Top 15 Off-Page SEO Techniques for 2013

We all know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) area is becoming more interesting as new inventions pop up every now and then. What you learned yesterday in SEO will soon be out of date by tomorrow. So, unless you frequently update your knowledge of SEO, there’s no doubt you’ll be left behind your competitions.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the best off-page SEO techniques for 2013. While some of the methods may be familiar to you, others may be totally new. So, go ahead and learn about these advanced off-page SEO practices to promote your business website, or blog, and achieve high search engine rankings. Not only you’ll stay up-to-date in SEO, but also build a formidable brand of your business in the process.

Off-Page SEO Techniques for 2013

emember, use these off-page SEO techniques only after performing on-page SEO on your site. 

So, let’s learn top 15 off-page SEO techniques to build a formidable brand of your online business, today:

Build Social Presence

The first step in off-page SEO effort to build online reputation. Become member (free) of popular social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Linked In, Orkut, etc, and create your own simple profile. Afer sign up, share your content, join more networks, connect with others (friends), and promote your business site/blog to create a strong online social presence.

Keep on Blogging

This is perhaps the best off-page SEO techniques to market your business site/blog. Create your business blog and publish helpful, interesting, and unique blog posts regularly. Make the content highly relevant and accurate for your target audience. Spread the word and promote your company’s blog in several free blog directories and search engines.

Alternately, you can also visit different service-related online blogs that let your insert links in comments. Search engines crawls these blog comments and rank your blog higher. If you don’t know how to blog, then hire a guest blogger. Ask him/her to write high quality (useful, relevant, and unique) blog post so that your blog gets more credit from search engines.

Post on Forums

Share ideas, tips, and tricks through your own discussion board (forums). Visit other well-established relevant forum and post a thread, or reply to it. Insert link back to your site/blog in the signature box. Search engine crawlers will index this signature box from these forums (do-follow forums) and rank your website better.

Submit to Search Engines

Submit your site for free on major search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Alexa, Excite, among others.

Submit to Directories

Although many people think that directory submission is thing of the past, we disagree. In fact, directory submission is still alive and kicking. It purely depends upon how wisely you select directories and categories for directory submission. It may take a while to see results on directories, nonetheless, it is still worth the effort, though.

There are directories offering paid listings, but don’t do that now. Instead, submit your website on free and popular directories like DMOZ, ZoomInfo, Yahoo Directory, Pegasus, One Mission, and so on.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is another best off-page SEO techniques to promote your company’s site and build online brand. Most people, however, simply don’t know how to use these social bookmarking sites properly, and hence, spam them unknowingly. So, be careful while handling the tags (essential to reach out your news to wide range of audience) and categories. Remember, the better you tag your news, more website traffic (free) you get.

Do social bookmarking on popular sites like StumbleUpon, Delicious, Diggs, Propeller, and so on.

Link Exchange

Also known as thematic link exchange, this is another way to increase the popularity of your link. Exchange links with high PR sites as this is one of the major factors to determine PageRank of your site. Avoid using Black-Hat off-page SEO techniques, though.

Link Baiting

If you are referencing other people’s blog content on your site/blog, then make sure to include their website link as a reference point. When it comes to increasing your link popularity, both ways work: referencing other blogs on your posts, and accepting other people’s request, too.


Whenever possible, link all your website content. Also termed as cross-linking, this off-page SEO technique boosts your website’s link popularity, a major factor Google analyze to build the Page Rank of your website.

Get links from Wikipedia, and more importantly, get links from high quality sites/blogs related to your niche. Get a link from the sites content, rather than the site itself, for targeted keywords. Although this type of link is difficult to implement, nonetheless, these links have more weight in SEO point of view.

Share Photos

Not only can you share blogs, but pictures about your product and services, too. Share product pictures and let your friends and customers see them, and hopefully comments on them as well.

The more comment the picture receive, more traffic it will drive towards your site. Share your photos on major photo sharing sites like Picasa, Flickr, Photo Bucket, Picli, and so on.

Promote Videos

Just like photo sharing, publish and share product videos. Videos could be a product review, or it could be expert opinion on something. Go and make your videos public on YouTube, Dailymotion, and Metacafe, now!

Business Reviews

Ask your friends and current customers to write an honest review about your business, products, and services and post them on sites like Stylefeeder, RateitAll, Kaboodle, Shvoong, etc. In return, write a review of their business, too!

Local Listings & Yellow Pages

For high competitive keywords, you cannot afford to go global and usually takes you more time to outrank your competition. Instead, make your site/blog local so that when search engine crawl your page, they’ll easily see it and fetch the content.

This way, you can reach as many local audience as possible and in the shortest possible time too. Submit your site on YellowPages, Google Local, Yahoo Local, Maps, SuperPages to start with.

Article Submission


Article submissions usually give your website deep links to help the site rank better in Google. Although this process is usually slower, nevertheless, writing your own article and submitting them to sites like Go Articles, Ezine, Buzzle, and Now Public, won’t hurt either, especially when they boost the traffic flow to your site.

Press Release

Once you have your website up and running online, spread the word out by creating a press release. Spread the word about the launch of your business via PR submission sites like Open PR, PR Leap, 1888pressrelease. This will eventually assist publishing your company’s site on Google News.

Advertize on Classifieds

Advertise your site, products, and services on classified sites. Visit Craigslist, MySpace, Kugli, Vivastreet, and iMadespace to submit your site.

There you have it. Top 15 Off-Page SEO Techniques for 2013. Before we leave, we highly recommend that you be very careful while trying out these off-page SEO methods. Don’t overdo it and do not spam. Just plan and do it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the good tutorial. It will help me for increasing the my blog visibility in the search engines. You gave the essential tips to all bloggers. Great :)

  2. Chris from Pioneer

    What’t the best way to use link exchanges? Do you just contact the webmasters of various web sites and offer to place links to them on your site?

    1. Of course, not. We should only look for interesting sites (relevant to your site content and provide useful information for visitors) and then ask them if they will exchange links; a nice solution would be you link to them on some articles and they do the same with you.

  3. Jill Mendez | Web Content Writing

    Great Tips for SEO this year!.. This would be of much great help to those SEO people in getting around their craft. I was searching for new ideas in the realm of doing SEO in the net these days. I came your site and was lucky enough to find about advertising in classified ads.

  4. Hi Jenni R,
    Really, you have posted an awesome blog about future seo techniques. These 15 points are very crucial from seo point of view, but I would like to add more 2 points in your post. I think guest blogging, and inbound marketing are the two great techniques you can add to your list.

  5. Nice list, many things that were also effective in 2012. I appreciated the suggestions on business reviews and classifieds.

  6. to find backlinks I prefer to use social bookmarking, in addition to easy it is also a safe and preferred way of google

  7. I thought Google had de-emphasized the value of classified websites and article submission websites? My understanding is that posting to those websites as virtually zero SERP benefit although I can see how they might help drive actual traffic directly through those sites.

  8. Thanks for sharing but I’m little confusion about Link Exchange, in the year 2013 it’s really worth or not.

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