How to change WordPress post editor font

WordPress version 3.2 comes with so many great features, especially, the new design for admin area, I love it! However, I don’t like the way WordPress has changed the font-family of the text editor, it affects my writing process and if you hate it like me, why don’t we change it?

Step 1: we’re going to changing the function.php file of your current theme, you can do it directly through FTP or through the admin backend of WordPress:

Click on Appearance/ Editor menu, then choose the function.php file of your current in-used theme.

Step 2: Copy and paster the following code into the bottom (or anywhere) in the function.php file:

function custom_editor_font(){
echo "<style type='text/css'>
#editorcontainer textarea#content {
font-family: Georgia,Arial,Consolas,Monaco,monospace; // change the font as you want
add_action("admin_print_styles", "custom_editor_font");

Press “Save Changes” button and here is our result:

13 thoughts on “How to change WordPress post editor font”

  1. I will Definitely Used this procedure to change WordPress post editor font. Thanks for this valuable article. plsese keep continue in future also……

  2. I have to say that this is a very useful piece of information, I didn’t know how to change the font on my WordPress theme. Thank you.

  3. I am currently using wordpress 3.2.1 and this is the only code in my functions file. It does not seem to pick up the changes. Any ideas as to why this may be?

    Kind regards,


  4. Thanks for the info. I was really having a hard time writing with that crazy font. I was forced to constantly look at Preview to see if it has proper spacing and numbering.
    Thanks a lot man!!!

  5. I probably agree that font is important. If I’m not comfortable with the font-family that is displayed, my performance is affected. They must provide this kind of editor every time because it’s a big help to the user. Thanks for teaching how to change it.

  6. I prefer to work in WordPress striclty with content. For desing and layout and appearance I use an online theme editor (Lubith) which allows me to make various changes both to the theme and to the text at the same time. Its typography tool is really great- hundreds of fonts to choose from and additional font editing options.

  7. usually in my theme, if i’m edit file functions.php, it will be Error, till hosting also Error.. so i still seek how to fix that problem before i’m edit my functions.php.
    thnks for sharing. :D

  8. Thanks friend I was searching to change the font size from a couple of days and finally I found it in your blog thank again..

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