Shorten Your Links with These Awesome URL Shorteners (2018 updated)

The URL shortening is basically a technique that allows us to shorten a URL or to “beautify” one. This method can be achieved by using a HTTP Redirect on a short domain name that links to a long URL. Some shorteners were put on the blacklist because of the abusive use of spammy links on their redirect services. URL shorteners are easy to use and offer endless possibilities for personal or business reasons.

Here is a list of the top ten URL shorteners that will make you chuckle or not.


TinyURL is maybe the famous one among others. You can find links to this service left in comments or on blog posts but especially on Twitter. Maybe some of you are afraid to click on URLs shortened with this service, but you might want to know that on their website you can find a feature that allows you to see a preview of the final destination URL. You don’t need to login because it sets a cookie on your browser.

bitlyAlso a popular provider and one of the oldest URL service shortener. It has features like stats, instant tracking and it also has the ability to give you vanity URLs that are significant for your brand. has over 8 billion click on each month and about 80 million new links that are created each day.

We lived the day to see this. it’s the official service shortener from Google. It’s a new service on the block but it’s very popular on Twitter. You can track statistics like when you created the shorten URL or how many clicks you received.

Updated: Starting March 30, 2018, Google will be turning down support for URL shortener. From April 13, 2018 only existing users will be able to create short links on the console.

This is the official service URL shortener of StumbleUpon. It gives you the possibility to properly syndicate the content to Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon obviously, all at the same time. Among the features, allows you to suggest the best time of day to post something and you can even schedule posts in the future. It also highlights the top best pages on your domain and you can get reports and graphs for your posts.

Dickens URL

Maybe the weirdest URL shortener I’ve ever seen. The DickensURL was inspired by a comment from Reddit. This service turns all the URLs into Charles Dickens quotes. Is this useful? Maybe not. Will you have the urge to read Dickens? Maybe you will. However, I think that this will be appreciated by hundreds of geeks that will want to make an uber geeky meta joke. It’s like you were making scuba diving in Charles Dickens words.

We had to give some credit to this URL shortener service. It really has a cute name and a unique method of shortening the links. The user has the possibility to input multiple links at once and the system shortens all of them in one URL. Each time someone clicks a link, will send him to a web page that shows every link in a sequence.

moourlThis URL shortener it’s super, super cute and it will make you smile every time you use it. The service is free and it gives you the possibility to personalize your moourl. Yes, you can choose your own words to make the URL more attractive.


Open-source project Polr allows people with the technical know-how to host their own URL shortener. It’s available through the Polr project page and from GitHub. You can use the tool as-is or fork it if you have the programming abilities to do so (if you’re so inclined, it’s written in PHP and Lumen, using MySQL as its primary database). If you just want to test out the basic interface, Polr offers a demo page.


Rebrandly is the most complete and reliable management platform for your links. The easiest way to create, measure and share short URLs with a custom domain name.

There are far more URL shortening services that you can use. Remember not to use them for spamming others though.

Do you have a favorite URL service that you use for fun or for business purposes? Do you click on shortened URLs? Do you think that some of the sites should be included on the blacklist?

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  1. URL Shorteners are both sensible and useful for websites such as twitter where you have only 140 characters to write out.Thanks for providing additional URL shortening services apart from the well known ones.

  2. I think bitly is the best, since it lets you view stats click really easy, and another option I think you should add is StumbleUpon shortener, nice article, keep it up.

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