6 Ways To Boost Your Sales Through Social Media

Social media’s popularity came quickly and it seems as though it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Thanks to social networking sites, companies now have an easy way to get in touch with their customers and make sure they create good business relationships to keep present customers while attracting new ones.

Small businesses with limited budgets cannot afford to make use of trial and error when looking for the best social networking platform so here are a few tips on how to generate buzz and improve the likelihood of sales through social media:

A business that offers excellent products or services coupled with impeccable customer service will find that they do not have to do all the work in terms of advertising. Satisfied customers are a great source of new business so make sure to highlight the glowing reviews posted on your social media accounts. However, you should also keep negative comments on your page so the reviews do not seem biased. You do want to seem like you are getting people to give you good reviews because you asked for them in exchange for a freebie.

“Most people trust the comments made by another person about a brand or a specific product or service that brand offers, so you want to let your best customers sell your product or service for you. Try to always keep any customer comments that you present on social media platforms raw and unedited because you want people to know that they are real. Also, think about using customer comments on landing pages to help boost social proof.”

Create an open channel of communication for your customers, both for negative and positive comments. Dissatisfied customers can get their issues resolved quickly, increasing your chances of keeping a customer. Showing them that you truly care about their experiences will make them think of your business differently and they will no longer see you as a faceless company that only cares about profit.

“Encourage your customers to communicate with you via social networks about their experience or concerns. This creates an avenue where your customers can get real-time feedback and solutions to problems. It’s also a place where they can celebrate their love for your brand.”

Always let your best customers how much your business values them. Give them some sort of incentive if they successfully get you referrals so their efforts are rewarded. Also, you cement their status as a loyal customer — as long as you keep them happy by providing them with great service, which could really be the easiest way to generate more referrals and sales.

“Customer referrals are very valuable – invest in them. Reward customers with discounts if their friends purchase your products or services. Host a monthly raffle on Facebook for the highest number of customer referrals. However, you want to make sure that you promote the referral rewards experience as a perk, not a bribe.”

It is clear to see that the old-fashioned way of drumming up business is no longer enough to keep a company afloat in today’s modern business world. One has to keep up and get with the digital times to help their company generate leads and ensure that the business will still be up and running in the future.

Twitter-HashtagsEstablish your online presence, not through shameless self-promotion, but by actively participating. This will make people aware that you are contributing to discussions relevant to your industry and hopefully cement your reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

“TweetChats and discussion on #hashtags are a great way to generate referrals and create awareness. Participate on a regular basis and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Remember, you want to passively self-promote when participating in industry discussions on Twitter. Your contributions to the conversation are what really matter. Also, monitor and respond to meaningful #hashtags in your industry. Creating great content, using that content to generate leads and participating in industry discussions on Twitter can help you get more customers.”

If you know how to use a hashtag properly, it is an easy way to keep up with to-the-minute updates. Share a hashtag about something worthy of having one and just search for it on Twitter to see who else is chiming in. It also helps to know what not to do in terms of hashtags. If you really are social media savvy, you will know how to keep a hashtag effective.

“Most networking events will have a hashtag—use it! Tweet out or share memorable moments from the event from speaker quotes to photos from the kick-off party. Run a search on the hashtag on Twitter to see who else at the event is active in the discussion. One time at an Inc. magazine event our team was able to drive a prospect to our booth because we responded to a Tweet she had sent out about the challenges of being a small business.”

If you look at RingCentral’s Facebook page, you will instantly see a contest they are running. They are asking their fans to caption an amusing photo and the winner gets a RingCentral t-shirt. This is an example of a more light-hearted contest which encourages their fans to be creative while entertaining them in the process. Contests with larger prizes are also great ways to engage customers since they know they have something valuable to gain.

“You can use customer contests to drive more referrals and testimonials. Make sure that you always connect the contest with your brand’s message and your company’s key objectives. Make sure that the prizes you give away are relevant to the products and services that your business offers.”

It is clear to see that the old-fashioned way of drumming up business is no longer enough to keep a company afloat in today’s modern business world. One has to keep up and get with the digital times to help their company generate leads and ensure that the business will still be up and running in the future.

21 thoughts on “6 Ways To Boost Your Sales Through Social Media”

  1. If we have a huge number of followers on social media sites then we can surely sell any product on social media sites ,hence , if we want to sell a product then we must first establish our presence and build a network…this is what i feel .Thanks for sharing the information .


    1. Dear Pramod
      its true that your presence on social media is so much required to generate business and get highlighted but this alone cant help you out to be on top or get ranking …apart from this it is very important for us to provide the quality content and informative write up to our audience so that people get attracted to read our post and information which we passing through the media or social networking channel.


  2. I have not much intention about social media, but after reading your article i realize that is most important than others, thanks so much and going to implement this.
    Thanks Admin

  3. Some great ideas. hashtags from conferences I had not thought of. But competitions are a great way to get things to go a bit viral. I do not really have a money earning business, just a blog, so dont really have the capital to invest in this idea. But someday I will try it. But other customers positive comments, like reviews on Amazon are really a great way to ensure other customers know you have the goods for sure!

  4. From my experience, Contests with larger prizes are the most effective way, but you need a way(e.g. enough real fans or customer in your social network group) to spread your contests.
    And, if possible, the contest could be 1 time/month or 1 time/week, something like this regularly provided.. this is good for the comeback customers and attracting more new customers.

  5. Kravu pārvadājumi

    Hi, thanks for tips, but I don’t think that contests with larger prizes are the most effective way, sometimes followers just act because they like the type of contest!

  6. We have a huge number of followers on social media sites then we can definitely sell any product on social media sites, therefore, if we desire to sell a product then we should first establish our presence and build a network. Thanks for sharing the information.

    1. Hi David ..

      Not only social media presence is required but the quality content and post are very much required to get highlighted.
      internet marketing is not limited to have a presence on social media only it has a vast concept.

  7. i think that was the best idea the more followers on social media sites the more it will stay competitive in business terms in selling any products

  8. thanks to share yes social media is one of the best way to increase the sales if you remain active and have good numbers of fans/followers.

  9. Yup I think every business no matter offline or online should have a social media page where it can interact with customers . It really values a lot and gives the business a more head start .

  10. nice article social media site is always helpful for marketing and increase traffic and whey you get high quality traffic its also increase sales and income. facebook,twitter,google plus one and pinterest is most famous social media sites. thanks for sharing.

  11. All the tips that das are really interesting, even if they cannot be completed in its entirety, only implement some already work greatly improves.

  12. i have not good information about social media website..after read this topic my my information increased..all tips are good and interesting.thanks to share

  13. Social Media is a great source to boost your business if one knows the tactics. Well thanks for sharing such effective ways…

  14. One of the important factor is that your circle should be relevant. If your social circle is limited to your friends and family members, it will not be fruitful. Thanks for sharing informative article.


  15. Good article! I agree that was the best information shearing on social media site. This is very important way of marketing point view.

  16. Social Media ?? Sales Purpose ?? Never Knew It. I knew About The Brand Recognition Part of Social Media . Glad I went Through Your article. It was Very Informative and Gave me an Idea of Seeing Social Media in a Sales Perspective. Thank You . This Would Be Helpful For My Business

  17. hmmm…. information is very useful , i was not used to of following social media tricks but now understood the value of having its presence to get the maximum exposure for your business and website and can not deny the fact that its very important to have a strong presence on social media if you want t get highlighted and want maximum people to follow your business.
    in fact this is also the way to be on google first page….by being active on social media you can increase the rank of your website on Google.

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