10 Strategies To Enhance Your Facebook Marketing

For almost every internet marketer around the globe, Facebook is the ‘Mecca‘ of social media promotion. And, those who profane it with poor strategy making, stay devoid of an access to its massive 1.71 billion monthly active users, which keeps on rising by 15% year over year (Source: Facebook as of 7/27/16).

The international exposure, remunerative advertising and free page creation offered by Facebook greatly enhance the odds of reaching success through the platform; however, the riches do not come running to you overnight. As a marketer, one requires patience, tenacity and inclination to work till his page meets success.

Strategies To Enhance Your Facebook Marketing

That said, below I have lined up the 10 sure fire strategies you must embrace to enhance your social media promotion, especially through Facebook. Let’s begin:

Gather Valuable Insights

Before venturing into the Facebook promotion process, the foremost step is to gather its valuable insights. And don’t just confine it to data gathering, but ensure its thorough analysis & translation for online success.

Gathering relevant metrics about your target, competitors and audiences’ behavior can be a boring and a daunting job but it will lay a strong foundation for the entire Facebook promotion exercise.

To gain all the relevant insights, you can leverage the services of social media experts as well as platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook insights, Social Media Examiner, etc.

Learn About Your Existing Customers’ Presence On Facebook & Leverage

Prior to searching the new audiences, it is advised that you know who among your existing customers use Facebook. You can then leverage such customers to supercharge your promotional campaigns at perceivably half of the efforts required to draw the attention of the new audiences.

You are likely to gain higher CTR in the case of a pre-existing customer, because it’s a tried and tested affair for your customers with you.

Publish Content That Is Communication Responsive

Facebook is the daily destination for nearly 1 billion users, and also the largest social media platform that helps to generate organic traffic. So just imagine what splendid results you can yield with your communication responsive content at Facebook.

However, you will have to be a bit tricky here!

Keep on analyzing what is trending on the Facebook and keep supplying contents that exactly caters to the interest of your audiences. Once you have learned this, you’re almost ready for referrals, and finally the conversions.

Provide Encouragement For Discussions & Sharing

Your active presence on Facebook is the key to your online promotion. Hence, it is very important that you keep sharing the trending topics, invite discussions on the posts, and thereby encourage your audiences to further share your posts on Facebook.

The interesting fact to note here is that you need not necessarily create your own unique content. Rather, you can re-post / share the others’ posts and try to trigger discussions on the same.

Utilize Facebook “Check-In” facility

Facebook ‘Check-In’ is one of the strongest & simplest publicity tools, which you must emphasize in your Facebook marketing plans to really make a difference without much effort.

It’s the habit of people to publish photos on their FB account, and you can maneuver this habit by providing your visitors a dedicated selfie spot and ask such visitors to share such selfies through Facebook check-ins on the spur of the moment. This act will help you obtain more check-in statuses, ultimately adding credibility among your Facebook fans.

Adopt Facebook Video Marketing Strategy

Facebook Video Marketing Strategy

65% of the videos that created excitement among the viewers were remembered the most; reveals a research by Dr. Karen Nels. Videos are among the powerful tools, which are widely used by internet marketers to skyrocket brand perception in an altogether creative manner.

And if planned wisely, the Facebook video marketing strategy can yield you jaw-dropping outcomes, especially when you’re going to roll out a business/product, spread the brand awareness etc. So if next time you have something worth mentioning on the social media, plan a video, set yourself to the idea, and gear up to deliver a blow to the audience.

Exploit free Facebook plug-ins

You will be stunned to know that on an average 10 million websites across the globe receive ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ on Facebook through social media integration. (Source: Facebook as of 10/2/2014). In fact, nothing can be fun & simpler than the Facebook plugins to engage your target audiences into the social activities led by you online.

Facebook plugins are easy to integrate on your website and they provide ample of scope to fortify trust among your fans. When you add a Facebook ‘Follow’ button or ‘Like’ box on your website, you eventually brighten up your marketing prospects.

Get Connected To Your Facebook Community

It is very important that you first identify your Facebook community and then get connected to it. Your active participation & interaction with your Facebook community will help you bolster up the trust of your fans & followers.

And, if your community finds you genuine enough and worth noticing, you’re all set to enjoy its support, even if you’re coming up with a typical sales pitch. So see your Facebook community as a hub of your prospective customers, and keep delighting them with something of great value.

Capitalize On Facebook Cover For Advertisement

Facebook Cover is the hugest and an absolutely ‘free of cost’ space, provided by social media giant to its each user. So act wise and instead of displaying photographs just like that, try to use some eye-popping ad-pictures as your Facebook Cover.

Believe me; it really doesn’t take a great effort to customize this ad space. You can still manage to create a striking Facebook cover on your own, even if a design team is not there to back you.

Keep Measuring & Analyzing The Outcomes

The measurement & analysis of crucial performance indicators are as important as the marketing goals. If you are keeping a record of certain fundamental metrics related to your audience and their activities, you can manage to boost your business performance. A regular check on the key performance metrics will aid you to fine-tune your efforts to achieve Facebook marketing goals in an effective manner.

Marketing through the Facebook platform has evolved manifold over the years and in fact, it has become even easier to do online promotion through Facebook. All you need to do is focus on your target audiences, keep them entertained with value-driven content and be interactive. You can always write an entirely new chapter of business promotion success by following the above strategies to enhance your Facebook marketing.

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  1. what’s amazing fact about Facebook has a large opportunity in communicating with consumers or attracting new flow of traffic. So, in other words if done correctly you can make sales….without having to directly sell. Right! Hence, if your business doesn’t have a Facebook presence that is optimized the right way, you actually missing out on a lot of potential leads, sales and relationships.

  2. With the majority of Facebook users being on mobile, and mobile not being able to access Facebook, layered with majority of users engaging with brands on newsfeeds, and not on their actual page, why create these on Facebook instead of linking users to your owned site that you control? There’s a reason why companies like Wildfire have been shut down, I just no longer see the value of these now that mobile trends are moving farther and farther away from this. Open to be convinced otherwise ;)

  3. Hence, if your business doesn’t have a Facebook presence that is optimized the right way, you actually missing out on a lot of potential leads, sales and relationships.

  4. Great Post!
    It would be helpful for promoting your business in facebook. If you don’t have facebook page for your business, create and start exploring with tremendous posts.

  5. Since last few days, I was gathering information about why people use the Facebook to market their Business. This blog states some valid points which state, why Facebook really matters for business promotion. I think that your blog will definitely help me. Thanks for this posting.

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  7. In Facebook Marketing, we have to plan our audience, age, gender, country, area and others factors. Through this we plan our Facebook strategy and we can generate leads.

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