5 Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Blog

Marketing any new blog is not very easy. You should offer something unique or interesting to get your blog grab users attention. That said, there are a lot of useful and cheap tools available online that can help you to promote your blog online.

Taking up research can help you to understand what your readers want exactly. You need not invest in surveys or formal research to know what is interesting for readers. Referring to social media sites can help you to broadly understand what grabs the attention of the young generation these days. By following them and doing a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis you can understand what your blog should exactly convey to get the desired results. You can use the marketing tips given below after establishing measurable and clear objectives.

1. Taking advantage of simple tools or Incentives

You can know about a unique product design when it starts spreading word of mouth. But this can also happen by making strategic calls to action like rewarding people for sharing the blog post. You can use other ways, but simple methods such as crisply worded call to action, free service and others can go a long way in building rapport with your potential customers.

2. A Blogging Campaign can help spread word

Developing a blog with an editorial calendar can help in more ways than one as you will not run out of things to say and do. You can include themed content regularly in your blog following regular consultations with the bigwigs of your organization. Doing things such as these can help avoid writer’s block and create the environment for fostering creativity and growth.

You can start putting processes in place by writing yourself or hiring professional writers for the task. Having processes in place can help avoid delays and help the project to take shape in the best possible way!

3. Potential of Email Marketing


You can reach a wider audience easily within a short span of time by tapping the potential of email marketing. You can use this tool to create segmented lists to segregate and target customers one by one with varied interests and in different demographics. You can also use cheap platforms such as MailChimp to create on brand templates and call to action buttons.

You can use this tool individually or along with a blogging campaign since you can place the newsletter on your blog also. You can also include videos and eBooks as attachments in emails, so they are all the more useful as a marketing tool. Email marketing can be a powerful and great tool to reach a wider audience when used properly. You can implement other things such as case studies, infographics and others to make a better impact.

4. Spread goodwill and cheer through Giveaways

Giveaways are a potentially useful way to spread customer loyalty and goodwill. But if you know your audience you need not indulge in this method on an extravagant scale. For instance, you can spread the word by giving things such as reusable bags with your blog’s logo. You can use eBooks to spread word about your blog or offer an hour free session of introductory coaching to make readers get hooked to your site. You can get relevant, local sponsors for offering the giveaway or engage people through contests or competition also.

5. Make the Most of Social Media


Last but certainly not least, one cannot undermine the importance of social media in connection with a sound marketing plan. Social media can work as a tool by itself or can ably support any of your other marketing strategies. The best way to use this excellent tool is to read and respond to tweets from potential customers or to invite them to guest post on your blog.

Undoubtedly, social media is one of the best ways to get giveaways and content to your blog and announce about new products to users. You should follow the rules and open accounts at LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You should let your readers know about your new posts soon after you post it online. You can also update your status with latest news and interesting information that attracts the reader’s attention.

Social media involves the creation of a loyal and dynamic community. New online business owners and blog owners can make use of the free tools available online to avoid hefty expenses on marketing. They can start with a simple plan and build a strategy by providing clear cut objectives in the first place!

Working on a blog can be laborious, and you should not do things that will only lead to wastage of time and resources. You can draw attention to your blog in the best possible way by surfing across social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and others. Your readership will start expanding if you take steps such as sharing your posts and engaging in interesting topics. You can start new threads by using effective methods such as message boards and forums. You can tap the usefulness of SEO to take advantage of organic search traffic. This coupled with the usage of right keywords can make your content searchable and easily accessible. This will enable more and more readers to find it and read it!

People have an unquenchable thirst for unique content, and they will not defer to share content that is worthy. You can try to grab the attention of readers by incorporating multimedia into your blog posts by adding videos, pictures etc or creating an infographics. Great visuals along with content can catch the eye of any reader and this along with the use of social media tools will lead to positive results. These tools can enable readers to share your content on their social media platforms too.

Adding content on a regular basis and promoting it is the most important aspect of blogging. You should make it a point to include new content almost every day. Promoting your blog through the aforesaid methods is bound to yield good results. The goal is to have a successful blog that others look forward to visiting and reading. Posting on a regular basis can help to keep it alive and kicking.

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  1. I don’t know who had written this awesome post, really appriciable these kind of information or we can say tips bloggers should never avoid. Thanks a lot for sharing this article author.

    Karan Oberoi

  2. Social Media indeed is very important for promoting blogs. Google + in particular. Nicely covered article , thanks for sharing :)

    1. With the advent of social media it has become much more easy to promote the blogs as well as article. Presenting unique content and fresh content in your blog is very essential to stand out amongst the sea of copy cat blogs as well as stand high in Google SERP rankings. Thanks for sharing.

  3. i think what people really missed out are those simple things and incentives. people think they will really do nothing but thing is they can do alot when come to marketing your blog or site.

  4. It’s an amazing post. I got to know about the ways through which i can promote my blog. It seems that after reading this particular article i would be opting the social media for promoting my blog. Thanks .

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