6 SEO Trends for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Keeping abreast with emerging SEO trends is something every entrepreneur should embrace. It not only helps you run the ever-competitive SEO race but also gives you a competitive edge in the commercial arena. As such, marketers should always be on the lookout for top emerging trends without necessarily downplaying the essence of the existing ones.

So what are some of the recent discoveries?

Search Engines Prefer Longer Content


It’s clear and almost inevitable that longer content tends to rank higher in SERPs. A recent study by BuzzSumo and Moz indicates that most of the content published online is less than 1000 words. Notably, however, posts ranging from 1000-1200 words dominate most of the search results.

Where is the rest of the content?

Yet again, another report indicated that the top 10 highest-ranking pages for a given keyword search had an average of 1285 words for every article. For content marketers, this presents you with an incredible opportunity to step up your SEO campaigns by stretching the lengths of your post.

However, it is worth noting that words alone will not guarantee you a higher search ranking. Your article must be well structured, informative, and relevant to the subject topic under consideration. Writing lengthy, well-formulated content gives you an unmatchable competitive advantage in the SEO race.

Focus on having informative content of more than 1100 words and see your site grace the first few pages of search engine pages. Longer content works, especially when written as guides.

Go for Deep Links

For businesses having mobile apps, the essence of enabling deep links cannot be overemphasized. Deep links simply enable linking to the internal contents of your app and not just the homepage.

Having this in place enables Google to index and return links to your content. Google recently realized that an average user interacts with 26% of his apps on a daily basis. Enabling deep links boosts the chances of engaging your app users by continually showing in related search results. What’s more, you will have your app prominently featuring in search results even if your users no longer have the app installed in their phones.

More amazingly, this trend enables your app to be featured in Now on Tap, a platform that will further fuel your quest for SEO dominance. Your app will also have its place in autocomplete for users who might start asking questions that your app directly or indirectly answers. With so much to reap from this, enabling deep links is a step worth embracing all the way.

Optimize your Site for Voice Searches


Long gone are the days when optimising content for voice searches was optional. With the current technology, more than 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search more than once in a single day. Failing to optimise your site for the same makes you miss out such a great opportunity to reap big from search engine optimisation marketing strategy. Notably, most voice searches are associated with local searches. For someone who is getting into this for the first time, the best SEO advice would include using multiple ideas in maximizing this strategy.

  • Have your content in a conversational structure because users are more likely to use less formal language in voice searches.
  • Focus on long tail keywords
  • Provide direct answers to commonly asked questions in your content
  • Have a highly responsive website
  • Use the right mark-up to enable Google identify the kind of content on your site

Using these questions will not only optimise your site for voice searches but also makes your site ideal for Google’s Rich Answers.

Featuring in top search pages doesn’t Guarantee More Clicks

It is a common belief that simply gracing the top pages of search engine results comes with more traffic. According to a recent research, however, this might not necessarily be the truth.

In this study, a number one slot in search engine results only grants you 31% click-through without considering other factors. Unless the results are matched up with other elements like local listings, Google Ads and Rich answers, it might not be worth that much.

As such, one needs to stretch his campaign efforts beyond taking the number one slot in SERPs. Instead, you should investigate SERPs and find out the particular elements being featured alongside the normal organic listings.

User signals affect All Search Rankings


For a considerable time, user signals have been used in determining the efficacy of SEO campaigns. Frequent signals like bounce rates, click-through rates, and time on site have been used in gauging the effectiveness of relentless efforts of boosting search engine rankings.

Most importantly, Google uses these signals as some of the greatest ranking factors. Recently, however, Google indicated that user signals are more important in mobile rankings as compared to desktop searches where they are not necessarily considered as ranking factors.

However, close reports indicate otherwise. User signals are important both in mobile and desktop search engine rankings. That is why you should have your eyes fixed on Google Analytics more often than not to check related statistics and focus on improving them.

More to reap from domain and Page Level Links

Over the years, link building has revolutionised to include other aspects that weren’t originally in place. However, it has remained a major ranking factor in SEO. According to a factory study by Moz, domain and page level features rank among the most influential factors of search engine rankings.

While embarking on link building, major focus should be laid on page authority. Even more, you should be worried about the number of C blocks being linked to the URL. At the end of the day, your efforts should stretch far beyond accumulating organic links. Focus on particular elements as aforementioned and you will have the best laugh.


When optimising your site and creating content in the subsequent months, you should focus on these six key trends. It’s the only sure way of differentiating yourself from the others pursuing SEO excellence.

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  4. Mobile optimization is also starting to include app optimization, which Google is favoring heavily with developments like app streaming — and one day soon, e-commerce platforms may need to develop their own mobile apps just to survive in terms of visibility.

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