3 Google Adwords Tools You Should be Using

When run efficiently, Google AdWords can be an excellent addition to your overall online marketing campaign. Google has made a lot of improvements lately to make it as easy as possible for users to create and effectively manage their own paid search campaigns to drive traffic to their website.

While Adwords might seem pretty straightforward, there are a lot of tips and tools you might not know about that can help your campaign perform better than you ever thought it could.

If you’re a beginner in Adwords, here are a few simple tips you can implement in your campaign to make the most of your marketing dollars:

Ad Group Ideas (Beta)

Ad Group Ideas

One of the keys to having a successful Adwords campaign is to create tightly-themed ad groups. This will allow you to create targeted ads for the most effective audience.

Ad Group Ideas (Beta) is a new tool that Google Adwords recently made available through their keyword tool that you can access by going to the Tools and Analysis tab —> Keyword Tool, and then clicking on the “Ad group ideas (Beta)” tab next to the “Keyword ideas” tab.

Even though this tool is in beta, it can give you great ideas for how to structure your ad groups properly. The suggested ad groups might not be exactly relevant to the products or services you will be advertising, but it can at least give you a good starting point with ideas you might not have thought of yourself.

Negative Keywords

Just like it’s important to incorporate match types into your ad groups and campaigns, it’s also important to include negative keywords to prevent your campaign from spending unnecessary funds on unrelated clicks.

If you’re not familiar with what negative keywords are, here’s a simple explanation.  Any keyword included on your “negative keyword” list will be excluded from the entire selection of keywords that your ad shows for.

For example, let’s say you had an ad group that was advertising online marketing. Without setting up negative keywords, your ad could show for someone searching for online marketing services as well as online marketing jobs.

If you already have an existing Adwords campaign, a good place to start looking for negative keywords is to first look at your search terms report by going to the Keywords tab —> See search terms —> All.  Looking through the search term report will show you all the keywords people used to reach your site through your paid advertisements.

You will most likely have several unrelated keywords in that list if you haven’t set up negative keywords yet, giving you a lot of great ideas to start with.

You can add negative keywords by scrolling to the bottom of the “Keywords” tab page, and clicking on the “Negative keywords” extension. There you’ll be able to add negative keywords either on the ad group level or the campaign level.

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are another relatively new feature that has been introduced to Adwords recently. Ad extensions have proven to be very effective in increasing click-through-rates because they increase ad visibility and relativity.

The best part about ad extensions is that they are available with no extra charge per click. Google Adwords offers several different versions of ad extensions, including extensions for location information, contact information, site links, product links, social media, and mobile apps.

Not every ad extension will be right for your particular campaign, but you can probably find at least one or two that will help to dramatically improve your click-through-rates.

One of the simplest extensions you can start experimenting with is the site link extension. With this extension, you can provide up to 10 site links that will appear in blue text directly beneath your ad (if it shows in one of the top three positions).

If you want an example of what the site link extension looks like before creating one, you can just Google a major retailer like “Home Depot” or “Sears.” You’ll see that underneath their top PPC, several text links appear directly beneath their traditional ad.

The site links extension is a great tool because it gives you lots of extra text space to compel searchers to click on your ad.

If you’re familiar with Adwords, you know that ad space is normally quite limited. You can use this extra text space to advertise promotions, products, etc, and direct searchers to specific pages on your site through those links.

23 thoughts on “3 Google Adwords Tools You Should be Using”

  1. I have never heard of these tools. I only use Adword to research keywords :( What a shame for me. Thank you for this great post

  2. Anton Koekemoer

    The new Ad group ideas from Google’s Keyword tool is great at grouping idea’s together and have simplified the whole process of keyword research for me. Though this is still in Beta phase – it’s already useful and you can hear a lot of webmasters complimenting Google on their improvement. The improvements made in Google’s AdSense user interface have been absolutely welcomed by most of the SEO and webmaster community. One would be missing out if you haven’t tried and tested the new features yet.

  3. I love that ad extensions improvement. Adwords is something I’ve always considered using whenever they send out that free $100 in advertising promo. I’ve just never done so because of their need for a credit card and my absent mindedness in canceling things like that before they charge my card. I think that’s how that promo works. Maybe it’ll now be worth a try, even if I do forget to cancel : )

    1. Brian,

      Yes, unfortunately that’s the way the promos work. One thing you could try, however, is setting daily budget caps for your campaign and then setting up reminders on your email calendars to cancel before your campaign goes over your $100 limit. It could at least give you an idea of how a long-lasting campaign could perform if you chose to continue. Good luck! :)

  4. Thanks for this. I have started to see how beneficial the “ad groups” tool can be but I have yet to experiment with the “ad extensions”, but i definately will when I come to setup with Christmas’ PPC campaigns. Thanks for the heads up on this aspect. There is always more to learn than there are hours in the day!

  5. I have previously used adword keyword tool but I never understood it but seems like it has got some news features so I should try it again maybe I will succeed this time, thanks for this great tutorialistic detail.

  6. I really liked Google’s these recent improvements. These are really amazing. I will definitely try to use these. In fact i didn’t know about these, thanks for informing these awesome tools.

  7. Thanks for the great comments, everyone. I’m glad you found the post useful. These tools have certainly saved me a lot of needless spending on my campaigns – hopefully you’ll find that they do the same for you. :)

  8. Thank you for not only sharing some great tools, but explaining their functionality to us. Overall I can definitely see how they would help you tremendously. Great article and great information as well thanks.

  9. I’m not familiar with these keyword tools. Nice info which will be prove so useful for all blogger and online marketers. That kind of ideas also make very good and nice way for the success of our business.

  10. So does this mean you don’t need to have an active campaign and spend money to “mine for new keyword ideas” ? It would help those who don’t have a big budget to start investing in Adwords to promote their little shop/business or whatever. Thanks for the hint !

  11. The ideas you’ve shared here are fantastic and no doubt so great and it may really improve the variety of individuals visiting your website.

  12. Wow great information here. I’ve been using Google adwords keyword tool all these while but recently adopted the ad group feature and found it really useful for finding related keywords. I also use the contextual targeting tool to double check the CPC data I got from GKT. I’ve heard from some other bloggers that the CPC data in the contextual tool is much more accurate than the estimates in the keyword tool.

    Will be trying the negative keywords method and ad extension feature as suggested next time :)

  13. Google Adsense tools are really very useful in the field of SEO .your ideas are really very refreshing to read.thanks for sharing

  14. Google Adwords is good but primarily for new sites, conversion rates are low so unless until you are selling something where even the few sales can get your cost recovered, i don’t think its recommended. As far keyword tool is concerned, it’s a very good tool for keyword research and i think every blogger should use it along with Google Trends.

  15. These are really amazing. . Google adword is the best tool i am using. Will try the other one too. I will definitely try to use these. Thanks for sharing this post.

  16. Great share , really an informative and interesting article to read , Google Adsense are an awesome tool to use and you have given us very useful information about , thanks for sharing

  17. Based on my research, i think google adsword is not really accurate.. this is because, they need to hide their data from public.. if not, public we will know how to read google behaviour.. just my 2 cents.. Use paid tool keywords is better i think..

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