How To Use Social Media To Gain Trust For Your PR Efforts

When you retrospect the earlier pr campaigns, they were carried out with press releases, press conferences and everything traditional. Does that mean these approaches are excluded from today’s promotional stories?

The answer is a straight NO, but over the past years social platforms has surfaced popular, functioning as an extended communication approach for people to talk about brands or products. As you see the flight of public relations, it is undoubtedly a healthy ground for a brand to reach public smooth.

But with the advent of virtual networking platforms as social media, it is leaning more towards digital PR, rather to say, it’s more about building online presence by encouraging users to communicate directly, developing a rapport with co-players, ultimately taking brand to larger audience than ever before. In addition, organisations leveraging social as a critical strategy for successful PR can achieve loyalty and amass brand reputation on the go.

A recent research points that the chances for the brand to get recommended to friends is around 71%, if they work on positive customer engagement via social channels. It suggests how people are tuned towards live interactions on these platforms, certainly enhancing networking.

Is your company missing the social action – dropping out massive opportunities to steam up with competitors?

Let’s then look upon why it is significant to incorporate social media for increasing the marketing efforts taken by PR.

Wider Media Coverage

When you think about media relations as a single monument in public relations, it stands as the major building block to reach horizons. Earlier times to reach audience, public relations need to come down to mass media, like TV stations, radio, online channels and so on.

With the power of social media; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc PR can captivate wider audience and reinforce the brand in less time. As you connect to industry influencers, media professionals, journalists, it becomes easier to cover the feature or brand details. Here, journalists or bloggers can spot your post and share on their wall, bringing quality audience to knock your doors. There is instant coverage, transiting time as you leverage the rising technology. Leverage social media and keep the ball rolling!

Is Content Really The King?

If you recollect Bill Gates’s “Content is King,” back from 1996, is it still the same in the current digital marketing storm or has there been a coronation? Google craves for highly informative search based content and apparently it plays a critical role in the battle to get top in search engine rankings. Now in the post hummingbird world, things changed a lot or I would say it got better.

Recently held the fourth Abu Dhabi Media Summit, while experts discussed the importance of online content and brand awareness in the digital world, Shailesh Rao, VP, Twitter Asia Pacific, Latin America and Emerging Markets, observed that the native embedded ads in Twitter platform helps to monetize the publishers efforts and noted that the advertising pace is changing than ever seen. He said, “there are enormous opportunities on these platforms…consumers want to talk about and engage with brands or products.

Jonathan Perelman, VP of Agency Strategy, said, “data is useless unless you have insights on it.” He said that realising the value of good content as a key in the online world. “Content is king but distribution is Queen and she wears the pants.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a media professional, good content never miss a resource seeker. “Content Is The King and distribution is the Queen” should be brand’s bottom line and is always better. Pitch comprehensive and pleasurable content for readers, same time finding favor with search engines. Post it on your profile and see how it changes your name as an industry leader.

Moreover, these days businesses are bringing creative ideas to that of rich content, taking brand globally noticeable. Let’s say, if you don’t have a high quality piece ready to share, stop awhile in spending extra hours pitching and go for something exclusively juicy – create something interesting, compelling and remarkable which your audience can’t help to skip, but spread. Capitalise social grounds to talk about the news, – share and let it go viral.

Don’t you think this could times expand PR efforts?

Just sustain that thought, and think why certain videos like PSY Gangnam rain likes, shares and reviews when you don’t have tens of millions of dollars and Felix Baumgartner.

Exposure At Best

With the global surge in the number of Internet users, you can realise how products can be marketed on web by advancing the possibilities of online media. Social media platforms can generate ‘paced’ awareness to your brand, spread the message and alter the face of inbound marketing.

As you set your online presence by blogging or sharing, it gradually pass on the word to the ‘outside world’ how visible is your online venture. You can reach out to wider prospects conducting sweepstakes, whopping followers, gaining enough brand exposure.

Engage More

Engaging on these interactive platforms is not any hard task, but are you too social without any harvest? Posting and sharing features of unrelated niches around socials must be scrutinised, or else you could soon witness the downfall of your business. Remember, social networking is the top concern of your audience, so it should be your priority into multiply the brand’s efforts.

Communicating with readers, bloggers, influencers can effectively improve stakeholder relationships. While you engage with readers, it increases visitors to your website and eventually finding favour with Google or other search engines. This way of interaction help company analyse the audience perspective, respond to feedbacks and erase gossips or bad ‘word of mouth’ with the targeted enthusiasts.

Monitor Brand

Participating in social media can be crucial in paying brand conversations forward, and fortunately with rise of social media monitoring strategies and tools you can pass through communication crisis.

Some of the tools like Twitter Search, Facebook Insights, Google Alerts are free ones available at your help. With monitoring tools you can know the status of the brand and those geographic locations where people are talking about your brand. This could be extremely helpful for you to be on top of the discussions regarding your company – negative or positive, and be in check of your reputation. Say, if there is a change in event, you can reach the audience through real-time efficiently and chop off negative reviews.

By investing social media in an efficient way, you can cover public opinion, gain followers, feel the pulse of customer needs and hence tailor public relations activities. The social universe is moving; if you are on right track, you can be the spotlight!

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  1. Hi Mate !
    I’ve been struggling with social media sites these days .I tried everything i could to get some exposure through social media sites but i failed miserably. I’d be trying out your suggestions and i hope your suggestions work for me as well . Thanks for sharing these tips .


  2. everywhere, I also hear that “Content is King”, but i think that is really difficult. How to have a good content. And How to All People like it, don’t easy :(

  3. Wow! Thanks for such detailed post! It’s really important to put social media marketing to the box, as realized or not. People (potential customers) are gathered there. it’s really big chance to win audiences via social media marketing.

  4. Hello admin, i think Social media is the best way to getting pr easily. Many blogger in these days are focus on the Social media Signal, but the question arrives in my mind is that how i force people to share my content. Please tell me . Overall awesome explanation

  5. Hi there, this very nice article which is a great use. Yes, I do agree that social media plays important role in blogging and that will even effect Pr…

  6. I think content is King. But king requires queen. Media can be conaideres as queen to support King. Nice post and thanks for sharing

  7. Hi,
    “Is it content really the King?”, I love the way you explain it. For me, content is a king because it is the main key that help have successful PR campaign. Thanks a lot for your useful and informative post.

  8. Content is King ! I am bit fed up with because i heard this kind of subheadings on almost all blogging tips blogs. I know content is king it’s very difficult to become a king but once you become a king then you would have country itself. Thanks for the advice i looking forward for more articles like this from you, Thanks!

  9. i always use social media to gain viewer but its not enough to be the first
    in any work you should do a lot of tricks to be the first one!
    thank you for this informations!

  10. Really an informative and interesting post , Nothing can be done without great efforts …we really need to work for ..thanks for the share

  11. Well said.

    Thanks for providing this great information.

    I am totally agree with every point that you make. This post to help many companies realize the growing importance of having a social presence on the web.
    Social Media Communication helps to build tremendous amount of trust & confidence in your brand that it cannot be ignored anymore.

  12. Interesting post. Well content could be king, but without backlinks and today’s socoal pages and shares it will still be undiscovered by people and searxh engines. After social media became ‘must have’ part in online marketing, evryobe who has business website should use it if want to gain success and full potential.

    Thanks for sharing this. Was very useful.

    Regards and have a great day,

  13. I am a webdevelper I keep searching for useful info’s to get good Pr rank for my websites.

    This one is very useful post
    Thanks for sharing

  14. It is still “content is a king” Where everyone struggling hard on how this can be maintained and sustained!

  15. Very nice tips and you must generate great quality content regularly and keep on learning new things which are happening in your niche.One should always blog about useful content which might be useful for your readers and this will gradually increase your authority in the niche or topic and increase traffic to your blog

  16. Quality content is the key for Google ranking. Investing in a visitor-friendly quality content is essential to SEO success and its benefits go far beyond rankings. Social media definitely helps in google PR. Thanks for sharing such a thought provoking content.

  17. Muhammad Mairaj

    I agree with you that content is king but other Seo strategies like getting high quality backlinks form different medium. Like forums, article directories, social bookmarking, directory submission, Guest posting, blog commenting is are also helpful in this scenario.

  18. There’s SO much content about how to build a social media presence–& much of it is absolutely not worth the time. This is the first presentation I’ve read where I actually took notes! It was perfect, actionable, and easy to understand. You definitely know what you’re talking about. I will be checking out more of your content.


  19. Mustafa Gaziani

    Social media is one of the best tactic to increase your direct traffic as well as revenue. It is one of the best blogging technique also to promote your blog on social networking sites to gain maximum readers and targeted traffic. Google also love socail sites.

  20. It is funny that social media is so easy when we apply it to our personal lives, and yet can sometimes seem so darn complicated when we apply it to our businesses! Thank for this article, it helps a lot

  21. I just started my own blog and for what i have read here, am going to pay much attention to content creation. Nice help!

  22. Most businesses try social media and make a half hearted attempt at it. I find that often some of the best ideas come from seeing what the market is responding to and reacting to that!

  23. At the moment we use mainly LinkedIn, and because our site is under construction, we have be playing off the back of that. Social media is such a vast subject and most people we have spoken to don’t seem to know anymore than we do when trying to apply a strategy to it. Thanks you for the post it was very insightful and hopefully now we can start to get a real strategy together for all the medias.

  24. A lot of it comes down to your target market.

    For myself as a freelance web designer, although I have facebook pages and lots of exposure and likes etc.. I rarely get any business from this channel and those enquires I do get end up being time wasters (those with an idea but not willing to follow it through)

    Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin (mainly linked in) are my main sources.

    However its different from a case to case point of view. For example a target maket of mums at home, the unemployed or computer game players, Facebook would be the ideal social media channel to target

  25. Thanks for the ideas, they are worth implementing. Actually when a started my blog, initially about 80% of the traffic were coming from the social media.

  26. Your post is really valuable. I appreciate this work. Quality is always the king in Google ranking and to get more visitors too. But we cant neglect the presence of social networking sites. They are doing a good job.

  27. i think Social sharing is one of the best method to gain high pr apart from other things. In off page ranking factor, google also prefer high quality sites. Overall nice post thanks for sharing

  28. Thank you for sharing such a useful info about social media.
    Social media and blogging both are interrelated to each other. Every time we have to come up with powerful social media strategy.

  29. Thanks for sharing the details of such useful topic. I will explore this information. By reading article, it seems like very useful platform. Once again than so much for using such information.

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