Automatically get backlinks for every blog post with Digi Article Blaster


Last month I’ve got a chance to use a brand new SEO WordPress plugin from my close friend, Andy, it called as Digi Article Blaster and extremely amazed at it! The plugin is so powerful, easy to use, it saved me a ton of time and I would like to introduce it to you.

Digi Article Blaster is a WordPress plugin that completely automates your syndication, blasting your article to over 150 directories with a single click. As I see that the plugin does everything for you, you just need to install the plugin, publish a new post and press a button, it will take care all other steps: article directory account registration, post submitting, bypass the Captcha code… and got the backlinks for you.

The Plugin Main Features

  • Over 150 push-button backlinks for every post: remember when it took you an age to get 10 backlinks? That won’t happen again!
  • Complete automation: every step is done for you, from registration to submission
  • Generate thousands of randomly spun articles at the push of a button: your days of tedious spinning are over! Just add a few strategic spin tags and Digi Article Blaster takes care of the rest
  • 100% Panda-friendly SEO: free yourself from worrying about the latest Google update… the searchbots love contextual links, and you’ll be giving them that in spades
  • Resale potential to maximize your income: if you’re the kind of marketer who likes to take charge of his income stream, Digi Article Blaster lets you add a premium SEO service to your portfolio
  • Increased blog flip values: one simple install will push up both the sale value and the demand
  • Complete support access: real people offering real support, guaranteed to get back to you on any query within one working day

Plugin Installation

After upload the plugin to your site via WordPress admin panel, activate it as usual, go to the plugin admin area and here is what you will see, simple, huh?

Digi Article Blaster Configuration

You need to put in your Captcha account (Digi Article Blaster supports Bypass Captcha, Death by Captcha and Decaptcher at this time), specify your Author profile then press “Create New Accounts” button. The plugin will take 2-3 minutes to create over 150 accounts for you at article directories and it’s ready!

How It Works?

You just need to create your blog post as usual, after publish the post, you can press the “Spin and Blast Article” button:

Digi Article Blaster Blog Post

Digi Article Blaster will bring you to the article blasting screen, in this page you can specify the post category (used on article directories), the post content, modify the author information if you want…:

Digi Article Blaster Blasting Page

Now you can go and do something fun while Digi Article Blaster does the hard work:

Digi Article Blaster Working

After that process is completed, the plugin will make a report for you:

Digi Article Blaster Result Report

Digi Article Blaster comes up with 3 types of license: Developer, Multi and single site license which started at $47 plus a 60 days money back guarantee. Actually, for this such amazing plugin, I’m willing to pay an amount of $147 for it, it saves me a lot of time of building backlink, guarantee for higher search results ranking, create one-way deep link building and also, it received a lot of positive feedback from WarriorForum and I believe you will 100% fall in love with this plugin.

Digi Article Blaster Download

Digi Article Blaster reviewed by Jenni R on Jul 12.
Rating: 3/5

30 thoughts on “Automatically get backlinks for every blog post with Digi Article Blaster”

    1. Yes Theresa, I’d thought about this, therefor I will use The Best Spinner to spin the syndicated content or if you don’t have that tool, you can only share a part of your full article, so I don’t need to worry about duplicated content anymore!

    2. Just use a free tool like SpinnerChief and you should be all good to go with this issue, but it’s good that you brought it up.

  1. Hi, mate !

    I must say OMG …. this is really an awesome plugin. But if it really do what you says.

    Because many other softwares and tools like this never worked what they promised, but I’m going to get it installed

    Kind Regards

  2. Matthew Meyer-May

    Sounds like a very powerful plugin. Can I choose just to send the first part of my post rather than the whole thing to the article directories?

    1. Hi Matthew, as you see in, you can specify what content will be used to the article directories, in this case, the first part of your post.

    1. As what can I see, maybe we can’t do that. However, we can contact Digi Article Blaster to add more directory for us.

  3. For me, it is better to manually spin the articles. However, I left submitting tons of articles to many directories at once since it seems not working on my sites.

    1. Yes, you’re right, manually spin is better than using tools. Digi Article Blaster doesn’t work on your site? Lets contact the plugin support, it works awesome on mine.

  4. Looks like a great tool to build tons of back links but links from article directories doesn’t have the same value anymore. But when you are building a lot some are bound to give some results. Have you had success in ranking using this method ?

    1. I see that my article is indexed by Google almost immediately after publish, also, a better in SERP, maybe you can try this tool too.

  5. Wow! This sounds really amazing. I think the best part of this plugin is that it’s panda update friendly? Now, how cool is that? I would definitely try this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi,

    Thank you for this one but I am confused with captcha thing I already bought the plug-in and installed it on my wordpress but my problem is how to set-up the captcha.I will be happy if you will help me with this one.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Salma, I think you just need to put your captcha login information in the plugin and it will work. Otherwise, you can contact their support service for your problem.

  7. Wow, i did not know such a tool also exists as a wordpress plugin. I have heard of UAW but this is a standalone software. So if i am right we need to have a spinner first to submit different spinned articles to article directory sites?
    Maybe i will try this out and see if it works fine.
    thanks for the tip.

  8. Well it looks like Unique article wizard without the monthly fees. What i like about this plugin is that you can use it within your wordpress dashboard. No need to start a standalone software , but working directly in dashboard is for me a plus.
    thanks for this info

    Ps your commentluv plugin does not work

  9. What a great idea. Many people are using their valuable time to submit manually or paying a service to do it for them, this sounds way better.

  10. Hi

    Is this reliable? Whats the successful submission rate like?
    Like the look of this due to the fact its operated from within wordpress, having real problems with AMR at the moment, wish id never bought it to be honest.

    1. You’re right, this plugin operated from within wordpress site and the successful submission rate is around 90%.

      I’ve heard many good feedback for AMR, so what’s your problem with it?

  11. This plugin sounds great, but I tried to download and it’s not available anymore. Anyone know why it’s off the market now?

  12. Hey this plugin works fine but sometimes it stuck in between. Its very good to use it in wordpress but few times it stuck??

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