6 Surefire Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

If you are trying to increase the number of followers for your Twitter account, you have a tough road ahead of you. To beginners it can seem pretty easy to get Twitter followers; they simply have to follow other people and they will follow them in return. “Monkey see, monkey do,” right? Wrong.

The thing is not everyone is willing to just follow you. You have to offer them much more appeal than just a friendly incentive. Therefore, you have a lot of work cut out for you in order to get Twitter followers. Here is a list of things you must do to get more followers on Twitter:

Show Your Identity on Twitter

Show Your IdentityIn order to get Twitter followers, you first need to come out of the closet. Remember that twitter followers are people – and not robots – so they’ll want to get to know you.

If they have trouble figuring out who they are about to follow then they probably won’t trust you enough to follow you. It’s all about trust. So put up an avatar of your real face, a bio, address, interests, and other personal information. Don’t worry, the information doesn’t have to include banking numbers, but at least try to let them know who you are.

Always Reply

Whenever you are on Twitter you will always find other people conversing by replying to messages or “tweets.” These people also take part in and Trends. Don’t ignore this because it is a good opportunity to get Twitter followers.

Making conversations with other people can lead to relationships, which can lead to follows. There are also Trends on twitter where a majority of people tweet to each other about a specific thing. This can provide an endless supply of followers. Just take part in the conversing and you should score more followers.

Link Your Twitter Account to Other Social Accounts

Link Your Twitter Account to Other Social AccountsNot everyone is into Twitter, so not everyone will be able to follow you through the service. However, twitter can expand its reach by sharing information with other social networks like Facebook, Google+, Yahoo, MSN, and more. And that Twitter information includes roughly everything from tweets to followers.

So if you have accounts with any of these other networks and friends to go with them, simply connect your Twitter to those networks and spread the word of Twitter to your friends. If not, I suggest you start an account on those networks and make friends now.

Provide Interesting Stories on Your Twitter

No one is honestly going to follow you on Twitter unless you have something important or interesting to contribute. If you strictly tweet about useless things like what you had for breakfast or how long it took you to get to work, don’t be surprised if you hear a cricket in the background.

Share what’s interesting like a TV show, the news, a link from other followers or even your own content. Twitter is the best way to send out content online and/or build traffic to that content. So if you are a content provider (blogger, writer, artist, etc) then share your content through Twitter. Note that your content must also be interesting or useful in order to get Twitter followers.

Use A Niche For Your Twitter

Some may think it’s wise to provide a wide variety of content in order to rope in more Twitter followers. However, this could easily backfire because people usually prefer sources with specific content or a “niche.”

Your Twitter can also be used this way and it can work wonders for you if you want to get Twitter followers. By providing a niche, you appear to be an expert in the field, and people love experts. They will count on you to provide more of that specific content and you can win them over, making them your followers. It’s that simple!

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  1. I also recommend using # hash tags. Hash tags allow people with common interest to find each other and discuss what that interest is.

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