How to Make Your Facebook More Professional just in 4 Steps

Most every college student has a Facebook. If you are one of the few that don’t, I would suggest getting one. There are a lot of benefits to having a Facebook. One of the reasons why it is a good idea is because you can connect with a lot of different people over Facebook including professionals.

Facebook allows you to stay updated on the world and helps you keep up with your networking. If you do want to maintain your Facebook to look professional and not like a college students, here are some tips on how to make it look just right.

1. De-friend people

De-friend peopleDo not be scared to go through and delete old friends that you don’t keep in contact with anymore.

Some college students have thousands and thousands of friends. It is unnecessary to keep this many people as your Facebook friends. I bet if you went through them all, you would not remember how you met half of them. I will be the first to admit that I have quite a few Facebook friends.

I am one of those people who need to delete all of the “friends” that I no longer have connections with. You don’t need to stay friends with that one guy you met at a party 3 years ago and haven’t talked to since.

2. Go through old pictures

These days, employers will sometimes go through a candidate’s Facebook to see what kind of life they live. It is important to make sure your pictures are professional and grown up.

Do not have childish or tacky pictures up for everyone to see. Everyone knows that college students can be crazy sometimes. If you are serious about getting that job or internship, you better go through all of your Facebook pictures and delete the ones that make you look like you cannot be taken seriously.

You really need to be careful about what you post because it may come back to bite you.

3. Update all info

As you are going through your Facebook and making it all look presentable, update all of your current information. You don’t have to put every little detail about your life in like your address or your phone number.

You may want to have your email or where you work just so your employers know a little bit about you and what you are doing in your life right now.

4. Grammar

If you haven’t stopped already, you need to stop using bad grammar on Facebook. Stop posting statuses like “2day was the worst! I worked 4 soooooo long!” ; Your potential boss will look at that and think, “Wow this person sounds like they don’t know how to write.” There is a possibility that this will turn your employer off from hiring you.

Do not post statuses that seem mindless and uneducated. Post things that people are interested in, or even things your employer might be particularly interested in.

3 thoughts on “How to Make Your Facebook More Professional just in 4 Steps”

  1. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    With due respect, I can only half-agree with the author here.
    1. Un-friending people with whom you are not in contact anymore would not help look more professional. The number of friends I have on Facebook is no indicator of my level of professionalism.
    2. Deleting old pictures- like those of you boozing out with friends or playing pranks or scantily clad ones can surely look unbecoming. Point noted!
    3. Updating info is important too!
    4. As far as grammar is concerned, I dont think my could-be boss would judge me from the grammar I use over FB. Everyone knows it is a social networking site and not a class room.
    I am sorry- but that is what I feel. Please do correct me if I am wrong! :)

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