How To Market Your Business Using Google Plus

Once written off by some as a case of Google trying to jump on the cool and edgy Facebook bandwagon, Google Plus is starting to make a pretty big splash and prove itself as a unique and powerful social media tool.

Here are three strategies you can use on Google Plus to market your business:

Cross-Channel Marketing With Your SEO Content

Cross-Channel Marketing

One of the coolest things that Google Plus does for marketers is offer users personalized search results. When you type in, say, “Plumbing in Sarasota” after having +1’ed the guy who fixed your pipes last week, then that guy is going to get priority over all of the other search results.

It’s not just “Like this and see it pop up when you do a Google search” either. When you share a favorite blog through your Google Plus feed, that blog pops up in the personalized search results of the people who have you in their circles on Google Plus or who have liked your product or service on the site. Using this to promote your SEO content and vice-versa.

Offer Google Plus Users Special Rewards

Offer Special Rewards

Google Plus is a great opportunity to reach out to more people, and one of the easiest ways to reach out is through other users. If you have users on Facebook who aren’t following you on Google Plus, though, they’re not doing you any favors from over there, and they don’t have much reason to follow you on Google Plus if most of your updates are cross posted.

So try this: Post exclusive deals and information on Google Plus, and don’t share it on your other social media feeds.

It’s the same concept as offering newsletter subscribers or blog followers special information and deals. Just apply that same idea to Google Plus.

Use Hangouts to Bring Customers Into the Fold

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts are basically video chat rooms where a dozen or more people can get together and, well, hang out.

Offering exclusive invites to your hangouts to give people the inside scoop is a great way to generate pre-buzz. Letting a handful of particularly influential bloggers and other people be on the inside is simply a fantastic way to get the buzz rolling, and Google Hangouts make that very easy to do.

Google Plus is just another shape that the social media beast has taken. If you’re smart, you’ll learn how to harness it.

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19 thoughts on “How To Market Your Business Using Google Plus”

  1. Interesting Article. I think that it’s a great idea to use rewards for google plus oners. A terrific way to build client relationships.



  2. great advice, am gonna try posting exclusive deals and information on Google Plus, without sharing it on other social media feeds. will come back and tell you how i got on

  3. I am also grateful now that I used Google plus in marketing my business. I think as time passes by Google might be the best social media networking sites and this gonna be trendy ‘coz they really keep their readers and users more comfy. They offer many rewarding tools that users benefited from it. Thanks!

  4. I am glad to see people promote social media sites as an outlet. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and maybe even Google Plus are part of the puzzle of being successful in internet marketing.

  5. Its a comprehensive post on marketing business using google plus.I read only few articles on google plus and google plus is a fantastic plateform to market business.Thanks for putting light on this topic.

  6. Well I dont know about google handouts and it looks quite interesting chat rooms and no doubt if you know how to use google plus then you can do a successful marketing business from it.Thanks for giving information about google plus.

    1. Yes, Google Hangouts is a very nice tool for business marketing that you should try as soon as possible.

  7. Google Plus has a potential of spreading your content and helping you in gaining traffic for your website. More than a social networking site, Google Plus is a information sharing engine.

  8. While Google Plus may be the “thing” now. I am sure it will die out in the near future. It will not have the longevity of sites like Facebook and Twitter.

    1. Maybe, but Google is “a big name” so I don’t think this social network will die out soon.

  9. I’ve watch a video by Google regarding How Google+ can help a marketing business or any site. They say that it will make your site beautiful to look at their search engine, and that alone is a big + for your website.

  10. I have to agree with those hangouts. They can really help you out in building relationships with other people, whether they’re in your niche, or those who you expect to read your content. Google+ is climbing up that social media ladder slowly. Even though we won’t see it beating Facebook in the near future, the fact that people are using it should be a good enough wake-up call for people to use this to connect with others.

  11. Hi Jenny,

    Nice to meet you and I hope I am not mistaking you as an admin. Your article was amazing and I could feel the benefits from Googe + from your article. I wanted to learn more about Google Plus.

  12. Sale of business using social media sites like Google+ is beneficial to get buyers in short period. As user connected with many groups of same interest, It increases the chance to get interested buyer.

  13. Very nice and very well explained. I most like Google hangout feature in Google Plus because of its ability to get together many people for video chatting at once and this is really good way to directly market the business. The second step ‘offer users special rewards’ is truly effective to compel other social media users to follow you on Google plus. Thanks for the useful share.

  14. I haven’t tried using google plus for my business. This one surely is a great guide for me. I’d like to learn more about google +. Thank you very much, Jenni.

  15. Hi Alvin,

    I have a hard time keeping up with all the different social media sites. I have a Google Plus page, but getting the page is about as far as I’ve gotten with it. I like the idea of posting exclusive content on Google Plus to bring over customers that may not follow you there if you cross promote everything. Of course, it can work the other way too.

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