A Complete SEO Checklist For the Year 2013

Search Engine Optimization trends have been changing continuously over the past few years with the introduction of new concepts and factors. Now the fact of “being loyal” is more essential than ever to get yourself rank to the top in search engines. This led SEO to somewhere with new strategies and monster outcomes!

Here in this post I would like to share few simple easy-to-drive-your-way tips that will let you improve your SEO campaign an ever successful one! I hope at the end of this post you will feel energized with lots of ideas on making your strategies.

The Finest SEO Checklist:

Those who are seeking for little boost in their SEO campaigns here is the checklists of what to avoid and what is to be known about Google updates and the techniques that must be implemented before 2013.

Avoid Tactics that are Out-dated:seo-out-dated

  • Keyword stuffing – Keywords are no more valuable!
  • Duplicate sites – This will not work out on doubling your Ranking!
  • Article submissions – It’s an old one and people stop visiting article directories!
  • Link schemes – It is a violation! Heavy optimization or paid links will affect website Ranking.
  • Hidden texts – Invisible texts behind images and background will lead to spam
  • Spamming blog comments – Abusing comments with self-promotional links will harm your website quality!
  • Blog spinning­ – A very bad idea that will negatively affect websites for duplicate content!

The Lovely Animals of Google:

Google always changes their algorithm and work hard on producing new updates in order to prevent people from gaming the system. For a few years the modern day SEO is being controlled by animal themed updates that most often give a big bang to webmasters.

Penguin: – I’m the Guardian of Links!

Penguin targets the spammy websites that have poor quality link backs. The sites that seem to have spam/unethical/unworthy links are penalized in order to keep the search engine fresh and updated. So, how to avoid getting hit by Google Penguin?

Here is the way to prevent and protect your site from penalty:

  • Have natural links.
  • Don’t have an excessive number of links.
  • Don’t opt for paid links.
  • Attain links from a variety of domains.
  • Don’t go for reciprocal links.

Panda – I’m the King of Content:

Panda is another big animal that looks for webpages that has duplicate/poor quality content. It also targets on the sites that has less content to be punishable!

Ways to avoid getting penalized by Google Panda:

  • Write unique content.
  • Decent standard of content is vital.
  • Content must be present on the main pages that are required to be ranked.
  • Don’t clinch or spun your content as it is unimpressive.

Zebra – You know who am I?

What’s next to Penguin and Panda? Gossip has been aroused that Zebra will be the next Google animal update that is on the way. So, what does it get through and what will be his target?

  • Spamming activity on social media sites?
  • Social bookmarking?
  • Penalizing fake social profiles?
  • Targeting on paid likes, followers or subscribers?

Who knows! Only time can reveal the mystery of Google’s future updates.

Google has also revealed a latest sweet little bird – the Hummingbird algorithm on its Official Birthday! This has led to the speculations of semantic search analysis with better results to the user queries. It also includes the re-invention of mobile search data that provides mobile data users with a better search experience!

The Big play of newer Tactics:

As the evolving critic of SEO is changing periodically, the current trend is focusing on Social Signals.

Social Signals – For Customer Engagement:

  • Facebook – Increasing number of Shares, Likes and Comments.
  • Twitter – Raise of Tweets, Retweets, Mentions, Followers.
  • Google Plus – Comments, Shares and the power of +1’s and Authorship!

Author Ranks and Rel=Author will let people see your face in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP’s)!

  • Trust has turned as an indicator for the Google users.
  • Links to your g+ profiles.
  • Verified Authors gains more Authority.
  • Author’s Avatar displays alongside the search results.
  • Nobility of Authors helps in Ranking.

Content strategy matters!

Though it is an old concept that fresh and high quality content will get sustainable growth, the way of generating inbound links always matters!

Encourage content through Social Interactions through:

  • Guest Blogging
  • Press Release mentions
  • Blog posts
  • White papers
  • Slide shares
  • Infographics
  • Videos

The Ultimate Checklist!


Technical SEO Aspects:

  • User-friendly URLs – Simple and Relevant theme throughout the site.
  • Sitemap.xml – submitting to search engines
  • Title Tags – Maximum 70 characters without stuffing keywords.
  • Compelling Meta Description – 150 – 160 characters with good grammar and attractive snippet that gives a sure click.
  • Include Image ALT Tags for all images on the site.
  • Robots.txt file – located on place.
  • Speed of the site.

On-Page SEO Aspects:

  • Do you regularly check for duplicate content?
  • Correct usage of spellings and grammar.
  • Do you have enough content on every page?
  • Do all of the web pages convey the right information?
  • Avoid excessive use of ads on website.

Off-Page/Link Building or PR Aspects:

Do you seek relevant links that are strong and worthwhile? Page Rank comes into this formula!

Gain links via:

  • Producing engaging, inspiring content.
  • Promotion of targeted links with relevancy in mind.
  • Blogging and author outreach.

Hope you will find this Checklist useful! Please drop on your opinion and suggestions in the comments box.

Have a happy SEOing!!

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  1. Yeah! that’s great Article dear. i like it too much and that is very helpful for me because i’m also a blogger this helps me a lot.! thanks to share this Article or news. :)

  2. This is great one. It seems all the penalty such as Penguin, Zebra, Panda and all that comes at a single time still I am happy :) Because it is not penalize my site but providing me info that how can I prepare to be alert from it. It was nice to visit your site with an awesome article.

  3. As a realtor in Charleston SC real estate, I make it a habit to use the best photos to showcase the area that I cover and upload them to my website, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other applicable social media networks. I also take video tours of the neighborhoods and towns I serve. I include the local parks, favorite local hot spots and shopping places in the real estate videos I create.

    But then again, I am also guilty of blog spinning and keyword stuffing to some degree. Reading your article gave me some valuable ideas on what things should be avoided and what practices should be encouraged. Great post!

  4. Gurwinder Singh Bhinder

    Ahh!! Wonderful article on SEO. Google is becoming a much smarter these days, so if you write quality content you’ll rewarded for sure one day or another. Anyways thanks for the great write up.

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