8 Simple SEO Tips You Can Accomplish In Under 30 Minutes

Search Engine Optimization is the process by which you ensure that your website not only shows up on a search engine result page, but that it ranks as high as possible in the results. SEO can be a daunting task, and yet in today’s economic climate, it can be a real difference-maker. Although there are countless ways to work on your SEO, here are a small handful of quick and easy tips you can start with.


Just a few minutes can make all the difference for your SEO

Managing Links

Make sure that any inbound links you get are from sites that are not only reputable, but also are relevant to your website and its overall message. If your site deals with accounting, there’s no reason to get links from a lingerie site. And make sure you favor quality over quantity.

Having inbound links from four extremely popular sites is far better than have a dozen links from sites that barely get any traffic. Incidentally, links from .edu and .gov sites have good reputations and are considered very credible; consequently, they are harder to acquire. But the fact remains, the better your inbound and outbound links, the higher a ranking your website will receive.

Use Relevant Keywords

Don’t try the shotgun approach when it comes to keywords. You don’t want to overload your text with the same keywords over and over, as search engines look for this sort of repetition and penalize you for it. Keep keywords on topic, and make them consistent all over your site.

Keyword Phrases

In addition to keywords, each page of your site should have its own unique keyword phrase. The keyword phrase shouldn’t be used for the entire site; give each page its own, and make sure that the content compliments the phrase. The keyword phrase should also show up in the title tag, and if possible, in the URL.

Call To Action

Don’t be wimpy; make sure that you have a definite call to action, and that it’s a clear and strong message. After all, it makes no sense to lure people to your site, only to forget to say what amounts to “So, now that you know who we are and what we provide, what are you gonna do about it?” People need to be shown and prompted into taking advantage of your services.

Image Rehab

First of all, your images should have file names that are actually descriptive, as opposed to stuff like 45yyh.jpg. Believe it or not, it can help in a search. Also, make sure your images have captions, and that the text includes good keywords. And, in referencing an earlier tip, feel free to embed links in images, since many people instinctively click on pictures. Also, keep an eye on things like headings and keyword text, since images can be ranked according to their surrounding text.

Social Media!

You just know the words “social media” would end up here somehow, right? Assuming you have a presence on various social media platforms (and if you don’t, why not?), make sure that you fill out all of the information in the “About” fields, and use terms that people would use when looking for a business such as yours. Of course, see that your social media profiles link back to your website.

Get On GooglePlus

If you haven’t signed up for GooglePlus yet, do so. Then, create a GooglePlus Local Listing, which will benefit you when users do a local search. Make sure that all of the relevant details of your business (location, phone number, hours, etc) are included. And once that information is in place, remain diligent in keeping it updated. If you expand your hours, people searching for your business online won’t know it if you don’t reflect the change in your online listing.


Although it takes a significant investment of time to build a website, it takes less than a half hour to go through your site and make sure that everything is current. You should dedicate time to update your site, keeping the content fresh, and making sure that all information is still accurate. And not only should you make sure that your established content is clean and current, you should also not be shy in adding one or two new morsels of information; perhaps you stumbled across a cool website that is relevant and complimentary to your site, or maybe it was a piece of trivia or a quote, something that attracts attention and shows people that your website is a living, breathing, evolving thing.

With these eight tips, you’re on your way to mastering the ancient art of SEO. When you think about it, if you spend a half hour on each tip, that’s just a four hour investment that can be done once a week (although twice a week would be better!) to ensure that your search engine visibility increases and stays that way.

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  1. Awesome Tips !

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  2. Hi John,

    Thank you for the nice post. I will only add on-site optimization to your SEO tips list. With Google get more strict on unnatural link building onsite SEO optimization has become more important than before


  3. Hi! You are right , managing links , use of key words, structured content are very important for the optimisation of site. Thanks for posting

  4. Thank you admin for sharing the great post. I will always remember the tips for my own Blog. Keep sharing such information for the bloggers.

    1. Thanks for the kudos! Good luck with your blog, and yes, I’ll keep sending out the good word! :)

  5. Awesome, very well written. This article helped me a lot. I am new to seo. Your website has very good articles. Keep up your good work. All the best.

  6. Great tips John! Straight to the point and easy to accomplish once you train yourself in following a serious program that might be the key to successful SEO. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re very welcome, Dragos. A lot of SEO is just common sense, when you get right down to it. Good luck!

  7. Very useful post for new comers.Rightly focuses on important points to improve the SEO of the blog…I find the points regarding the maintenance of blog very useful….

  8. These are basic but very helpful seo tips. Lots of bloggers fail in blogging due to lack of knowledge in seo. Now a days social media plays a vital role too. You mentioned it well. Thanks for share

  9. These kind of tips are really helpful for beginners who start their own basis SEO work. They are willing to learn lots of things about SEO and your post is perfect for them.

  10. Wow! This really a great information. Not only beginners, all other people who are involved in SEO can get help from this blog. Thanks for such nice simple seo tips.

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