6 Useful Tips for Bloggers to Enhance Your Email CTR

Bloggers are not getting more pro-active in using emails to link their blogs and websites as part of their marketing strategy. When using email marketing as a meaningful endeavor your ultimate goal is to increase the email click through rate or CTR in order to convert your efforts into a productive one.

As you send out emails to your target audience, getting them to click through your links is important. Of course it is likewise important to make them open your email and read them instead of directly throwing it out on the trash without even bothering to open it.

It helps to know these 6 useful tips to enhance your email CTR and make your email marketing efforts more productive:

Make your email content click friendly

You can always prompt your readers to click on your email if it provides them a content that is click friendly. By click friendly means that an email reader can easily find the link that you want them to check out or visit.

It is also important to use a word that would be significant to your link in your content. This makes it easier for your reader to understand what you are trying to sell or offer them.

Email marketers always take the time to invest efforts in keyword research in order to find relevant keywords that will prompt your readers to click on your link. You should ask yourself whether the keyword that you will use is in fact related to the content of your website link. Make sure to test the link before sending out your email. An email with a dead link will definitely not produce results on your email CTR.

Hit your point

It is important to learn how to convey your message direct to the point. Your readers may be impatient and does not have the time to really read your long email and you are risking your email to be thrown in the trash bin. Your chances to boost your email CTR becomes low once your email is long enough to take your readers into boredom and eventually lose interest in reading your message.

Because many bloggers are already venturing into email marketing there is a tendency for one to have their inbox flooding with promotional emails. You can reduce the risk of having your email deleted if you are able to write a brief content that will spark their interest to know more about what you are offering them.

Is your email mobile friendly?


With the growing trend of using Smartphones for business and personal use to open emails, you should adapt to this trend in your email marketing strategy. There is a big chance that your email will be opened using a mobile device by the recipient and thus it is crucial that the email you send must be mobile friendly.

You can use email marketing tools to make your email optimized for mobile use in order to increase your email CTR. This will also widen the scope of your market as it accommodates the growing use of tablets and mobile devices in opening emails.

Avoid the dangers of spamming

You must send your email wisely and to a targeted audience who will likely be interested to hear from you. People hate spamming and if you send them unsolicited emails you should expect your email to be deleted outright. It would be more logical to send to targeted people who have an interest in your products and will likely click through your email for this reason than to waste your time and effort in sending emails on anyone randomly who are likely to delete your email anyway.

The quality of your email listing can significantly increase your email CTR. Build an opt-in database of contacts and start building a database of an email list of people who show interest on your website, products and services.

Target writing content with a call for action


The main objective in improving your email CTR is to prompt your readers to click on your link. You can help them out make this decision by writing contents that call for an action.

An effective way of doing this is to make your content brief and concise but one that could immediately motivate your readers to click on your link. Making your link bold and clear will also make it easier for your reader to decide on clicking through your link and check out what you can offer them.

Track down your results


Sending your email will not suffice. You need some tracking down to check whether it works or not. It also offers you an opportunity to review whether you are wasting your time for your email marketing tactics and to give you better direction to make the appropriate changes.

Get some help from tools like the Google Analytics in order to evaluate your email marketing performance. A minor mistake could significantly affect your email CTR. Check whether your header sentence and content is attractive enough to your reader.

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