12 Essential Plugins for WordPress Ecommerce Sites

Many WordPress site owners are passionate about subjects like Design, Social Media, Cooking or Art. They work on their WordPress site part time and dream for their passion to lead to generating some money so that they can spend more time doing something they love.

Given the thousands of WordPress plug-ins available, where do these independent creatives start. It can be daunting, and too many plug-ins might slow down your site or increase the chances of a security risk.

The idea of adding ecommerce to your site so that you can securely sell digital files like ebooks or offer paid consultation session is attractive. However, for non-technical owners adding ecommerce to WordPress meant using feature rich ecommerce solutions like WooCommerce or WP e-Commerce. Each is well-respected solutions but seem like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Essential Plugins for WordPress Ecommerce Sites

These site owners don’t want to worry about using specific ecommerce compatible WordPress Themes, SSL certificates, or complex customisation. They want a well functioning WordPress ecommerce site quickly and easily so they can focus on doing what they love not spend time building a website.

One of the good things about WordPress is the fact that it has a lot of developer support, which means that there is plenty of room for a lot of customization in the form of plug-ins. It comes as no surprise that most plug-ins are available for free.

Here are some of the essential plug-ins for any independent creative’s that have a few things for fans or visitor to purchase and who want a well functioning WordPress ecommerce site without the hassle.

Digg Digg


If you aren’t into social media as a business owner yet, it is time to join the bandwagon of those businesses who heavily rely on social media for their marketing strategies. Digg Digg comes in handy by allowing you to place a familiar floating box on your website allowing your visitors to share with other social media users the page they are on.

The plug-in supports all major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus. One of the most useful features of this add-on is the fact that you can customize which social media you want to use it for while eliminating those you are not interested in.



WordPress ecommerce doesn’t have to be hard if using a plug-in like Selz to handle the credit card payments and orders. The easy-to-install plug-in has dozens of features that I find of particular interest to any independent creative site owner who is looking to sell their work from a WordPress site.

Selz is incredibly easy to setup and use without needing to do any coding or amending of themes. In page widgets or buy now buttons can be embedded into any WordPress page, and can be integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to maximise your reach on social media.

Using Selz you can sell physical, digital or services.  Nice features to kickstart your sales include offering promotional discount codes or asking potential customers to pay what they want. But here is my personal favorite: you only pay for this plug-in if you actually sell a product (even a digital product) or service thanks to it. It is a win-win for everybody.

If for some reason you don’t sell anything, you will not be charged, which means that you have nothing to lose by installing it on your WordPress site. The Selz plug-in is easy to get started with as it doesn’t require any prior programming knowledge.

404 Redirected


Another useful WordPress plug-in and let me explain why it can be helpful. Way too many websites in the Internet return 404 errors and their owners seem to be in the dark about it. This crafty little plug-in will show you all the pages that return the error and fix the problem immediately. Broken links and missing pages on a website can pose a serious threat to a business.

Not only will people see such a website in a negative light, but also Google will not pass Page Rank to any 404 page.

Updraft Plus


I am sure that I don’t have to convince anybody about the importance of online backup. When something such as your PC or your connection goes suddenly haywire, you have this little plug-in to thank for. Even when it seems that you lost some of your data, it will always be there waiting for you stored thanks to the online backup option that you chose to use.

You can store your data in the cloud (my preferred solution) or in any other way you find suitable in your situation. Then, with one click, you can restore any piece of information that you had lost. Updraft Plus is currently the highest-ranking backup plug-in for WordPress according to rankwp.com with over 510,000 downloads worldwide.

All in One SEO Pack

seo pack

This neat plug-in is perfect for all SEO-oriented website owners. It has many features, the most notable and practical of which include Google Analytics support, automatic optimization of titles for SEO purposes in Google and other search rankings, and automatic META tags generation.

What is more, XML sitemap support to Google and Bing is also included, which is perfect for improving your SEO. The software is very easy to use for the beginners as it works out-of-the-box, but more experienced users will find it enjoyable to customize it according to their needs.

Contact Form 7

contact form 7

To the untrained eye, it might seem like another contact form plug-in, but it shines by being very flexible and simple. It perfectly does the job for which it was designed. With its help, a site owner can manage a few contact forms and customize each one of them at the same time. The plug-in supports submitting powered by Ajax, Akismet spam filtering, CAPTCHA, and more.



If you have been fighting spammers and hackers before, you know that this plug-in is absolutely a must. Thanks to this addition to your WordPress site, you will be able to recognize the IPs addresses of the spammers and block them accordingly. CloudFlare will allow your website to load faster, which is another plus.

Google XML Sitemaps

google xml sitemaps

I am sure that you would agree with me that every ecommerce website benefits from being indexed in Google or Bing. If for some reason you don’t want to install All in One SEO Pack, you can just opt for Google XML instead. Google XML Sitemaps makes it a lot easier for crawlers to access an ecommerce website and then index it in no time.


clicky by yoast

If you are a fan of keeping track of where your visitors come from, or what type of pages on your website they like to visit the most, you will thank Clicky for all that it has to offer to you. Apart from being able to track what countries your visitors represent, you can also use its many other features such as visitor segmentation, Twitter analytics, video analytics, and many more.



This practical plug-in makes the life of spammers and hackers miserable by not allowing their bots to access your website. This convenient piece of software is a real challenge for bots, which is good because you don’t want your website to be flooded with endless spam.


live chat casengo

Casengo is probably the most popular live chat plug-in on the market right now. Thanks to this handy piece of software, you can offer live support directly from your website, but you can also handle enquires via email or social media.

Comment Luv


CommentComment Luv is a great tool that can attract lots of traffic to your website. My favorite feature of this particular plug-in is the ability to showcase your top commentators (everybody loves to be one), but there are many other features I find to be helpful such as the ability to add keywords, integrate twitterlink, as well as other social enticements.

Over 60 million Internet users worldwide use WordPress as their CMS making it currently the most popular customizable software of this type in the world. There are literally thousands of plug-ins available to WordPress users, so it would be beyond the bounds of possibility to mention all of them in the article. I mentioned only those that I consider to be of most use to site owners who want the minimum of work while maximizing the capabilities of WordPress for ecommerce.

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  1. Thanks for the useful information. Though I have not worked much on ecommerce sites but as I have worked on wordpress sites, I’am familiar with the All in One SEO Pack, Contact Form 7, Google XML Sitemaps and Comment Luv plugins. Bookmarked this for future, its handy.

  2. Hi Adrian

    Thanks for the good list.

    Personally I prefer WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin instate of All in One SEO Pack. WordPress SEO by Yoast also have sitemap feature and you do not have to use Google XML Sitemaps plugin if you use WordPress SEO by Yoast. Less Plugin means Less load in your server mean Fast loading site.

    Another think I want to mention that you do not suggest any Security Plugin.

    For me “Limit Login Attempts” and “Bullet Proof Security or Better WP Security” are must Install Plugin.

  3. Hello Adrian,

    Really a good post for a word press beginner especially for a E-commerce website we usually don’t see a Live Chat box in very E-commerce website. Thanks for sharing with us.


  4. Thanks for the usefull information but i have little dought as i am not getting 404 Redirected .How it work or how it help.
    I will be very greatfull If anyone helf me in this.

  5. hi thanks for this article this post is such an importance because all the plugins and essential details are summoned up for a blogger

  6. A really good list Adrian.

    Apart from Updraft and Casenga, I have used the other plugins. Thanks for recommending.

    For those just starting with eCommerce, I wholly recommend “Selz”, their service is awesome. Try it out.

  7. I simply want to say I am just beginner to blogging and seriously savored your web page. Almost certainly I’m likely to bookmark your blog . You absolutely have very good stories. With thanks for sharing with us your website

  8. I think comment luv is not needed for an e commerce site.
    Instead, payment plugin Astoundify is really handy plugin :)

  9. Bookmarked this for future. Much obliged concerning the convenient data. Despite the fact that I have not worked much on ecommerce destinations however as I have chipped away at wordpress locales, I’am acquainted with the All in One SEO Pack, Contact Form 7, Google XML Sitemaps and Comment Luv plugins.

  10. unfortunately, my website is not a wordpress blog. I can’t take advantage of what wordpress has to offer, specially these very helpful plugins. Soon, I’m gonna migrate with wordpress. Thanks for sharing this useful plugins anyway :D

  11. I use Clicky on all my sites and it is definitely one of the best WP plugins I have ever used. Thank you for the list, will check others out and maybe leave a feedback again.

  12. Very good post. All these 12 Plugins are important for WordPress Blog. I’d really like to use Clicky, All in One SEO, Google XML SiteMap, Casengo, and CommentLuv Plugins in my blog. It’s definitely free plugins and easy to use and handle.

    Thanks for sharing this information and showed us some beautiful plugins for WordPress.

  13. This article is outstanding. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am visiting this blog on a daily basis and I am finding extremely helpful article each time. Keep working on this and thank you once again.

  14. Michał Krawczykowski

    Great list but I have a question. ReCaptcha is annoying (it’s hard to read numbers/letters), is there a similar plugin? Thanks.

  15. All the great WP plugins for eCommerce site is here! I don’t have much experience about eCommerce sites. But, I see most of those plugins works smoothly for other WP sites too. You have precisely written about them here . Thanks for sharing those nice plugins here

  16. Thanks for sharing the full of Knowledge content for those users who are new in the wordpress. I have experience of using few plugins like All in One SEO Pack, Contact US Form. These are I am familiar with articles. But Few are new for me. I will test them and then back to you with my experience

    Thanks AGains

  17. Awesome post about plugins. Can you suggest me which seo plugin is the best, All In One Seo Pack or Yoast Seo plugin? I will be glade if you reply me..

  18. I am not too much familiar with e-commerce site. But the plugins you described in this article is also much important for any other wordpress site. So this post is important to any wordpress developer. I have a little question, can you please tell me which seo plugins is the best All in one Seo pack or Yoast seo plugin?

  19. Hi

    The most difficult part with an ecommerce website is to handle payments. Selz is undoubtedly the best plugin for ecommerce website but rest of the plugins you mentioned could also be used with any blog.

    Like you i also love to use Comment Luv plugin as it really attracts lots of new visitors.

  20. Quite a good list of all the essential and useful plugins required for running a wordpress enabled E-Commerce website.I do run quite a few of them, and would like to implement your suggestions in the future.

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  22. Nice and informative post

    Well I use WordPress right from when i started my career. It is a great CMS tool for maintaining blogs and websites. Plugins are a great feature in WordPress. It reduces our work and performs effectively. I have almost covered all of them mentioned in the list except a few like selz, casengo ,and clicky. I would surely like to try them .

    Thank for sharing

  23. I don’t really agree that “all in one seo” is a good seo plugin to go with I tried it once and didn’t like it… in my opinion yoast has a much better plugin..
    can you give a benefit of all in one seo pack over yoast’s seo plugin?

    another thing comment-luv is great for comments and this recommendation is very good on your side when ever i am been asked on a good comment plugin i always say that it is the best one..

  24. Thanks – great list! We use the 404 redirected plugin on all of our sites but find that it gives thousands of false positives by registering 404s against post previews and temporary links that are generated while writing content. On the other hand, it does a great job of finding and redirecting valid 404s. We use this in conjunction with Broken Link Checker (only switch it on when you want to run a check or it will drag your site performance down!).

  25. Great list!
    Almost every plugin listed above is an important one for not only eCommerce blogs, but also for other blogs. I use 10 among the above 12 plugins in my site.

  26. You have described about many useful plugins of WordPress. All have their specific work. Though I haven’t used all of these plugins but some. There are many spammers who do fake comments. To keep your blog safe from it’s necessary to use some plugin. 404 redirected is of great use for every blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  27. Thanks for the article – I’m going to have to have a look at Casengo, sounds like it might be perfect for me :)

  28. Hey Awesome article
    All plugin are very useful and helpful. I also use all these plugins but commentluv plugin i am not using but you are right commentluv great tool that attract lots of traffic on your blog. because many blogger wants backlink and they try to find commentluv enable blog to comment on those blogs.Great list and thanks for sharing with us :) .

  29. Yeah! good post. And recently i have bought a new wordpress education blog, so now i will install the all plugins for my blog. And ALL In ONE SEO is really awesome plugin.

  30. I like the list and there are two that I want to implement on my sites ASAP.

    1-Casengo–for my local insurance business, I think this will help convert more of my traffic for property and casualty insurance

    2-Commentluv—Although there are some negatives associated with Commentluv I think the benefits are far greater and should improve traffic/engagement at my blog.


    Scott aka Massman in Boston

  31. Gawlik Przyczepy

    Really good article! I am using CloudFare and DiggDigg. I am thinking that your list is very adequate. But of course a lot from this plugins we can use not inly for blogs.

  32. Hey, Digg Digg is good but I still wonder is it anyhow better than Flare?

    I’m seriously in love with Flare as it looks good and works pretty well than any other social sharing plugin. You should have included that :(

    I missed Google XML Sitemaps but ow to figure that out for Blogger platform?

  33. I already use many of these plugins on my daily routine blogs, and I love to see them mentioned for some real business on the internet. I was planning to start an e-commerce website, and hunting down the best solutions.

    Your list has serious mentions of great plugins. (Y)

  34. i like the google Xml sitemaps the most..

    this is the most important factor.. i suppose..
    please rectify if i am wrong.. sir

  35. Hey,
    I have been using clicky for a long time.In my opinion it is the best to know that from where your visitors are coming from.
    Salena Gomez

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  39. I added CommentLuv and am looking at Clicky because of this post. I look for CommentLuv blogs to comment on, why in the world wouldn’t I think other people would do the same.
    Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

  40. Nice post
    The list you provided is really good. Though I have not used some of them but would really love to try. I mainly use WordPress Yoast SEO plugin. It mainly controls all features and also WordPress XML sitemap to produce sitemap .
    Will try some of them and will surely get back to you.

    Thank you for sharing.

  41. nice article
    great wordpress plugin list. i used some of them in my website but i dont know about cloudflare wordpress plugin. thanks for sharing.

  42. Good collection of really useful WordPress plugins. All in one SEO, Comment Luv are my all time favourite.
    Thanks for sharing.

  43. Nice post

    I am not too familiar with e-commerce sites. The plugins you have mentioned are not only useful for e- commerce sites but are very helpful for any website. I am not familiar with all the plugins some of them are totally new to me, but there are some plugins which are very good and I have also used them.

    Thank you for sharing such great list of plugins.

  44. Rich from TechToucan.com

    These are definitely some good suggestions though I’ve been having a few issues recently with Cloudflare that’s making me consider upgrading to faster hosting and/or a CDN.

    Hopefully it’s just a temporary issue though!

  45. Hello Adrian
    My friend wants to start a wordpress ecommerce site and was confused between which plugin to use.And i fount the list here.THanxx for providing the list of plugin with their function.I have a doubt that All In One Pack or WordPress SEO Yoast which is better ??
    Thanxx in advance :)

  46. I’m not running ecommerce site yet. I used some of the plugin you mentioned. Yoast seo plugin worths re-mentioning. A free plugin with premium features. I’m considering using cloudflare as I red this post.


  47. Digg Digg and 404 Redirected are some of the plugins that should be on the must-install plugins list of every webmasters. Got to know about Casengo and Updraft plus from this post.

  48. really a great list of wordpress plugins for those who wants to start ecommarce website thankyou

  49. I’ve found that the Captcha Bank plug-in is for better than any of the others to stop spam in its tracks. And you can control the amount of characters you’d like displayed for the reader to enter.

    I’m surprised you’re not using CommentLuv since you recommend it.

  50. Thanks for sharing this information. My website’s platform is wordpress and so this article becomes a lot more valuable.

  51. Thanks for educating more by the great list of plugins which can be used for eCommerce type of sites. I’ve tried to use Google XML SiteMaps and ALL in One SEO Pack, Few of them I heard by never got chance to use that one to my site. I will definitely try for the rest!

  52. Muhammad Mairaj

    Excellent and well written post in which you beautifully calculates the WordPress Plugins. I hope this post is very helpful for newbies.

  53. awesome list!
    the list is very amazing and it is very useful for the beginners and even expertise in some cases. myself though i installed some of the mentioned plug ins already, i got to know about new plugins which are very useful and amazing. anyways thanks for the list :-p

  54. I have been using a 301 redirect plugin on my ecommerce site because it makes the most sense when it comes to making the most of my link building efforts. For example, if I put up a new product, market it, and then eventually take it down, I have the opportunity to redirect those links to another page of my site to repurpose those links.

  55. i’m not sure about the Confirm Publishing Actions plugin. WordPress now offers a rollback feature and personally I would find it a bit of a pain to constantly have to confirm what I was doing.

    However, if you have a number of contributors in a company and want to make sure they are sure about what they are doing, then perhaps it’s useful.

    One plugin I would add to this list is Better WP Security (soon to become iThemes Security), which takes the best WordPress security features and techniques and combines them in a single plugin, ensuring that as many security holes as possible are patched.

  56. thanks for share some useful information. i am also use dig dig and 404 redirect plugin in my blog. comment luv is also good plugin.

  57. Hello Adrian,

    This is a very compact list of essential plugins to be used in a WordPress installation site. But I had a couple of problems with CloudFlare plugins. The images took forever to load on my website. Do you know what might have caused the problem?

    DJ Sid

  58. Wow Great post … for worrdpress seo. All the plugins are very useful for wordpress website..
    thanks a lot

  59. True that. I was planning to start a eCommerce website with a few friends, these plugins can be of great help. Thanks for the share, author!

  60. These plugins are necessary, but most of the times keeping the total number of plugins maximum at 10 is best way to moderately handle site speed. As large number of plugins can cause difficulties in page load speed too. BTW I found couple of plugins for my use. Thanks for sharing this amazing content.

  61. I am deploying woo-commerce SEO on several eCommerce websites. It really works for optimizing website according product category most of user appreciate this woo-commerce SEO.

  62. Great list of plugins! I had been using few of them. I believe “Related Post” plugin should also be included in the list. It a great way to showcase related pages/products in eCommerce WordPress site.

  63. A perfect plugin for an eCommerce site would generate traffic and keep customers hooked on your company through good content and constant interaction. Benchmark Email has a new easy to use plugin called Benchmark Email Lite that combines your WordPress site with the benefits of email marketing. You can install an email sign-up form onto any page (it actually scans the colors of your page and adjusts itself so that it blends harmoniously into your theme), track down analytics, and even send email-friendly version of your blogs posts straight into your readers’ inboxes. And all straight off your WordPress dashboard.

  64. Hi

    Will using commentluv be a problem? Since google will find a lot of outbound links (with “follow”), is there a likelihood to attract penalty from Google? Just a thought.

  65. Alvin Setiawan Rusli

    thanks for share this good information.
    i use commentluv and i really like it cause a lot of people will comment if use commentluve cause commentluv is dofollow

  66. may be you forgot to mention woocommerce and it addons that can make your life much better with ecommerce website. Please also check my article on tips for ecommerce websites.

  67. I was just searching best WordPress plugins. you have provide here all best plugins of wp. Thanks a lot for sharing this post.

  68. I think WordPress by Yoast is more important than all in one SEO pack. It has sveral additional features and easy to use too.

  69. Thanks Adrian for sharing that useful information i was not familiar with these great plugins & ecommerce sites.
    404, Contact Form 7 & Cloud Fare plugins provides my sites a great reputation

  70. I want to establish an ecommerce site but the idea seems so technical to me that i never got the courage to start. Thank You for the plugin suggestions.

  71. How did you miss off Yoast. All in one SEO doesn’t do enough for me and i migrated over to using Yoast in 2013. It’s incredible and automatically creates sitemaps for your products! How could you want more.

    Also the way you can control url paths through yoast is brilliant.

  72. I’ve been using all in one seo pack plugin for almost a year now and i can assure you that it’s magic! It works the way it’s being advertised and you will never need to worry about complicated seo stuff anymore. Great post, keep going!

  73. Hello,
    The plugins that you have mentioned are really helpful. But I highly recommend the Yoast plug in for WordPress as it has three in one feature. It can be used instead of Google XML site map, Robot meta and all in one. The 404 redirected is also useful in WordPress for broken link checker.

  74. Great plugins, I’ve already used SEO and cloudflare plugins. Both are very essential for my blog. I also had used contact form plugin. These all plugins are very essential to make your blog super amazing. All are very easy to use.

  75. Thanks for the 404 redirected plugin, never know something like this exist, now I can easily fix the 404 errors that appears on my Webmaster Tools. I would like to suggest Bulletproof Security plugin also for security purpose, as we know WP are prone to hack and abuse.

  76. I’ve used all most all these plugins in my WP blog. But here I want to mention one thing. You can use Yoast plugin for SEO instead of all in one SEO. Yoast plugin is more powerful and come with lots of SEO features.

  77. This a a great piece about Essential Plugins. I really agree with you when you say this. More people need to read this. Thanks again.

  78. Good list of plugins. I am looking for a plugin which automatically sends a text message to the buyer regarding order confirmation. Is there no way other than custom coding ?

  79. Some of the plugins which are mentioned here are new to me. However, i used to use commentluv plugin,but i used to get lot of spam messages. So thought to deactivate. So i am unsure whether commentluv plugin will really help us.

  80. Dr. Debasish Mukherjee


    I regular top blog readers, and your blog is in my one of top blog reading list, I really love and like reading your blogs! And I really liked this post as well.. All the best keep writing.

    Dr. Debasish Mukherjee

  81. Thank you for such a detailed review – I had to choose the platform for my ecommerce store recently and also chose WordPress and on of the most flexible and quick to set up and woocommerce, because seems to be one of the best plugins for it with vast free and premium enhancement options

  82. No Doubt this is the list of some of the best plugins of word press, but I was looking for some plugin to speed up my site in Google Developer’s speed test, please tell me if there is a plugin like that exist ? if yes then is it good to use that kind of plugin ? I mean is it batter to get the help of a developer to remove unwanted coding ( unwanted js, css or some heavy scripts) and speed up the site or should I just use a plugin ? please assist me, I need your help …!

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    Really a great information postd here.

    Thanks n Regards

  84. A good collection of useful plugins & all thanks to WordPress for making everything easy for newbie blogger without having any knowledge of programming.

  85. I am building an E-Commerce store using WordPress but struggling with some features and need a replacement of them in the form of plugins. After searching on google found this blog and the plugin recommendations or simply amazing as they solved most of my queries. I am pretty impressed by the plugins included in the list. I think Yoast is much better than All in One Seo :)

  86. Thanks for this informative post. I agree with almost all the essential plugins listed here. But I think that SEO by Yoast should definitely be included in this list as it is a very effective tool for measuring SEO effectiveness.

  87. Out of the 12 essential plugins I use only the contact form 7 and All in on SEO pack. I really find them helpful. This is indeed a great list of plugins for beginners.

    I think I’ll use the comment luv plugin too soon.

  88. Hi,

    I have been thinking about creating a website e-commerce and, no doubt, this list of plugins goes to my favorites list, because it will be very valuable to me.


  89. Hi Adrian

    Thanks for sharing this amazing list of plugins.

    From these plugins, I am using 3 plugins i.e. Digg Digg, Google XML Sitemaps and Commentluv

    Why don’t you added WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin in this list. It is the well known plugin for onpage SEO.

  90. Thank you for your article to know me the best plugin for wordpress site but i is good for me if you tell me any plugin for social media and how to create robots.txt file using plugin….

  91. Thanks for Information about WordPress Ecommerce. Your Article is impressive and very informative. I am now regular visitor of your website and bookmarked it.

  92. Good post. All these 12 Plugins are critical for WordPress Blog. I’d truly jump at the chance to utilize Clicky, All in One SEO, Google XML SiteMap, Casengo, and CommentLuv Plugins in my online journal. It’s certainly free modules and simple to utilize and handle.

  93. I’m thinking to Start a Daily Deal website, how much It’ll cost me to make my website with WordPress of course with a great web hosting.

  94. Good article on WordPress Plugins. I am using some of them which you listed above and I want to try out all for my blog. Thanks.

  95. These all plugins are best for a WordPress blogger, i am currently using plugins such as commentluv, seo by yoast, google XML etc. and all are good. I will prefer all the reader to use these all plugins written in the article these all are very useful and make your blogging even more easy.

  96. Thank you very much for this article . I think that i can consider this article as a reference for me because it contains many important plugins at once and shortcut too much time , instead of reading more articles .

  97. Great list of WordPress plugins. All these plugins are really helpful. WordPress is a fantastic blogging platform because we can do everything here with the help of a lot of plugins. Your article helps us to find the most important WordPress plugins. Thank you for your article.

  98. Hi Adrian

    Thanks for your post.

    By and by I incline toward WordPress SEO by Yoast module instate of All in One SEO Pack. WordPress SEO by Yoast additionally have sitemap highlight and you don’t need to utilize Google XML Sitemaps module in the event that you utilize WordPress SEO by Yoast. Less Plugin implies Less load in your server mean Fast stacking site.

    We need this kinds of list for advancing in life.

  99. Recently I have started a E-commerce site and I was looking for some must need tools and found this. I have been using some of the plugins like Contact Form 7, XML sitemap etc etc. Now I’m gonna try all of them.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article.

  100. You’ve listed very important plugins up there.

    This is the first time I’m learning about updraft. I should really give it a trial.

    I also love comment luv and yes, it really attracts more traffic to a blog.

  101. 404 redirect is SO key, I was shocked how many random pages I had getting lost traffic from. WP Recaptcha saves from brute force logins as well…good list!

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