Free Website Hosting: Do-it-Yourself Method

While most websites are professionally hosted by the web hosting companies, people have also started to prefer to host their websites on their own.

There are various reasons behind this concept of hosting websites on their own. The main reasons are to save money, or to test a new concept, before getting help from the professionals in the web hosting industry. If you are testing a new concept for your website, you might not want to spend money by choosing a professional webhosting company, since that money might be useful to you once your business starts to grow at a later stage.

Hosting a website on your own with the do-it-yourself steps is a very easy method. All you need to have is a computer with a high speed broadband internet connection. Your computer should remain online for 24/7, which is not a hard task to perform.

Steps to host a Website on your own:

The first and foremost step is to install a web server

Most of the Windows operating systems have a web server by default, but still it can also be downloaded according to the Windows version for free. The web server acts as a program which listens to the requests made by the visitors of your website on the internet. It works in the background of your computer. It locates the web pages that the visitors of your website are searching for, and sends it to them, on request made.

The next step is to configure the web server

You have to let your web server know the location of your website in your computer.
You need a domain name. Domain names can be obtained for a cheaper rate from many domain name providers. Try and select a domain name that matches up the content of your website. You need to pay the domain provider only once in a year.

The fourth step is to configure DNS

Domain names are for us to remember the website address easily. You need to make an entry to the DNS database by altering the settings of the domain name account. The IP address of the computer is needed by the browser to link to the computer that contains the website.

Fifth step is to configure your router

Your router demands to be familiar with your computer which possesses the web page so that it becomes easy for the router to send the visitors to the exact location. Your website’s visitors will be able to connect to your router instead of connecting to your computer.

Most of us will have dynamic IP address which is given to us by our ISP. Dynamic IP addresses tend to change once in a while. This might create a problem when DNS requires IP address of your computer to forward the visitors to the exact location when they type the domain name of the website. You can get a static IP by paying more to your ISP or you can also afford to use some applications that updates DNS on its own, whenever your IP modifies.

You need to secure your server. To do this, you need to install obligatory and essential software to protect your computer from several harmful and dangerous programs present on the internet.

6 thoughts on “Free Website Hosting: Do-it-Yourself Method”

  1. Hosting a website on your own dedicated server is fine if you have all the time in the world.

    And you have the advanced skills to maintain it.

    Unfortunately I do not. Nor do I want to. I would rather the professionals take care of that.

    Thats why I chose AN Hosting.

    They take care of everything and my websites never crash.

    They use Linux Cloud Servers. I am glad they do because I use Linux Mandriva for my OS. It never crashes.

    So they scored some big points with me.

  2. Thanks for sharing! That is very great to hear that we can host our website on own computer but I am agree to Steve Balliett. When We decided to host a website on own PC we need to be skill at maintenance and IT professional skill. So I decided to select a hosting service is more better. Ipage is so cheap it is only $1.99 per month why we have stay turn 24/7 hours. I thinks host service more cheaper. Anyway, thanks very much to let me know we can do the host on own PC

  3. I think this method is not secure, also page will take lot of time to load. It could increase monthly electricity bill. I have tried this method of hosting website on our local server and using dynamic DNS so that domain or subdomain connects to our IP where we need to mention port number. This is for experiment purpose, off-course, this is my personal opinion.

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