Awesome Tactics of Future-Proof and Effective Link Building

Search engine optimization has certainly become more challenging these days, more particularly when it involves the traditional link building strategy that has grown several websites to rank high in the search engine before but now are suffering from being heavily penalized by Google.

While many webmasters are trying to overcome the pain of getting hit by the Panda update of Google, contemplating which SEO tactic to use in their SEO campaign, it is worth noting that the link building strategy is not completely dead already. There are some awesome tactics of future proof and effective strategy for building links that you can still use in order to embrace the constantly changing trends and demand for effective link building campaigns.

Do Not Rely Your Link Heavily In Anchor Text

anchorThe use of anchor text has been a common practice in building links for search engine optimization. However, with the advent of the Penguin update it does not seem to be a future proof way tactic in the link building process. While you need not heavily rely on anchor texts, you can still pursue your link building strategy on creating natural links on your search engine optimization campaign by creating your links on a neutral ground.

Without relying on an anchor text, you can pursue a more generic or discreet manner of building natural links that will unlikely be penalized by Google in the future. It is a failsafe strategy that you can do when building links.

A way to future proof your link is to rotate your anchor text but doing so should be taken with caution because in the long run this may create a pattern that the intelligent Google will certainly detect in the future. You can simply ask for attribution without the need to include a text or a widget box. You can ask other people to do the link marketing for you by asking them to share your links on their site or make an attribution to your work. Simply stated, you have no control over these links and you are creating them naturally, a link building tactic which Google will not penalize your site for.

Combine Your Link Building Tactics With Content Marketing Strategy

Google is always looking for good content as it aims to provide valuable information among the internet users. Content marketing style of link building is a good strategy that you can embrace as a future proof way of building your links. Linking to good contents will help you attain different results because content marketing can strike different aspects of online marketing that includes press release, social sharing, generating website traffic and building natural links.

By taking this approach carefully by writing really good contents you will optimize your chance of improving your link development marketing method with many other benefits that will support your SEO marketing campaigns.

If you are out of ideas on what content to write about, you can look for a link partner who is an influencer and authority in his field who knows about the latest trend within his industry. If you are unsure whether you are making your content marketing effective, you can certainly ask people you know who are willing to share your link and get their feedback in order to know which areas you need to improve.

You need not completely give up your the usual way of marketing links naturally in your SEO strategy. You only need to find the right driving forces that will give you better positioning for your links that will be unaffected by any future changes in Google requirements and standards. Combining these strategies will help you hit many results in a single link building tactic.

You Cannot Outsmart Google Algorithm

Panda-PenguineAs more people tried the black hat SEO strategy which worked quite well for many sites in bringing up their website to the high page rank, this strategy is not enduring. Google has an intelligent algorithm that gets better over time, bringing frequent updates in order to counteract the different black hat strategies that are devised by those who want to circumvent their way to get a better positing on the search engine results. Realizing this is essential if you want to adopt a future proof link building tactics.

If you want to build your links, do it right from the beginning minus the black hat SEO strategy. Natural links are essential in order not to over promote your links that warrants a penalty from Google. It is a failsafe tactic to approach your link building strategy by asking other people to share your link. This gives your links more value because people like or love your website contents and it is worth sharing. In the long process, your link starts to build the natural way without your control over it hence Google can detect this and will give you a reward for such link building scheme.

6 thoughts on “Awesome Tactics of Future-Proof and Effective Link Building”

  1. Agreed, you cannot outsmart Google. More and more people are realizing this and that their hand is now forced to creating actual, original content.

  2. Thanks for the article. Even though creating natural links can be a long process, it will be worth it in the long run.

  3. I am glad Google is stumping its foot down. For too long, companies have been exploiting the gaps in SEO and it made it harder for genuine website owners to build up the SEO on their site. Since the update, I have noticed the dramatic drop in emails from companies asking if I would like them to do a guest post on the site, whilst sneaking in a quick backlink to their site.

    Good article!

  4. In the new year 2013 I think Google has launch a new algorithm called Google Dino (if I am not wrong), but regular update and health link building strategy are still useful to achieve good search ranking.

  5. I’d like to add a link building technique I recently found out. There’s s site called HARO which is a site for journalists looking for expert sources. Sign up for free and answer journalists’ queries and if you get published you receive a VERY high quality dofollow backlink from that post.

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