Myths, Truths and Facts of SEO – You Should Know

If you are reading this, chances are high that you have dabbled with various SEO techniques, but ended with a frustration for Google. Most, if not, many of us have problems with SEO and fear with the very word of Google update.

Well, to be honest, your understandings of Google’s SEO, is probably years out of date. In fact, it’s not just years, but an eternity of web time. And now, with SEO changing every day, even a comprehensive guide will leave a newbie with hundreds of doubts and confusions about what’s an effective SEO strategy. So, to make things straight, I am sharing a few myths, truths and facts of SEO in this section.

Myth 1: High Rankings:

It’s a very common myth that abounds the carousel of SEO and almost every website is now in the chase for high page ranks. To make it simple, there are hundreds of factors that determine your website’s page rank. Having achieved a high Google page rank, it doesn’t mean that your website ranks the best and stands out of the crowd.

Truth: It’s just the beginning, you have just entered the SEO race, where you have thousands of websites with the same page rank.

Fact: Your race starts only after you have achieved a high page rank.

Myth 2: Meta tags:


It’s true that meta tags were one of those factors that ruled the SEO world decades ago. But now, usage of meta tags has become a perennial myth. To put across differently, meta tags has lost its importance with the Google Panda and Penguin updates.

Truth: Yes, the meta tags are no longer indexed by the search engines.

Fact: Concentrating on meta tags is a mere waste of time.

Myth 3: Inbound Links:

The regular trend followed in SEO – ‘More the Inbound Links, Better the Page Ranks!’ Gone are the golden days, when even super-low quality links helped in increasing page ranks. But today low quality links or irrelevant links end up with negative rankings.

Truth: When it comes to inbound links, the truth is that quality of the link has gained priority over the quantity of links.

Fact: After the Google updates, SEO is no longer a number game to look into the large quantity of backlinks.

Myth 4: Keyword Density:


This is a persistent myth followed by hundreds of SEO analysts which makes the web pages spammy. And there are many SEO strategies that feed on this concept. The density of each keyword plays a major role in determining the page rank of the website.

Truth: Keyword density of a website is actually a mathematical formula. That’s nothing but the total number of words in a web page divided by the number of instances a keyword appears on the particular page.

Fact: If the keyword density is relevant and appropriate as per the search engine updates, then this will help in yielding high rankings.

Myth 5: Google Penalized Your Website:


Why do you think there is a sudden fall in a website’s page rank?? You believe Google has penalized the website. But no..! It’s actually the devaluation of a website by Google. The sad part is that most of you don’t even know the exact meaning of it and join the ‘Google penalized my website’ bandwagon, just as you see a fall in page rank.

Truth: With more and more Google updates being rolled out every now and then, the strategy of back-linking is changing constantly. When the strategy is devalued, the sites using them are also devalued.

Fact: Google penalizations are exceedingly rare and are usually executed in the cases of most egregious SEO violations.

That’s not all, there are many more myths of SEO that are followed by hundreds of websites even today. Needless to say, what really matters for a high page rank is the speed, richness and depth of the content on your website, your brand name, your services, products, visitors and how consistent your message is across the globe as well as the World Wide Web. In short the truth is, just prioritize your audience; the search engines will automatically follow you. Keep in mind the fact, high rankings are not the exact goal, but stepping stone to achieve the goal.

Is there any other SEO myth that you think should be in the list? If yes, then share your thoughts with me and our readers in your comment.

8 thoughts on “Myths, Truths and Facts of SEO – You Should Know”

  1. James Richardson

    My recommedation to have atleast 2.5% of keyword density. Combine these techniques with URL optimisation, Image Optimization and various sitemaps.

  2. As a new blogger, am really grateful for this information, especially about the myths on meta tags, high ranking and keyword density. I always thought these three work magic on optimization but I now know that all this is changing, thanks to this useful information

  3. You’ve basically hit on every SEO myth I’ve read about. The Google updates penalties is something I don’t think will ever go away. But as you mentioned, as long as you use rich content on your site that people want to read, I think you can survive any update Google throws at you.

  4. You have raised good points and arguments regarding Google issues. It is pointless to think about Google penalties as nobody really knows the algorithm they use. Webmasters should concentrate more in creating good content and developing that website that is valuable to the readers.

  5. Hi
    We are just waiting to see the full implications of the latest penguin update. You make some valid points, especially meta tags which the majority of people still add to their content although pointless as you say. What is your view on blog commenting now, I feel it still has a big part to play providing you find relevant high PR blogs and obviously add some value to the discussion.

    This and guest blog posting I feel is something everyone should be looking to do, using social media is great and the buzz word is engagement but a good quality back link from a relevant high PR website will stil have far more impact than a few shares, likes and +1s.


  6. very thank for the article, it can help me a lot.
    However i think the most big problem is about keyword density, i can’t decide percentage of it.

  7. Great write up… I believe a lot of confusions has been sorted out here…even had to put it on my blog…but of course linking back to this great site. thanks for the enlightenment…. I will do more to check it out….

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