15 Tools for finding a Perfect Domain Name

Starting a business on internet is not a difficult job since there is an influx of people who are looking forward to register sites and domain names. Until the registration process, everything seems easy but the case is not same with domain names.

Getting a domain name as per individual preference is a tricky business. However, there are tools available in the market making the job easy but before dealing with the tools once must be clear enough as to what their goal is so that they can look for the respective domain name since the domain name has to gel well with the goals and objectives of the business.

Users can find a great deal of customization and options when searching for their perfect domain name. I am sharing some 15 tools that are employed for the same:

  1. DNSugar: Although it’s not a registrar but a tool for managing portfolio of domains. It’s plus point is that it assists in developing a profitable business.
  2. DomainsBotDomainsBotIt has a feature called Name Spinner, which helps in suggesting names during domain registration.
  3. dnScoop: It offers domain names in addition to its present value, history and other related statistics.
  4. Dotster: It offers quick information on domain names plus suggests names that might suit with the one looking for.
  5. Dyyo: Tool suggesting four letter domain names only.
  6. Ajax Whois: Helps in retrieving quick info on domain names.
  7. Domain Tools: In addition to info related to top level domains like .COM, .NET and .ORG, it also provides info on the Country Code top level domains.
  8. Instant Domain Search: It’s a free service which only allows to check .com, .net, and .org domain name availability.
  9. Dot-o-mator: It helps in not only suggesting names for domain but also gives cool combinations.
  10. Bust A Name: Simply helps in finding domain names.
  11. Domize: A portal to look for domain names. Suitable for both – a fresher or a seasoned collector.
  12. NameStation: NameStationTool creating random names by entering keyword in different search types.
  13. Nameboy: It not only helps in generating names for domains but is considered one of the best way to search domain names and then register domain names.
  14.  Domainr: DomainrHelps in finding domain names, no matter how short or long users want it to be.
  15. DomBuddy: offers domain names for multiple extensions. Generates creative domain names using word lists, dictionary and web search results.

So, now you know the tools that can help you in finding the unique domain names.That is what will make you visible in the crowd. It’s all about being different and now you have all to find a perfect domain name.

4 thoughts on “15 Tools for finding a Perfect Domain Name”

  1. My “perfect” tool is Domainr. It probably won’t help you to find the best domain to rank for a certain keyword, but I think it’s a brilliant tool for discovering creative domains that would help to solidify your blog’s brand.

  2. I used to use Nameboy back in the day….honestly now I just use the standard search with Dotster, which is my registrar of choice, and I use a synonym tool for ideas to add on to exact match domains for keywords that are already taken.
    I’ll have to try a few of these others…a few look interesting.

  3. Hey, you can also refer whois.net it has mentioned all the details precisely. But the list which you’ve given are indeed the best..

  4. Hi Rebecca Jones, Great list of tools to find the right domain name. I have used only domain tools and not tried the other tools. I will surely try out the other tools which is listed above. Thanks for Sharing!

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