Are You Marketing with Pinterest?

Pinterest took the social media world by storm. It also unleashed a whole new method of marketing for businesses if they are just willing to take advantage of it. The sheer ease of pinning and sharing makes it an incredible tool for getting the word out. The question is whether you’re taking advantage of this incredible marketing opportunity?

Marketing with Pinterest is easy. All you have to do is set up your site to allow the pins. Then you can let your current customers do a lot of the legwork for you. Here are some of the ways I think you can make sure that your Pinterest advertising succeeds.


Promote Complimentary Brands

Do more than just focus on your own brand. While you can certainly focus on yourself and should to a certain extent, a little bit of selflessness goes a long way. It isn’t expected either. You can do this by support causes such as small business development grants for incorporation Canada and the United States or funding pet shelters. You can also do this by promoting brands that go along well with yours without taking away from your customer base.

Give Away Free Stuff

There’s nothing like the promise of free stuff to bring in the viewers is to offer free things. You do this in a number of ways. You could have a promotional code. You could have a donation page where anyone who supports the charity that you support gets a coupon. You could also have give away forms where you send out T-shirts to your customers. Or if you want to give away something that won’t cost you much, offer free downloadable reports and eBooks. Regardless, you’re going to get noticed, and you’re going to get positive attention from that.

Connect with Your Other Social Media Networks

If you’ve already set up a good base on places like Twitter and Facebook, then don’t let those go just because you’re using Pinterest. Make them work together. You’ll be amazed at how much more traffic you get.

You can also make everything work well together and start working like a well oiled machine when you ensure that the different networks correspond. Be sure to embed pins in your blog posts and tweet your pins. These are small steps but they greatly increase the effectiveness.

Use Multimedia

Do more than just share images on Pinterest. Go the extra mile and share exciting multimedia items. Videos, podcasts, tutorials, demos, and the like will stand out from the majority of the things being pinned. This will make it more likely that your submission will be repined, and that, in turn, is good for your marketing.

Try to do this with things that will benefit your viewers. In other words, look for those things that they would be more likely to value. Multimedia tools that teach them how to do things or solve their problems, for instance, are always sought after. Just make sure that you have places where they can download them to their mobile devices if you want to really get that multimedia resource moving.

5 thoughts on “Are You Marketing with Pinterest?”

  1. Pinterest is truly the latest in the definition of viral. People are going crazy over Pinterest, my own fiancee recently discovered it and pins, re-pins and reads constantly! As a way to generate traffic and build your online presence and brand, Pinterest is the way to go. Wait too long, they will change their algorithms, their rules, and what was once a good thing will be passed for some new shiny object.

  2. One of the main advantage of using Pinterest for business marketing is that Pinterest users are buyers. Unlike other social media sites where users log in to be ‘social’ and – on the whole – don’t like to be ‘sold to’, studies have shown that 1 in 5 Pinterest users pins something they later buy. This is a massive conversion rate for a social media platform, overtaking both Facebook and Twitter!

    1. Very interesting point Marcia and one that definitely makes Pinterest stand out from other media platforms. Thanks for sharing this statistic.

  3. Pinterst is- beside of Facebook definitely the next thing I’ m gonna have an eye on as soon as I have my new blog properly running!

  4. Edgar Williamson

    I don’t use Pinterest but after reading your post it seems like it is very helpful in marketing. I might also consider using it.

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