Must Have Tools to Launch an E-Commerce Store

Technological advancements have now proposed much comfort level that the people are automating even their most important activities. In this way, they are not only performing their tasks more efficiently but also more effectively.

Likewise, other fields of life, commerce has also been now well settled in its enhanced form. People are now buying and selling the products online. In this way, the top business firms are now keener to adopt the smart facilities that can ease them in their operations.

So, here we are going to discuss the eleven tools to launch an e-commerce store. For more specification, we will divide these tools into several categories. These are:

  • Marketing Tools
  • Analytics Tools
  • Customer Services Tools
  • Management Tools

Marketing Tools

Without any doubt, marketing is the soul of any business. You have to advertise your product or services. For this purpose, you have to spread the proper awareness around your targeted customers. Marketing is the only way to attract the potential customers and motivate them to purchase your products. So, here is the essential marketing tool that must be considered while running an e-commerce store.



Optimizely will ease you to enhance the conversions and also you can perform the testing process on your newly developed e-commerce store. This tool will aid you to form, run and analyze the tests on the warehouse. You may also optimize the colors, placements and pages after assumption of the evidence.

Of course, you need the maximum traffic on your e-commerce store. For this purpose, nothing is better that Google Ad-wards. Google Ad-wards will surely enhance your product’s exposure, and you may also launch campaigns to attract more customers. The good thing is, you will only pay for the actual results.


It is a useful tool to be in touch with your regular customers, and you may deliver emails to them in an automotive manner. Mailchimp can be used while launching an email campaign. You may schedule your emails as per time through Mailchimp.

Facebook Ads:

The other useful and efficient tool for marketing is Facebook ads. Facebook offer the marketing facility through their paid ads at very affordable price. You may also set your targeted audience. Your promotion will only be visible to your targeted viewers.

Analytical Tools

For better planning and assumption, you have to analyze your progress. In this mean using the analytical tools is the best approach. These devices generate a comprehensive report on your on goings. Top e-commerce experts often use analytical tools. Some of the top analytical tools are:

Google Analytics:

If you want to offer your customers the best user experience, you have to monitor their interest. Google Analytics is the best tool in this mean. It enables you to analyse the conversion rates, bounce rates, the number of visitors, sessions and page views of your e-commerce store.



It is also a handy tool to scale an e-commerce website. Moz ease you to identify the keyword ranking for your own site, it also ease you to monitor your competitor’s keyword for their website. Moreover, you may also consider the desktop ranking as compare to mobile rankings. You will also be able to determine the link availabilities anywhere on the internet for your website.


Kissmetrics is a much powerful tool in order to seek online opportunities to take your e-commerce business to its next level. Through this tool you may come to know that from where and through which link your customers are come from. In whole of your following whom are the best customers. You may also find the several ways that how you can attract more number of customers to your website. You may also monitor the factors that are causing the visitors checking out from your website.

Customer Services Tools

Business is nothing but to dealing in the better way with the customers. In this way, smart e-commerce experts are using the customer services tools. These tools enable you to manage your clients in the more significant way. Some of the valuable customer’s services tools are:



When it comes to online business, eliminating the choirs of your clients at the run time is something crucial. If you can solve the problems of your customers at the run time, this efficiency will relay build up your repute. Zopim offers you to have a chat on current time with your clients. Hence you will be able to eliminate their concerns frequently.


Much like Zopim, LeadChat is another chatting tool. But the difference is, LeadChat emphasis the quality leads that you may transform in your leads. Hence, boost the conversion rates. LeadChat also ease you to have a conference chat or call.

Referral Candy:

Referral Candy

To maintain a healthy relationship and being connected with your close customers, referral candy is the much fruitful tool. Through this tool, you may forward a personal link that they may view and share on the social platform. Referral Candy is also useful to set the discount ratio and other related activities of your closer customers.

Management Tools

Sometimes it happen, people affect their growth of the business while spending their time in managing their business. To overcome this situation, business management tools are the best option. Here are some of the business management tool:



If you want to spend less time in your management tasks, Kin is the best tool in this mean. It aid you to overcome the human resource related activities. Kin can manage the employee’s data, performance reports or related files.


Zirtual is personal assisting application. Zirtual aids you to schedule your business meetings, task, travelling reminders and other similar things. You may also manage your social media and email services through Zirtual.


If you want to control your expenses, Wiser is the best tool to monitor the pricing. Wiser can also ease you to watch the pricing offer by your competitors. It can generate an in-detail reports regarding the financial estimations. In this way, you will be able to plan your pricing in more significant form.

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  1. Thanks for a cool list of tools. Another one I’d add is GetResponse – it has landing page builder, email marketing, marketing automation and an autoresponder among the other features.

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