7 Tips to Create an Autoresponder Series That Really Engages Your Readers

What could possibly be even more important than having oodles of traffic to your online business, is to have a targeted subscriber list for you to send email autoresponders. Why?

This is because most people won’t buy anything when they first visit your site. They’ll need a lot of convincing before they find it beneficial to part with their money and purchase your products or services. For this reason, we need to capture their email, build a list and woo them via an autoresponder series.

What are autoresponder series?

Also called a drip email campaign, an autoresponder series is typically a series of two or more pre-written emails sent to your subscribers. Email marketers swear by it, and most companies are now turning to email newsletters to improve their businesses by reaching out to both their existing and potential customers.


What you need

Here are 3 main things you need to set up an autoresponder series:

1. Autoresponder programs

There are many programs out there in the market, but the most notable ones are Aweber,MailChimp, and GetResponse. Some offer free trials as well as varying degrees of packages – try one out and see if it fits your email marketing needs.

2. Content

ANYONE can write emails, but can you write them effectively? Set your goals, start from there and plan out a draft of your autoresponder emails by mapping the sequence of the autoresponder emails.

3. Consistency

It is said that consistency creates trust, so what better way to instill trust in your customers than to send regular email newsletters? You don’t need to send an email every 24 hours, but a dry spell where emailing is concerned will prompt your subscribers to lose interest. With so many emails bombarding their inboxes each day, it’s only sensible to send regular ones so that your subscribers can look forward to each week or so.


Why should you write one

Research has shown that potential buyers are likely to become your customers after 7-12 exposures from you. In other words, you’ll need to expose or send 7-12 emails or more before you are able to convert people in your list to become buyers or adopters of your brand. You may or may not choose to continue sending these emails, but obviously it would  be more beneficial if you maintain some semblance of customer-vendor relationship, and continue sending relevant content to your customers’ inboxes for as long as you can. Companies like Austin Dental Center took the initiative to further engage their readers via their weekly newsletter and filled them in on the latest happenings and relevant industry news.

Do consider using creating an autoresponder series to:

  • Keep in touch with your subscribers. You’ll want them to know that your company is still alive and going strong.
  • Promote your own products, albeit subtly, of course.
  • Cross-sell products as an affiliate or partner to another brand.
  • Refresh old content and update them for your new subscribers’ benefit
  • Get valuable input from customers who have just purchased your product or services. Besides being able to improve your offerings, you’re also telling your customers how much you care about them and want to improve their purchasing experience. This also always guarantees a repeat purchase. Now, you have a loyal customer!



1. Before you sell, sell, sell, you’ll need to write, write, write! The easiest way to create valuable content for your autoresponder series is to hire a professional copywriter. Search for one or two (this depends on the workload you’re willing to delegate) on freelancing hubs such as Freelancer, oDesk.com or PeoplePerHour.com and hire one with adequate email marketing experience.

If you’re concerned about the drop in ROI, then skip this step and go on to the next tip, which is to…

2. Learn how to write! No doubt, many hired writers are able to write well but not many can truly convey the message your company can the way you want it to be. Practice writing so that you can truly be the “voice” of your company.

3. Don’t mention any passing fads in your email autoresponders. It may be tempting to talk about Honey Boo Boo (Honey who?) but you should definitely refrain from including fads and whimsical trends in your content. You want your content to be EVERGREEN, not outdated.

4. Use PERSUASION TRIGGERS. Ask yourself, what will persuade YOU to buy something if you were to read about it in an email? Whether it’s the results you’ll achieve, the benefits you stand to gain, a series of testimonials or other stories written to build trust, you need to tap into that pool of persuasive reasons, and then INCORPORATE them into your emails.

5. Be professional, yet PERSONAL. You want your subscribers to think that you’ve crafted out your weekly/bi-weekly newsletters by hand, not getting a robot to churn them out. The same is echoed by MailChimp in their blog post, and I quote: “The key to a good autoresponder campaign is to not let the recipient feel like it’s an autoresponder campaign.”

6. Set the tone for optimal communication. You’ll want to know how to use the right tone and manner to communicate with your target audience. Someone who wants to sell a language course obviously needs to write a different set of email autoresponders using a different tone than a realtor, for example.

7. Perform A/B testing and split test your autoresponder emails to perfection, optimizing each element (subject lines, sending time, calls to action, to name a few) in order to improve the open rates, click rates and sales from emails.

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  2. Nicely explained but I have doubt whther this auto responder drive people to my website or they will just be informed about the new content which they will get fully through auto responder and wont have to visit my website

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