Video Infographics: How To Use These To Your Advantage?

Internet Marketing is a vacillating venture that utilizes different techniques to reach out to target audiences and enhance the online branding of a particular brand. It always helps to think that people who’re looking for you are common folk, like us all.

Instead of rigidly holding on to the tried and tested norms and theories, you need to discern between the various parameters that affect your overall sales. Ever since the advent of Internet Marketing and SEO, we’ve seen change becoming the latest constant in the Web world.

The latest trend to hit the Internet Marketing world is the visual storm of Info-graphics and videos. It’s been quite long since we’ve been hearing about the remarkable benefits of video marketing and info-graphics in the Web world. Unfortunately however, most of us have some vague theories about the practical implementation of info-graphics and videos to ameliorate our brand-power and increase traffic conversion rates.

Why is visual media taking a centre-stage?


Visual media and marketing methods have started ruling the Internet trends these days. This change has been largely influenced by the changing demands of site visitors. Lets’ face it, we all know that plain, mundane content cannot appease all visitors and make a way into every visitor’s heart easily. Content embellished with pictures and videos will definitely be more effective than the monotonous texts we get to read all the time.

People look for swanky stuff these days. Most of them would prefer reading something mild and that’s quick to grasp. Info-graphics are such colorful mediums to grip attention of an individual. A diagrammatical representation of text stylized with the right fonts would always be more engaging and enthralling for audiences.

Info-graphics and Videos: The two powerful marketing tools


Info-graphics and videos are two visual tools, which have powerful web presence, and are capable of enhancing traffic and driving sales. Some of the best advantages of Info-graphics and videos include:

  • Appealing: Info-graphics and videos easily appeal to most audiences. Info-graphics represent statistics, figures and factual information in a precise and attractive manner. Videos on the other hand, influence people more by enhancing the visual appeal.
  • Reliability: People are more likely to visit your site when you’ve laid out facts precisely and in a straight-forward manner. You can easily communicate with your visitors and they would rely upon you more. Videos bring your thoughts to motion and help you articulate through reality. This makes audiences drawn towards your site and enables you to add a reliability factor to your information.
  • Inbound links: While you’re busy garnering the rich traffic on your site, your info-graphics and videos can also be used side by side for attracting inbound links. It helps in strengthening your visibility and makes you much more search engine friendly.
  • Go viral: Well-crafted videos and deviously prepared info-graphics can always go viral and go on to be shared with greater ease. You can utilize these consequences in your stride and enhance the efficacy of these powerful tools on your blog/website.

It goes without saying that Info-graphics and videos will always help in driving traffic and be one of your most powerful Internet marketing tools at all times. It is however, essential to understand how to use these to your advantage. There is always a right way to use these and generate sales.

Video info-graphic: A coalesces of two powerful marketing tools!


If videos and info-graphics can augment your brand power so conveniently, imagine the consequences of coalesces of these two tools! Yes, we are talking about creating Video Info-graphics.

These are the latest species that have fast become a rapid replacement for the traditional, static info-graphics.

You may wonder how these video infographics differ in terms of efficacy with videos. Why don’t we use videos over video info-graphics?

This question may arise in the minds of most curious marketers. Video infographics are more mobile user-friendly as these can be easily accessible through mobiles. Moreover, these video infographics are an interesting amalgamation of videos, images and texts. This makes it an instant success mantra for driving sales and generating leads. Read along to know more about this awesome marketing invention.

Creating video Info-graphics

Creating video info-graphics is an engaging task, and you’re likely to enjoy it quite a lot. Creating video info-graphics is like adding motion to your stereotypical little stories. Learn how to create these magical marketing tools with these quick and easy steps:

  • Content creation: Content creation with video info-graphics or even the static info-graphics is different from the traditional content creation. Your content should be really concise and engaging, and should be replete with factual data. Your data should also be very consistent and concise at the same time.
  • Designs and templates: Choose your designs and templates very carefully, so that your text is really appealing and attractive. Make sure your choice of design is in accordance with your content and it engages more and more visitors.
  • Images: Images are truly worth more than a thousand words. Make sure you choose some of the most attractive images to go with your infographic and make it all the more appealing. Moving images that are pretty and descriptive can work wonders to your online presence.
  • Audio: Choose the best audio fit for your infographic. Most people prefer narration, but it would be prudent to reduce narration to the minimum possible length. Opt for the right type of theme music to go with your infographic and make it as appealing as you can.
  • Effects and animation: There are a number of tools and software available online that can help in adding some of the most attractive dramatic effects in your video infographic. Consider going for those appealing effects and play your infographic smoothly whilst enjoying the great rankings and superb traffic rates.

Augmented traffic rates and web presence is likely to have you topping every Australian business listing and help you generate more sales. Some ways to maximize the benefit of your video infographics have been discussed below:

  • Make your Infographic effective, compelling and interactive. Your text should be totally comprehensible and interesting. Try to include statistical figures, conclusions about researches and factual information in your Info-graphics.
  • Sometimes, you may have to tweak information in your Infographic and repurpose the same for appropriate link generation. Make it a point to generate more links with your content and ensure that these are relevant and strategically placed.
  • Engage your viewers with an engaging story that enthralls them at every point. Your stories and information should be gripping and devious enough to hold attention of your target audiences.
  • Info-graphics can be easily shared and promoted on the social media. Use the power of social media to generate more traffic and make your content viral.

Info-graphics have taken on the Internet and become a driving force in generating leads. These are quickly crafted and enhance the readership of your website/blog. Let’s get your creative juices flowing and prepare these for your site/blog to cast a spell on your rankings and generate leads!

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  1. Hello Dear

    its very great post and really this is very informative post and video marketing is very great and unique way and mostly business men are using this way and really and both are amazing and useful tools in fact i will use so thanks for sharing me :-)

  2. Nice read and I do agree with your views. Videos and info-graphic both are very good way to attract people towards your business. I have also used video marketing and info-graphic outreach techniques for my business. They help me a lot to get more customers and traffic. We can easily make them and can share on many social media sites.

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