E-Commerce Site: How To Make It SEO Friendly

The business owners who are looking to raise their e-commerce business on search engines need to adopt something exceptional to achieve success. It is not an easy task to run an e-commerce business successfully in this competitive market, so the business owners need to spend their time and efforts in researching the perfect solutions to make their site successful. It is important to make the e-commerce site SEO friendly to always stay ahead on the web.

You must implement SEO friendly features, to make your site interactive and flexible, no matter whether you run a small e-store or a full shopping mall. In this article it is discussed about the features which you must consider while designing the e-commerce site.

1. Choose A Domain Name

when it comes to choosing the domain name for your site, then you should choose the brand domain name. Most of the business owners select the keyword rich domain name, thinking that it is more effective. It is only effective as these keyword rich domain names quickly got higher position or ranking in search engines. But since the EMD updates of Google, it is no more viable. Besides this, you must ensure that your domain doesn’t get expire in short time period.

2. SEO- Friendly URL’s:

eCommerceThe e-commerce site must have keyword rich and stagnant URLs. It must be SEO friendly. The URLs which are simple and can be readable easily are SEO friendly URLs whereas the URLs which consists of ?, / and other special characters and numbers are not SEO friendly URL’s. These types of URLs are temporary URL’s.

3. 301 Redirects:

It is important to make your site 301 redirects. There are many sites which delete or change their pages. 301 redirect will help the customer to reach at the new page. Basically 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one URL to another. The benefit of this is that you will not lose your visitors who visit your deleted pages.

4. W3C Validator:

It is a validator which checks the validity of the web pages and shows you the mistakes or errors present on your website. By correcting these mistakes you can make your site more effective and search engines will also be able to crawl your site.

5. Site Loading Time:

It is the time taken by a site to open after a click. It is important that your site should possess higher speed, as if your site will take more time to get loaded then the visitor will skip from your site as visitors are very impatient and they want immediate results. You can increase the loading speed of your site by avoiding lots of images (use only optimized images), frames, JavaScript, flash file etc.

6. Header Tags:

Header tags are important for every website as these tags describes the structure of the whole page. It makes it easier for both search engines and visitors to know what the whole page is about. This will also help to boost up the websites ranking. Header tags are basically from H1 to H6, from which H1, H2 and H3 tags are more important and you must include the most important headings within these tags.

7. Image ALT Tag:

The search engines don’t read the images, so it is important to include ALT tag within img tag. This includes text related to picture. This text is easily readable by search engines by which they are able to understand the images and same with the case of audience.

8. Social Sharing Buttons:

It is important to add social sharing buttons on your e-commerce site as it makes it easier for the visitors or customers to share your product images and services with their friends. Make sure that you place these social sharing buttons on the perfect place where the visitors can easily see it and hence share. These social media buttons can help you to boost up your brand awareness.

9. Product Page And Content Optimization:

The content is the king on the website. An ecommerce site must have a relevant content and information required by the users. To optimize your content it is important to include all the below mentioned points efficiently on your site:

  • Price
  • Page of related products
  • Content describing products along with the product reviews
  • Latent semantic Indexing

10. Navigation Structure:

Navigation structure is highly important for both search engines and users. It must be easy and simple so that the search engines can index all the pages easily. Besides this, you should give importance to logo, sitemap and avoid image links.

Summary: An e-commerce site can be effective only when if it is user friendly as well as SEO friendly. Whether you have small e-store or a full shopping mall online, you must have a SEO friendly site. All the above points will help you to create a SEO friendly e-commerce site.

3 thoughts on “E-Commerce Site: How To Make It SEO Friendly”

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    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

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