Is Link Bait a Right Punch To Panda and Penguin?

Link Baiting is basically a very fine piece of content in any form placed on your web-page – that is strategically designed so as to attract as many number of links from external sources as possible.

If you are a Matt Cutts’ fan, he has to say that link bait is something interesting enough to grab people’s attention which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Simply put, link bait is a high quality, interest generating piece of content which could magnetize your audience. From the marketers’ point of view, it should be something that could generate more inbound links. In this article we will talk about why Link Bait is more effective, how it could be more beneficial for your marketing purposes.

Link Bait is the right answer to Panda and Penguin. After all, Panda and Penguin are not meant to harm you if you are providing quality to the users and search engines alike.

Why Does Link Bait Rock?

Though there are innumerable reasons, I have given the vital three down here:

  • Increase in Search Rankings: As a result of an awesome content, you are bound to get quality inbound links. And the search engines like that.
  • Loads of Traffic (Manageable): No doubt, higher search rankings will help in in getting traffic. However, the virality of your content will help you in getting much more traffic as it will be publicized by your audience.
  • Increase in New Prospects: In addition to getting loyal customers, you get an increased number of new customers as well, because your content is viral. And only because of the fact that people like to share it, you get more visibility to new audience as well.

What Works In Link Baiting?

So, trying to figure out which Link Baiting technique is actually working for the master marketers around the globe? Here are some of the ways which will exactly help you in the same.


Original Content: It is the bread and butter of your link baiting initiative. It is a great trick to acquire media coverage. If you are a business and have some original data, present it to your audience as if you have made a great discovery. Show true facts and figures that throws light on your authority.

Create Controversy: If you can stir up controversy and provide an expert opinion that is in striking contrast from the common belief, you are the winner. It could be enough to provoke people to link to you and share your belief with their friends and family. Don’t’ be controversial simply for the sake of being one. Provide some substantial evidence to prove your point. Also, don’t go over the top. Controversy should not be meant for back-biting, profanity or abusing. Keep it simple with the aim to get your message through loud and clear.

Current Content: Current affairs could prove to be a great source of link. If you could cover a story for a topic which is currently in trend, and are able to publicize the same to public, chances are that you will get some valuable links as people would be willing to spread the word, and this means more traffic!

Cool Or Funny: The internet and everyone connected to it are obsessed with all the funny stuff which is entertaining at the same time. Amusing videos and pics, humorous sites are popular with a massive amount of audience. People simply love to share such stuff. Don’t overdo the humour part. Just incorporate it with your unique, informative content and see the magic spread like a virus. Viral campaigns would always focus on entertaining the audience first, and then promoting the brand. What actually happens is they succeed in achieving their goals!

Simply Irresistible Title: The first thing in creating engaging content is creating a killer title. Have a “Mission Google” in mind. An attractive title will always be appreciated by Google. Have a title which the users would simply love to click. Also make sure that the content lives up to the title, as not being so won’t help you in achieving success in your link baiting endeavour.

Visuals: Yup!! Visual content is the buzz of the market. Especially when it comes to social media marketing, visuals are the hot favourites. No wonder, it is a wonderful link baiting tactic. The users will feel irritated if they find the content too good, but the content not up to the mark.


I hope this makes clear that link bait is nothing evil. In fact, it is a wonderful way of getting inbound links which solely focuses on quality content. Always ask yourself before preparing content, “Will my audience find it appealing?” Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and figure out what is it that you will like and then start preparing the content. Grab your audiences’ imagination so that they don’t have to go to some other websites to get information.

Having said that, I would like you to contribute by letting us know what are those different link baiting ideas that the audience will be attracted towards.

4 thoughts on “Is Link Bait a Right Punch To Panda and Penguin?”

  1. Nice article, I agree a great title can take any article a long way and probably the most difficult part while creating any article. Very important to get the title right.

    1. Hey Dhiraj
      Thanks for stopping here and for your comment, definitely a Title is the element which makes the reader click on it and read further. I personally prefer Titles which are in “count” format or “question” format. Even this post is in the Question format..with a “?” mark.

  2. In the new year 2013 I think Google has launch a new algorithm called Google Dino (if I am not wrong), but regular update and health link building strategy are still useful to achieve good search ranking.

    1. Nope samir, there’s no Dino update from Google and yes the common strategy post penguin update are helpful if we restrict the spammy ways, whether it be Guest post, Infographic links or Article Syndication. If done keeping user in mind, definitelty results will be positive.

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