Social Engagement Optimization is the New SEO

In these contemporary times, more and more people have become interested in the role modern technology can play in bolstering personal and professional success. Currently, many people are making great use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to attract traffic to their websites for the purpose of marketing the goods and services that they offer.

While utilizing good SEO strategies can be an economically lucrative endeavor, however, Social Engagement Optimization may soon replace its predecessor as the most advantageous and ideal form of SEO to use for the purpose of increasing your online presence.

Social Engagement Optimization

Social Engagement Optimization

For those unfamiliar with the concept of Social Engagement Optimization, this form of SEO involves making strategically effective use of social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace to increase viewership of one’s content and ideas. The importance of maximizing one’s use of these social media forums becomes plain when one considers their increasing popularity.

According to Experian, 27% of internet time in America is spent on social networking sites. In addition to this, HubSpot states that 21% of marketers say that social media became more important to their company during the last six months. Moreover, 74% of all marketers claim that Facebook is an important aspect of the lead generation strategies they employ.

These are only three of many statistics indicating the increasingly integral role that the effective use of social media tools will play in generating one’s personal and professional success in the online world.

Strategies: Social Engagement Optimization


The strategies employed to maximize one’s effectiveness in utilizing these social media forums to increase one’s online visibility is referred to as Social Media Optimization (SMO). As social media experts know, an SMO program could be diverse.

However, effective SMO programs will often incorporate the use of more than one strategy. One strategy that has proven itself to be effective is the use of “social objects” to generate online discourse. Examples of social objects include blog comments, images, videos and more.

The use of social objects can be particularly powerful in the online world for several reasons, including the fact that images often offer individuals an opportunity to gain a very quick impression of the subject one is talking about. Moreover, a short yet informative video marked by wit or ingenuity can function as a teaser that draws people into reading your written content in entirety.

In addition to teaching individuals how to effectively use social objects, a good SMO program might incorporate emphasizing the importance of using things like keywords, descriptions, titles, hashtags and/or links to give social objects a context.

Like the social objects themselves, things like keywords and titles are effective parts of an SMO program because they afford the reader or viewer an opportunity to quickly discern what your content contains.

For example, when you preface a tweet from your Twitter account about President Obama with the hashtag #Obama, everyone who sees the tweet will likely be drawn to the bright blue letters that function as a quick summary of the subject your tweet discusses. They can then determine whether the information or ideas you have to offer are worth perusing.


If you are serious about increasing your online visibility, it seems clear that a proven SMO strategy can be integral to your success.

There are already several online services designed to teach people how to employ SMO strategy for themselves or pay someone else to do it. You can research the credentials of the individuals offering these online services in order to determine which ones are the most reputable, credible, and effective. Once you have found one that fits your criteria in terms of services offered and fees charged, you will be on your way to increasing your online visibility.

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  3. If you start doing social engagements on several platforms, than you hardly have time to make a new website. But YES IT WORTH.

  4. Tapping the social media can have amazing results and it is something the new Google algorithm supports. You are right about engagement. Creating network that way produces long-term results.

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