Guidelines for Successful Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of promoting products and services. It is not only convenient, but also relatively inexpensive. Here are some tips which will enhance your chances of success in email marketing.

1. Make subscription easy

email-subscription-boxHave a sign up form on your blog, site, social media profiles and other places where your target audience is likely to be found. Don’t ask for too many details; the name and email address is usually sufficient. A long form with many fields will only put off potential subscribers.

2. Let subscribers know what they are signing up for

It is very vital to inform your subscribers from the onset what they should expect and at what frequency. Whether you intend to send weekly newsletters, monthly industry updates or daily special offers, you need to have this information on your signup form. This will help your readers choose whether to subscribe or not.

3. Send a welcome email

When someone signs up, take time to send them an official welcome email. Remind them of how they will benefit by being on your list. If possible, send them a free giveaway as an appreciation for their loyalty.

4. Match your marketing campaign with your brand

Your email marketing campaign needs to complement your brand in every way. Make sure your official logo and colors appear in the email’s header. This will make your emails more recognizable to your subscribers, thus enhancing loyalty.

5. Make your content scannable

Your emails should be written in a way that enables readers to scan through at a glance. You can make the content easier to read by breaking it up using sub-headings, images and brief paragraphs. It would also be advisable to have a short summary the top of your email explaining what it is all about. In case the email is lengthy, you could add a ‘read more’ link at the end of the summary. Finally, make sure your subject line is intriguing enough to compel subscribers to want to read the rest of the content.

6. Send relevant content

Most email newsletter services allow you to divide your subscribers into various segments and groups. For instance, you might want to group your subscribers according to their zip code. If you are having a special offer, you might find it necessary to send your campaign to people in specific geographical locations and not others. Subscribers could also be segmented based on their age, interests or gender. Sending content which is relevant will capture the attention of your subscribers and enhance their loyalty.

7. Have a publishing schedule

Publishing a regular newsletter takes a lot of time and effort. If subscribers go for weeks without receiving any communication from you, they might start losing interest and even opt out of your list. Therefore, you need to have a schedule for writing and sending your emails on a regular basis.

8. Edit

Editing is a very vital element of your email marketing campaign. Sending out newsletters with careless mistakes leaves subscribers with a poor impression of your business. Therefore, before clicking on the send button, take time to check your email for spelling and grammatical errors. In addition, make sure that the content generally makes sense.

9. Test

Emails display differently on different devices and email services. It is therefore important to test your emails to see how they will appear on the screens of computers, as well as mobile devices. In addition, testing will show you if your email is likely to end up in the spam folder. This will enable you to correct any problems before sending it to subscribers.

10. Understand spam rules

Many people send spam email out of sheer ignorance. To avoid getting caught up in this, you need to get familiar with the CAN-SPAM act. Generally, you only have permission to send bulk email to recipients who have willingly joined your mailing list. Anything else is considered as spam. However, make sure all your emails are accompanied with an unsubscribe link.

11. Make your content shareable

If your content is very interesting and helpful, readers might want to share it with others in their networks. It would therefore be advisable to have Facebook, Twitter and Google+ share buttons on your email. As your posts become popular, more people might be compelled to sign up for your mailing list.

12. Monitor your statistics

Many email services out there provide free reports containing useful statistics. Take time to study this data to find out how you can make your campaign more effective. For instance, if the level of subscription is very low, you could find ways of making the offer more appealing.

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  1. really like all the tips which you given me in this list. I am a beginner in the internet marketing field and learn some good points from your article.

    1. Hey Himanshu.

      Glad you found the post helpful. All the best in your internet marketing endeavors.

  2. Hello Dear

    i think email marketing is very unique and new way really and this is amazing guidelines really i will follow your all points so thanks for sharing me

  3. Hi Charles,
    I think the best way to success email marketing is by not monetizing it too often. Mailing lists is a great source for our income but people just don’t like to get spam by sales offers. So make sure we are not one of those spammers

    1. Very true Okto…..too many direct sales messages will only put your subscribers off. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Debopam Banerjee

    Nice and informative post with valuable tips…. E-mail marketing is a powerful and emerging tool in marketing success…… Thank you for the share…..

  5. Great tips.I’m glad that you mentioned testing because a lot of people overlook it.I’ve met a few successful email marketers and all of them owe their success to a/b testing.It helps them to find out what works and what doesn’t/

    1. Indeed, continual testing is absolutely essential for successful email marketing. Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Thanks for sharing such kind of information with us.Right time,interested data of customers and attractive promotional offers are important things of email marketing.

  7. To be honest , i follow many of them and keep the interaction with people via email at the highest priority ..I never ignore any person’s query .I found some new and interesting suggestions through this post ..Hence , i got to learn something new today .
    Thanks .The credit goes to this post


  8. These are some great tips, I’ve run into problems w/ a few of these points, so I can add my own voice of warning that it’s important to get these things right! I was wondering if you have a favorite mail service (ie: Mailchimp, etc…) that you like to use to put together email campaigns. I’ve used mailchimp extensively in the past, but I’m wondering if there’s anything else out there.

  9. Sending a welcome message is something that satisfied the subscriber that he/she subscribed in a legitimate place.

  10. Debopam Banerjee

    Definitely very helpful and valuable tips for every blogger….. email marketing is an essential step in internet marketing and this post shares a lot of important suggestions to be successful…….. Thanks for the share…….

  11. Excellent points, particularly where you mentioned paying attention to analytics. You have to benchmark everything you do online, so you can see if you are improving. I’m a bit new to email marketing, but a few good tips I’ve found is that before you launch your own campaign you should sign up to other popular newsletters in your niche to get a feel for what other people are doing.

    Great tips! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Siddhartha Sinha

    All the facts are mentioned in this beautiful blog post and how one could become successful email marketer. All the steps are required to be followed in a nice manner and you will get the results.

    Siddhartha Sinha

  13. I would also like to add one more i.e. Placement of Subscription Box.Placement of the Subscription Box is very important and can have a major impact on number of people subscribing.
    I agree with rest of the tips.They are perfect.

  14. I think tip #2 “Let subscribers know what they are signing up for” is extremely important. Clearly state what they will going to get if they provide their email and set the tone on the very first welcoming message. So that they will know what to expect from you in time to come. This will prevent them for clicking on the “spam” button.

  15. Nice article! Would you recommend always sending mail through a third party such as mailchimp or dotMailer? we’ve always been worried about our internal mail servers getting flagged as spam senders from sending too many mails so we tend to relay most of our messages through other providers, except for our software registration emails.

  16. From my point of view to build , execute, and maintain effective email marketing campaigns, you must pay close attention to your audience, the message, and avoid the common trap of simply blasting out self-promotional messages. This only leads to recipients hitting the delete button more than opening your message.

  17. E-mail Marketing campaigns are essential elements of any marketing strategy. They communicate and build relationships with prospects, gather important data, and help boost marketing ROI. As important as these campaigns are for marketers

  18. Is it legal if I use various email lists that are accessible over the web and use them to spam people with my content?

  19. hey admin
    first of all thanks for the post.i really needed these tips for a long time?but i want ask a query,whether it is alright to ask readers to subscribe their blog in the last of the post or it sounds cheap?second,does designing helps in attracting more and more subscribers?

  20. Thanks for the tips. I use Print, view in pdf and such other options to the readers so they can easily access to my content in a format they want plus below every post i mention if they want to join me they can join me through every social network.

  21. Samuels Chadwick

    Tried and tested they are the best guide lines but one more things that I would want to add here is that most of the emails we shoot land in the spam box of the users email box, so try to choose a subject of the email which should be more natural rather than a pre-made email template which most of us use.

  22. Iam a beginer in internet marketing.Ths article will be more informative for me.Thanku for posting ths..

  23. Nice article! Would you advocate invariably causing mail through a 3rd party like mailchimp or dotMailer

  24. E-mail promoting campaigns ar essential components of any promoting strategy. they impart and build relationships with prospects, gather vital knowledge

  25. Nice ways to increase the Email Subscription list. By the way, you can give free books and host giveaways to make the readers come back.

  26. Do email marketing campaigns still work in the current social media environment? I know I receive a few emails from product/business-based lists but most of them go right in the trash. I would much rather subscribe to a business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS, etc. and get bite-sized information than a bunch of emails I don’t read. Now ten years ago, sure, I would have been more likely to read those emails, but it isn’t 2003.

  27. Hello Charles,
    Thanks for this detailed article on email marketing, I recently started blogging and trying to get some subscriber so once I got them I’ll need this tips to send good emails to them.

  28. Thanks for the guidelines. i take advantage of Print, read in pdf and such alternative choices to the readers in order that they will simply access to my content

  29. The most difficult part on email marketing is to get the quality list of email. What i often do is, provide freebies or report based on niche for free. Offer them on forum or social media.

  30. What great and informative advice. we send out e-flyers on a regular basis and although we do some of things you mention there is so much room for improvement going forward. Thank you for sharing.

  31. Yes all of the points are very useful. But I think making the subscription easy and shorter will make it easy for the subscribers to subscribe easily because too many steps makes the user and the reader frustrated and he just sign off. Thank you for your nice sharing.

  32. Hello Charles,
    Thanks for this in depth article on email marketing, I recently started blogging and trying to obtain various subscriber therefore once I got them I’ll require this guidelines to send good quality emails to them.

  33. Great breakdown on operating a successful email campaign. Personally, email campaigns are most effective when I can finally get to chat with the customer one on one via email. I try to avoid the auto-response if possible because I hate to receive automated responses myself.

  34. This Was Very Useful and Awesome Guidelines Successful Email Marketing It’s My First Visit Your Blog I like It, Keep up The Good Work,
    Have a Nice Day Ahead,

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