What Does the Ignore Option on Google+ Mean for Marketers?

Google’s new social network Google+ continues to roll along, slowly but surely releasing new features to give users more control of their social networking experience.

A perfect example of that can be seen in the recent launch of the Ignore Option. This new feature has implications that will impact users as well as professionals who have got an early jump on using the Google+ platform as a marketing tool.

How the Ignore Option Works

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, the new Google+ Ignore Option is a feature that allows users to ignore their friends, or whatever title they have decided to give the groups in their circles. Though similar in a way, it is important to note that the Ignore and block function are not one in the same.

When enabling the block feature, the user is pretty much cutting all ties with the person they have decided to block. This means the blocked user will no longer be able to comment on their content, can no longer see their content, and will be removed from both their circles and extended circles.

Similar to the “Hide All Posts” function on Facebook that allows users to eliminate annoying users from their newsfeed, the Ignore Option is more like a feature designed to allow the user to sort of distance themselves from annoying friends, rather than avoid them altogether.

When enabled, this option keeps a user’s post from showing up in another user’s stream, stops all incoming alerts regarding their activities, and prevents their name and profile from showing up on the user’s Circles page. As you can see, it pretty much shuts the annoying user out of the ignoring user’s life on Google+, even though they technically still a part of their circle.

Eluding the Ignore Option

the Ignore Option on Google+What does the Google+ Option mean if you’re a marketer? That you’re one step from losing contact with a potential customer or client. This definitely is not how you want to start out your run on what could soon become one of the biggest platforms in the social space. Here are some pointers for staying on the good side of your Google+ connections:

Stay Focused – Circles is one of the most unique components of Google+ as it allows you to segment your contacts into different groups. When communicating with those groups, make sure the content you share is appropriate and more importantly, relevant.

Don’t Sell – Trying to use Google+ as a sales channel is the quickest way to get someone to ignore you. It is also a fast way to have your account terminated so don’t do it.

Be Useful – Following the first two tips will likely keep you from being ignored. Sharing useful content with the people in your circles is a surefire way to stay on their good side.

Again, being ignored by a user on Google+ doesn’t mean they are breaking ties with you entirely. However, seeing that it essentially makes your profile and activities invisible to them, they might as well be.

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  1. Once again, this is an indication and a demand from all users for unique and helpful content! I think that if you use your account to share posts, blogs, videos, content etc, that you actually believe that will add value to the reader then no one will use the ignore button on you!

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