Top Five Facebook Advertising Tips for Marketers

Advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to promote your business, website or any other product. However, advertising on Facebook can get extremely expensive if you do not know how to monitor, track or analyzer data.

In order to stop making expensive mistakes and be able to market your ads properly on Facebook you must follow some guidelines.

Listed below are some tips and tricks everyone can use to enhance and improve their Facebook marketing campaigns:

Test and split test ads

Facebook advertisingOne of the most important elements of running a successful Facebook campaign is to split test various ads to see which one performs better. Even the most successful ad after a while gets old and must be split tested again to see if it could be further optimized and enhanced.

Split testing various ads would provide a great deal of information about what people responded to.

For example, two ads promoting the same thing can have different results. Where readers respond to one ad constantly and do not respond to the other at all will depend on many factors such as;

  • Copy of Advert – What is there within your ad to entice the user to act? Do you ask them to “click here” , do you have a poll running? Researchers have found that asking the user to act is the best way to get results. Definitely have a call of action within your ad.
  • Images within your ads – keep on testing different images to see which one appeals to your users more often. You may find that one image with a smiling girl gets more results than another image of the same girl in a different pose.

Use Facebook sponsored stories

Sponsored stories within Facebook are a great way to boost your traffic, when you keep your traffic within the Facebook engine, Facebook themselves loves it.

Sponsored ads within Facebook are built off of recommendations that are shown to friends with a specific endorsement. You can even target friend by friend by having the capability of selecting which friend sees the ad.

CPM action optimized

CPM Action OptimizedOne of the new features of Facebook is CPM Action Optimized. CPM means cost per thousand impressions.  This type of advertising allows you to specify how much you want to spend for 1000 impressions or views per reader.

You have to be careful with CPM because you have no control over how much you spend per click. This kind of strategy only appears if your website or landing page has a Facebook fan page or Facebook application (or you’re going to have the custom facebook app build); it is definitely not for everyone especially not for a beginner.

Facebook local targeting

This is a great demographic tool within Facebook. It introduces the ability to target a specific type of audience for your services or products.

For example, if your marketing ringtones your main audience is within the age group of 14 to 24. By utilizing local target marketing within Facebook you can market to that specific group of audience on a daily basis.

Hyper target by profession

Many users within Facebook list their profession such as coaches, firemen, teachers, contractors and so forth. You can use this valuable information to your advantage by hyper targeting your ads to a specific profession.

For example, if you’re selling an e-book on how to swing a baseball bat you can very easily target baseball coaches and only market to them.

This is an incredible opportunity within Facebook to direct market specific people who are more likely to have an interest for your product or service.


The five tips listed above are only the tip of the iceberg which will get you started and guide in the right direction for creating successful Facebook campaigns. Make sure you check with and read their tips and tutorials on creating campaigns.Facebook keeps on adding new features and enhancements to their marketing engine.

9 thoughts on “Top Five Facebook Advertising Tips for Marketers”

  1. Great idea!!! Im using Facebook sponsored stories and CPM action optimized its quite doing well but the rest haven’t tried them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rick-

    Very interesting article. There are a lot of ways to help optimize your facebook paid advertising. Demographics is key. Try to find out who and where your audience is and then only target them. That way if you do run high costs at least you know you are pinpointing your ads and you are getting the most out of them.



  3. I like that idea of local marketing because it’s really a good way to start things up. As they say, one small step at a time, or was that one baby step at a time? Either way, targeting the locals is a good way to go. Once you’ve gotten your locals spreading word about your brands, that would be the signal for you to step out of your territory and target the nearby towns.

  4. I was looking to initiate my advertising on facebook on next week. But I am lucky to find this post before I start it. Your post open my eyes and now I can focus on the important aspect such as demographic targeting.

    Thanks alot.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I’m working on my Facebook campaigns frequently trying to get them optimized so I’m not wasting so much money.

  6. Interesting tips! Got a myself re-evaluating my advertising routine in facebook. Now, its time for some application.

  7. I would like to extend my appreciation regarding this article said. Thank you for sharing it. It is very informative and helpful. It plays a big change in my career.

  8. This tips will definitely help me. Just starting my blogging career and I am surfing other blogs to see what I need and what to improve in my skills. And for the facebook ads., I will post my ads soon if know more about it.

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