How to Rank On Google in Just 24 Hours

As a blogger we all know how it feels when our blog is ranked on the first page of Google search result.

Yes! It brings a lot of smile on our faces. Isn’t it? So how do you rank on Google search engine within 24 hours?

Well! To many of you it might sound impossible but you can do it.

Before I tell how you can rank in just 24 hours even if you are a new blogger, let me clear one simple fact here.

Ranking in 24 hours does not mean that your blog will appear on the first page of search result. However it means that you can find your blog on page number 10 or 12, something like that. Perhaps you can call indexing in just 24 hours rather than ranking.

Therefore to rank on the first page of the Google, first you have to index then after few weeks you will be able to rank on the first page. So let us see what I did to index in just 24 hours!

WordPress and Plug-ins

SEO for WordPressHere I want to confess something. WordPress is one of the best blogging platform that I have come across. Hence I expect you to choose WordPress as your blogging platform. This will be your first step.

Now you have to add various plug-ins that come along with the WordPress platform. Some of them are SEO for WordPress a plug-in from Yoast, Facebook share button and TweetMeme from Twitter. If you activate all these plug-ins then Google search engine will notice your blog easily.

Basic SEO Tweaks

Although every point here is actually related to SEO however let me tell some basic SEO tweaks that you have to apply in your blog.

Create a title of your blog post which is pertaining to your blog’s topic. As a recommendation your title must be of 70 to 80 characters.

Next is description, here you briefly summarize about the blog post. Always try to include some primary keywords in your description.

Remember these two things are very essential for SEO.

There is another plug-in that comes with WordPress and that is sitemap. Make use of it and check for all four search engines option.

Google Tools

Google ToolsTake A Break!

Google tools will not directly affect indexing of your blog on Google but they can help to analyze and diagnose it.

There are two famous tools from Google.

First one is Google Analytics. It can be used to analyze traffic coming to your blog. You can exactly figure out the source of traffic. It can be from Search engine, social media or direct traffic. You will get all the information so that you can know your visitors.

Second one is Google webmasters tools. Webmaster will diagnose your entire website and inform you if anything is wrong. Like dead links, crawling of web pages etc.


BookmarkingNow back to business!

Bookmarking is absolutely essential if you want to rank on Google in just 24 hours. So Bookmark your blog to major websites like delicious, Reditt etc.

As a matter of fact Google search engine bot will always crawl bookmarks present on these website. Hence it is important that the search bot must find your blog also which is bookmarked there.

Bookmark the URL of your main page and then subsequently you can ping the new blog posts.

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Twitter is a great social media tool that can be put in use very effectively.

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform and search engine bot never forgets to crawl tweets that are related to a particular topic.

Hence after writing a blog post tweet the URL of that post with one line in description. Then remember to include 2- 3 hashtags related to your blog’s topic with every tweet.


Finally in concluding I would say you can rank your blog on Google in just 24 hours. However you have to do things that I did.

  • Firstly I recommend choosing the WordPress as your blogging platform. Activate all the necessary plug-ins that comes with the WordPress.
  • Create proper title and description tags because these are things that a search engine will notice.
  • To analyze and diagnose your blog use Google analytics and Google webmasters respectively.
  • Now you have to bookmark your blog and tweet the main page URL on Twitter.

If you implement these points then you can surely rank on Google within 24 hours.

9 thoughts on “How to Rank On Google in Just 24 Hours”

  1. I never really had any problems getting a new site indexed, especially with wordpress. It’s usually already indexed, before I have even put any content on it. Just when I bought the domain, installed wordpress and uploaded a theme.
    Just in case, a few links from frequently crawled sites will do. As anchor text is not really important at that stage, a few comments with your name linked to your site will do…

  2. Thanks for the useful information. I didn’t realize how essential bookmarking is. This is something I will begin to focus on in the future.



  3. Social bookmarking does seem to be gaining a great deal of steam. WordPress /webmaster tools setup is a great combination to get indexed in 24 hours.

  4. Ranking high on Google is really a great challenge.

    You can rank in Google however to maintain the top position is always difficult.

    Hence bloggers should take SEO seriously even if they are good at writing.

  5. It is difficult to rank on Google top most blogs in 24 hours .But if you want the blog at the top then you create proper title, description tags because these are the things that will notice a search engine fast,use Google analytic, and Google webmaster. That will be points you can sure rank on Google within 24 hours.

  6. If you are pinging the blog regularly after publishing the post, then its even possible to index on Google in few hours. And for getting good rank on Google you need to do proper on page SEO and link building.

  7. The only weakness of Google Analytics (GA) is that GA does not provide IP address from where the traffic source come, so I make some kind of logbook on my site that detect the IP, user agent and its referrer, and combine it together with GA. It’s really powerful to detect such a visitor behavior.

  8. Jeff the Entrepreneur

    Essentially, when you want your site to be indexed by google, you need a back link from a site that is already indexed in the google search engine.

    A site from twitter, facebook, bookmarking sites are great. Submitting a sitemap to google webmaster is also a good practice.

    And of course, wordpress is a great platform. It has a built in ping capability to ping services including major search engine like yahoo and google. Nice article.

  9. I have a professional website using wordpress and a hobby blog through blogger. The blogger blog gets a lot of traffic and ranks very well although the only SEO I do is include the link in my signature in forums for that hobby. However, I write a lot of content and I have about four years of content. My wordpress site is just months old with far less content. I’ve been doing quite a bit of SEO work. I don’t have close to the traffic of my blogger blog yet but I can definitely tell it is building steam quickly and far quicker than using blogger.

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