WebMeUp Review: All in One SEO Tool

There is no doubt to say that Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a crucial element in any business websites – big or small. SEO is the optimization of your blog to rank high on the popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. A website can turn into a powerful platform for making sales, if SEO is properly integrated.

What you need to properly optimize your blog is WebMeUp – an all-in-one tool for SEO to help make your website grow!

What is WebMeUp?

WebMeUp is an all-in-one SEO tool which allows you to learn about how your website is doing in many aspects – including keywords, rankings, links, on-page and content data. If you are really into a great and reliable SEO tool then this is something you don’t want to miss out on!


Why WebMeUp?

The amount of features WebMeUp has is truly amazing. It’s basically all you need to know all about your own website! A few features that WebMeUp offers:

  • Keep track of your search rankings
  • Manually add or automatically discover keywords
  • Monitor site’s health
  • Check out your competitors’ strategies and performance
  • Overall reports on availability pages eg. broken links
  • Load times
  • And lots more!

And Now… The Review:

User Interface

Since there is a large amount of features of this SEO tool, it would be expected that finding the features would be difficult. Luckily, WebMeUp has done an excellent job generally in the user-interface. It is very clean and user-friendly. You can customize the dashboard to put all of the stats that are important to you, for a quick glance.

Screen 3

Analyzing Data

Data such as info from Google, social activity, website and content structure and indexing stats help you learn about your website’s stats and furthermore help you to know what needs work to be done. To start off, all you need to do is making an account (email and password), creating a new project by entering your website and that’s it!

Screen 4

Keywords & Rankings

WebMeUp will automatically suggest keywords for you, but you can enter your own keywords manually.

This keyword tool will let you know:

  • KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index)
  • Competition against your competitors’ websites
  • Number of keyword searches
  • Expected traffic of your website
  • Page visits of your website

You can view your rankings with popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo by default, but there’s a lot more if you manually add more choices. WebMeUp updates rankings data every day and keeps track of ranking each keyword so they are all up-to-date.

Screen 7


You can check out your website’s backlinks and view them sorted by domain, Google PageRank, outgoing links, Alexa Rank, country, and TLD (Top Level Domain such as .com and .net).

While you are on the Backlinks tab, you can also click on a star next to any backlink you want to keep track on. Later, you can then go to the Backlinks Management tab to monitor their status.


Social Media

The social media tab lets you know the amount of “social signals” to your homepage and landing pages and keeps track of the amount every day, over a period of time for easy comparison.

Screen 12


You can integrate your Google Analytics within your WebMeUp easily by adding your account, so when you open WebMeUp you can check your analytics and stats easily.

Screen 6

SEO Audit Reports

It gives you a full overview and detailed report on any type of errors your website may be having. Some included are:

  • Pages with 4xx or 5xx codes
  • Pages with 30x redirects
  • Heavy pages
  • Loading times
  • Pages with duplicate titles
  • Titles that are too long
  • Pages with too many outgoing links

Screen 5

Screen 8

Competitor’s Data

You can, at the same time, check and keep track of and review your competitor’s data. This is useful if you want to know how your competitors are doing, comparing with your own website.

Similar to viewing your own webesite, you can see how your competitors are doing in some aspects – including ranking factors, kewords and the rankings and backlinks.


With so many handy features that will help your website, the price is quite reasonable too for SEO software. You can actually try the product with a 15 day free trial of the Standard plan (no credit card required). After that, you may continue with any of the plans below:

Screen 9

Screen 10

Screen 11

The Verdict

This all-in-one SEO tool is flooded with amazing features that will get your website on track. You can compare with your competitors and see how they may be successful. You can check if your website has any errors in seconds. Ranking is extremely useful to find out where your website is sitting.

Overall, this product is very powerful and you definitely need to try it out yourself with the free trial.

I hope you enjoyed the review. If you have any comments, feedback or experiences with this product – please do let me know in the comment box below!

12 thoughts on “WebMeUp Review: All in One SEO Tool”

  1. This is indeed a good tool as we can see from the features its has . I use different plugins on my WordPress site to monitor traffic,404 Error codes,this tool has all the features that can eliminate the need of using different plugins .I would be giving a try to a free version of this .Thanks for sharing


  2. looks like a very very cool and amazing tool. But there are two things about it. First thing is that will it be safe and legal to use any software for website second thing is that we can never ever pay for any thing before seen results and may be after that

    1. It is safe to use it – you don’t even need to enter any type of code to get the statistics. All you need to do is sign up for an account, type in your address and that’s it!

  3. hey
    i don’t have much idea about SEO tools right now i m using yoast for the SEO , is that ok or i should change my SEO tool to WebMeUp. please reply with suggestion i will be thankful to you

  4. Hey, after reviewing the features of this plugin i found it worth giving a try as tracking every aspect of your and your competitor website is very crucial in bringing the website into top rank of popular search engines.

  5. nice review and looking great tools i most like that provide custom facility user purchase that one they want to used. nice tools thanks for sharing.

  6. Innovative and useful tool , I am going to give it a try on my new blog where I write tutorials on how you can Download Android apps on your Computer through Andyroid Emulator.

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