:)
    Thanks for the share.:)

  2. Plugins for WordPress are plentiful, and there virtually all of them are incredibly useful. Having the right plugins installed can save so much time and frustration on the part of the blogger. The plugins allow us to focus on the more fun parts of what we do! :)

  3. Hi,
    Knowing about plug-ins was so important to myself too. It was an explanatory article. It was something that just rightly gets into one’s head. The article will be of great help for novices, and it was for me too. Thanks for such an informative post. :)
    Knowing about all the software isn’t possible but at least getting to know basics is a good deal.:)

  4. Hi Susan.. I want to ask you something, is it all the plugin above is free? I found some of the plugin is costly.. Will u suggest me some most importance plugin that is free?

  5. Great list, found one new plugin to install. But I’ll add the wonderful comment-luv plugin this site uses – because it’s the best to fight spam and All in One SEO Pack I use on all sites, because it allows you to manage meta tags easily and quickly. Sitemap plugin can also be useful for rather big sited

  6. Using less number of plugins can give best performance to the blog loading speed and overall as well. These plugins are so great and we should select only necessary plugins for our blog :)


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    What a great article i am searching in google from couple of days about “Most Importance of Plug-ins For WordPress” but didnt find any great way,but

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  8. What a great article.I am searching from the google last couple of days That about wordpress plugins.But unfortunately i din’t find any great way.But now my journey comes to an end.I must say What a great article.And once again thanks for this helpful and informative article.

  9. There is at least 80 different Gravity Forms Plug ins aviable at WP, How do I know wich one is the one to use. I cant use every 80. Please give me a clue who to trust in this matter.



  10. You said this are the top 5 plugins. I think not. In my opinion, only w3 total cache can be here. All of the other 4 plugins are totally irrelevant. Where is, for example All in one SEo plugin, and some others that definitely deserves to be here?

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