Risky settings on social media: Be careful for safe browsing

One should keep an eye on the default settings of an account before marking yes for all the conditions. Generally people do not read all the conditions carefully.

Before signing up to a social networking site, you must keep in your mind that you are about to share your personal information with corporations. Read all the terms and conditions carefully once. You will notice that generally there is a clause that the company can change any clause whenever required. You need to be more cautious.

Here are few points which you should keep in mind:

1. LinkedIn

A setting has been made in LinkedIn that they can use an individual’s photo and name for their own advertisement. There are many other privacy challenges with LinkedIn. There are many setting by default which allows a person to browse the contact information of an unknown account. But catch over here is that it leaves trace that who visited whose profile. But one can change this setting. Just follow the below given path and change your settings:

Username > Settings > Account > Manage Social Advertising.

2. Facebook

Like LinkedIn, Facebook also have the plan to use the user’s name and photo for advertising in near future. It also has a feature through which a third party site can customized an individual’s experience on their web page by using personal information provided on Facebook account. These sites can also access to information about your friend’s visit to their site. That means these companies can take the permission from your friend also on your behalf.

You need to change the privacy setting manually. Always end your active Facebook sessions. By first clicking Account Settings > Security > Active Sessions then click ‘End Activity’.

If you want to change privacy settings for apps and websites:

Go to the Privacy Settings option > edit your settings under apps and website settings> turn off all apps platforms and control the use of apps and websites.

3. Google

Your Google account is also easily accessible by a third party. By simply clicking on account setting you can have a look on the sites which can access your account. One of the terms of Google which you might have never read is:

‘You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in content which you submit, post or display on or through, the services. By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services. This license is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the services and may be revoked for certain services as defined in the additional terms of those services.’

It gives permission to Google to transmit your data to any kind of mobile devices. To customize privacy settings in Google+, follow these steps:

Click on dropdown with your name and go to Account settings> Click Profile and Privacy> Next to the Public profile information section> click Edit visibility on profile> Next to each profile item there is a globe icon that, when clicked, allows you to edit the visibility for that particular item

Now, you can regulate privacy by managing which Google+ “circles” are allowed to view each profile item. After clicking on the globe, click on the dropdown menu in the box > select custom> you can now manage the privacy settings for each item

Privacy online is a very crucial issue. Few precautions and recommendations can protect you from some harm. But the user must keep in mind that the information shared will be open for public either today or tomorrow. Ensuring privacy all the time is extremely important today for the organizations. Undoubted social networks have the potential to connect person to person and business with the market but when used correctly. Today with the increase of online industry the user himself need to be smart while sharing any personal information.

4 thoughts on “Risky settings on social media: Be careful for safe browsing”

  1. Yes, we all need to cautious in everything we provide over the internet. There is important information that we are posting in our account, and it may be view by millions of users. We aren’t sure if all of the users that viewing our account is kind and don’t have any bad intention. It’s important to be careful at all time so that there will be no damage. Thanks for this post it’s very useful. I’ve done the first one, which is the LinkedIn account.

  2. Hey i am surprised to know that these social sites can use one’s photo and name for their own a advertisement.
    Thanks for info post.

  3. agen tiket pesawat

    To be honest, i do not understand in 1. part

    but i always use facebook and google .

    anyway it is good advice

  4. I am a certified social media geek. Thanks so much for this article. I have to be more careful now as I am too confident in clicking everything as long as it would make my Facebook page browsing hassle-free. Wow! I have also seen several videos about how Facebook uses our personal data. It’s a bit scary though!

    Your pointers will surely help everyone a lot out there especially those who are into social media.

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