How the New Subscribe Button Gives Facebook the Edge

Facebook is the undisputed king of the social networking world. However they do have to work hard to maintain their position. The new subscribe button is just another great feature offered by the powers that be, helping them secure the top spot for the foreseeable future.

New Releases:

New Subscribe Button Facebook

This new button was launched in late 2011, and enables users to follow public updates. The subscribe option allows users to connect with others broadcasting information online. The subscribe button is one of a selection of new upgrades on Facebook that includes news feed features (you can modify the settings) and improved privacy functions.

  • Although these new features are welcomed by many they do add an additional layer of complexity to Facebook that can overwhelm the casual user.
  • The growing sophistication of Facebook is impressive but with each new feature users are finding it more and more difficult to understand which options are best for them.
  • Many people are put off by the complicated user-interface and are finding it takes them a lot longer to carry out simple administration tasks on their pages.
  • Some individuals have grown tired of the amount of time they have to put into Facebook, and have left the site for less complex social networking options such as Twitter and Google +.
  • You do need to explore things a little more deeply these days to work out which features to take or leave when you are using Facebook.

The Subscribe Button:

To help you understand the new subscribe button, here is a basic overview of how the button works and for whom it might be useful:

  • Many celebrities and big brands operate major Facebook fan pages. The new button creates a way for you to get quick updates from your favourite users or pages.
  • It also allows you to automatically upgrade anyone who has ‘liked’ your page to become a profile update subscriber.
  • These new profile pages will be much easier to update and will offer brand-focused marketing. You will also receive direct mailing capability which means you can contact both subscribers and ‘likers’ with a quick click.
  • A powerful and efficient way to send out updates and generate a buzz for your Facebook page.
  • The subscribe button is a useful tool for those in the world of the arts and the media.
  • With the subscribe button you can create a profile with opt-in subscriptions. This will allow people to choose to receive your updates and notifications.
  • Another option available with this update is the ability to contact people even if you unfriend them. They will still continue to receive your public updates. This is ideal if you want to accept friend requests from as many interested people as possible without then keeping them as friends on your pages.
  • All you need to do is accept the request and unfriend them and the public updates will still go out.
  • With the subscribe updates you can amend the privacy. This means all your subscribers will be able to see updates that are marked as ‘public’. Privately marketed updates will only go out to your ‘friends’.
  • Subscribe is useful for pupils and teachers. This can be a difficult relationship to manage on social networking sites.
  • With subscribe, teachers will be able to allow pupils to follow public updates about classes and learning without friending them.
  • This means they can keep their personal Facebook pages private and maintain a professional relationship with pupils without excluding them from important updates.

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