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At this time, there’re a lot of Keyword research tools that are available on the Internet. Some of them received many good feedback from the end users like Market Samurai, Micro Niche Finder, Traffic Travis… that’s the main reason I’m so curious about “How a new keyword tool like Keyword Scout can stand out from the crowd?

Therefore, I decided to have a detailed look at it to see if it compares with the others. And to be honest, Keyword Scout has totally changed the game in keyword research, it blows most of them out of the water in terms of features. Let me  describe what the tool really does and how you can take advantage of it.

How Keyword Scout works?

The software is easy-to-use in 3 simple steps: scrape keyword, research the result data and then filter them with your criteria. Let look at the software main interface with my sample keyword scrape (seed keyword used: internet marketing tool + mini niche criteria filter):

Keyword Scout Keyword Research

Keyword Scout will return a lot of keywords, they’re all mini niche that you can build a website for, however, we need more information about the available domain for purchase, number of competitive websites, profit potential of each keyword… Before that, we need some proxies by using the built-in proxy scraper of this tool, this way your IP will be protected from being blocked or blacklisted:

Ok, after remove all bad proxies, we continue in doing deeper keyword research:

keyword scout research

And here is our final result:

final result

As you see, our main purpose: finding the most profitable, less competitive keywords is easy than ever before with the helps of this tool. So, you can concentrate in building a niche website, start ranking and make money online. Also, I am not going to outsource my keyword research anymore and I know everyone can use it with confidence.

Extra Addons

The software  also packed with the very useful addons: LSI keywords research and SEO competition Analyzer:

The LSI Keywords Addon is very useful too. If you’re writing content, just enter your keyword and get a list of LSI keywords with a related score for each one so you can just add them to your content.

The Competition Analyzer is just like Market Samurai except it doesn’t have the colour schemes which I do like, which is a shame but it does work well, so I can get used to it.


SEO competition Analyzer

Keyword Scout Features comparison:

features comparison

Keyword Scout is a must have tool for key word research if you want to do it more effectively, efficiently and easily.


16 thoughts on “Keyword Scout – The Finest Keyword Research Tool”

  1. Mary | A-List Blogging Bootcamps

    Hey Jenny, It’s good to get an in-depth look at the comparison. I love working Market Samurai – but this looks good. You better check your links, those “download now’ links don’t work…

    1. I see many people already owned Market Samurai but they still buy and happy with this new tool.

      Thank you for your comment, Mary.

  2. I really love your post. it is really good and give me new insight how to make money on my online business
    Its great to have people like you who share your thoughts. :) Good luck to our marketing career and hope it will increase my page rank.

  3. Seems a great tool! I’ve never studied in deep keywords, I always made superficial searches to have an idea of domains to buy, but never studied as you have done, which is the perfection! So I need to learn a lot. Thanks for the article!

    1. Yes, we need to do keyword research not only in domain choosing, but also on choose a topic idea for your blog article.

      This tool will help you a lot in this work.

      Best regards

  4. Keyword Scout…sounds like a great tool. After succeeding in getting page one on 1 long tailed phrases, I am looking for additional SEO challenges. I definitely need a logical approach. Thanks for the option.

  5. There are so many good tools available that sometimes you get confused which one to use or which to skip. I mean as a user point of view it’s a good thing that you have varieties to choose. Though I’m currently using Google Keyword tracker and didn’t feel any requirement of any paid tool as yet.

    1. I think there’s no problem with Google Keyword tracker, however, you must be a technical person in order to use such tool.

      Thank you for your comment.

    2. Yeah, You’re right…. but once you get used to Google keyword tracker then it’s quite easy to operate.

  6. With Market Samurai having issues with Google algorithm change I guess people will have to start finding better tools for market research. I’ve never heard of the tool, do they have a decent demo that I can give a try.

    1. Hey Eddie, although the tool doesn’t come up with a demo but you can view it in action via those videos, also, you could buy the plugin to try because it has 60 days money back guarantee.

    1. Nice question, Jason. Keyword Scout has so many great features, but it’s not the 100% perfect product, the developer need to improve it on some aspects such as: user interface, keyword difficulty algorithm, working speed….

  7. Keyword Scout looks likes a good tool to find domains with the keyword on it. I used to find available domains with a two step process. Using Google Adwords Keyword tool, I searched for related keywords. I then copy all the 100 keywords (as a guest user) and paste them on Godaddy’s bulk domain search tool and get to know the details that are available.

  8. I have used Market Samurai and Google keyword tool as my main keyword research tools. This looks an interesting addition to keyword research, I agree there are so many options available and it is difficult to choose a new tool. Anything that helps with refining keyword selection is definately worth a look.

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