SEO and Social Media: 4 Essential Steps to Success

The whole concept of social media is to establish new relationships and for some, rekindle old affairs and associations that are all bound together in one universal ground: cyberspace.

In all honesty, social media has in fact strengthened the means and ways we interact with other people not only within our circle but to the outside hemisphere as well.

SEO on Social Media

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and the like acts like a bridge and connects us to the rest of the world whether we are just making new friends, finding old flames or creating new business partnerships that could eventually be the dividing factor when it comes to success and stepping forward into the limelight.

In all honesty, I believe that everything starts with having a good relationship not only between common colleagues but also with potential clients as well.

For the most part, rapport and reputation will also come into play as these ultimately go hand in hand with relationship building.

It’s not only me that agrees on this fact and it’s safe to say that whoever you’re talking to will downright say that relationship building is the ultimate pillar if anyone wants to achieve, be known and stands up among the rest.

It is also in my opinion that social media plays a big part in developing this interpersonal relationship due to the fact that we are all under one roof and finding one another is but a mere click away.

I for one never fail to update my daily status or post a Tweet especially when I’m working with a very important client. For me, social media is the gateway for me to address the world what I am, what I do and in what I do, I am the best. I also continually search for potential partners or those with the same agenda as I have not only to make new acquaintances but also for some back up just in case something pops up.

As an SEO practitioner, I need to be updated on every single process and improvement that could make step an inch closer to success. I can’t think of a better strategy aside from relationship building – sharing and liking a link or a post, replying and/or retweeting a tweet, asking and giving relevant information to my friends and to the rest of the community really did me a world of good and continue to give me something to look forward to every single day.

To me, SEO and social media are like invisible partners that, if played with the right cards can potentially spell victory over time. Some may not see it to be that way but in most cases, it can and will give positive results.

Audience Establishment

Knowing the right audience stabilizes your vision as to who your targets are but this does not mean that you will only focus on these core groups and lock yourself (along with them) in a box, making yourself out of reach.

It’s good to have a core group that you can establish your name along with them, but having more is good thing, not only for SEO but also in terms of other aspects as well.


Keep in mind that what you do (or post) reflects you as a person and as a professional at the same time. On the business side of things, take time to consider the things you do on social networks as to not confuse others, especially to those potential partners and clients.

Some of us can easily be carried away (myself included) of posting irrelevant links to our profile without thinking that others may find them to be offensive and could spell disaster if not taken into consideration

Market Thyself

But not to the extent that you are bragging your head off. Be modest in terms of speaking your mind about your capabilities, skills, previous projects, recommendations and awards. Social media gives us the freedom to create a profile that is fitted to who we really are and it’s best to start there.


Do not limit yourself to just one social media site. Marketing in essence is a flexible machine that does not only focus on one subject but on the whole scenario. Take time to visit other social media sites and establish your name in each of them.

Don’t be afraid to copy and paste some of your projects, links and whatnot since they do not, in all fairness to each of them, wrangle all of society; each of them has its own audience to say the least and with you being on some of the popular social media sites, chances are that you’ll be climbing that ladder in no time.

Along with everything else, there will always be a negative spot on every positive aspect, especially when it comes to the relationship between SEO and social media. Treating it like a marriage, there will always be arguments and problems between them that could either make or break even the strongest of relationships.

What most SEO practitioners fail to notice is that they are still stuck in the past while some are even way behind the modern issues of SEO. Web 1.0 for instance is and will most likely to be considered as a thing of the past but most SEO ninjas are still on a hangover with 1.0 and not realizing the fact that there’s Web 2.0. Others do follow and practice Web 2.0 but still incorporate the structure and procedure of olden times.

Below are just some of the reasons why I think SEO fails to make it on social media. This may not imply to everyone, but these are some of the most visible reasons:

1. Automation

First and foremost, social media does not need or require the method of automation that most optimizers practice. What social media needs is the freedom of direct (and in some cases, indirect) way of talking. Automating over social media sites will only make you carry a pile full of thumbs down.

2. Social bookmarking is not the same as Web directories

This is where may SEOs go down to say the least. Most of them think that social bookmarking sites are directories of Web 2.0. It’s like punching your kid brother and punching a total stranger: Same action, different results.

3. Too much marketing

SEOs tend to market themselves too much over at social media sites that it can get frustrating and even to the point that they market themselves even to people with no idea whatsoever about their profession.

4. Mine and mine alone

This practice is commonly done within the SEO structure themselves. Some practitioners rarely share what they know to budding SEOs and even to veterans. Posting something relevant on Facebook will definitely gain attention but when the time comes that someone asks for some information, other SEOs just go invisible and pretend nothing has happened.

5. Brag all you can

SEOs tend to show off their rankings to others without even noticing that some are offended (again). Some will even go to a point where they pull down and ridicule other practitioners. Crab mentality still strikes hot.

6. Cash instead of Content

More clients will also mean more money. Obsessing over money leads to poor content in the process. Spinning, rewriting and such disapproved practices are done just to have more “paper”.

7. Repetitiveness

Posting again and again the same shoutout, tweets and the like just to get the attention of a client is one thing that should be avoided. Enough said.

7. Lack of professionalism

SEOs are also professionals to being with. And in line with being a professional, the virtue also appeals on your social media profile. But there are some times that some SEOs are too comfortable on social networking sites that they sometimes lose focus and their cool when the going gets too rough. When this happens, all hell breaks loose.

6 thoughts on “SEO and Social Media: 4 Essential Steps to Success”

  1. Everything in moderation is the key to a successful blog. I believe that social media is one of the best way to market and for free as well, but if you dont take the challenge of being a more of a person than a robot then you may lose the opportunity to use social media wisely.

    1. Thanks for the comment Mark! I agree! Embracing social media is a good strategy. Just use it well by good timing!
      have a nice day!

  2. Video Marketing

    Nice points, I think SEO is lacking because many people don’t know how to do it correctly and often indulge in spamming, that’s why they don’t see good results.

  3. SEO and Social Media are the top trends of this time. If combined, the result will be astonishing. Either of two, has a big influence on both industries. If you’re planning to blog, then you must learn steps in either industry first. After that, expect your marketing skills to be better than ever.

  4. I totally agree that the role of social media in SEO is becoming more and more evident. Especially with Google+. I’m now sure that a sucesfull SEO strategy must necessary include a wise, consistent and targeted strategy for social networks and community management.

  5. A well written article reflecting some good common sense for engaging in social media with SEO strategies. SEO practices that may have yielded results previously may fall far from succeeding in social media networks as people reject some of the blunt tactics that are employed. Adapting to social media networks is crucial to succeed with SEO, the game has changed and so must SEO´s specialists approach.

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