The Top Digital Marketing Trends That Will Define 2016

A famous quote goes as, “Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.” The world today is advancing at an unimaginable pace with new technology emerging every single day. With this speed of the technological developments, new trends are set every year creating space for latest technology to fill the void.

The year 2016 has seen various such advancements, with digital marketing scoring the topmost grades. It comes as no surprise that the digital market is highly volatile and complex, yet it continues to entice the active interests of the business enterprises from across the world. Having reached almost the end of an eventful year, 2016 offered to the world a handful of new technology to embrace upon.

It thus becomes vital for the emerging business organisations to make a note of the recent trends in the field of digital (online) marketing, which are definitely not going to die soon enough. Have a read at topmost digital marketing trends of 2016 that continue to dominate the global online market:

Content IS and WILL be the King:

Content is King

Content has been positioned as the ruler of all online marketing techniques. It continues to be the sole reason as the success key to many startup businesses. If you own a business and wish to take it online, then it is imperative that you blog about your products or services.

As per a recent research, around 67% of the monthly sales got upgraded when active blogs were posted on a daily basis.

Content plays a vital role in maintaining the digital position of a particular brand in the global market and even attracts the targeted audience to make them aware of the products and services of a particular online business. As per the study of the recent success stories of various business organisations with active blogging and content posting, there is no stopping for content in the upcoming years.

Mobile Technology is on the Lead:

Mobile Technology is on the Lead

Earlier, the desktops formed the sole platform for marketing of the services of a particular business. Now with an innovative role reversal, mobile devices have surpassed the use of the desktop. The digital marketing has taken the surge with the use of smartphones and tablets. With every individual in possession of a smartphone, people tend to open their desktop screens only for some specific purpose.

2016 witnessed the new culture of the mobile apps which has become a major contributor to the digital marketing success. To add to it all, Google has recently released the “app streaming” feature on its Play store services with the use of which the users can have access to a particular app based on their search, even when they have not installed the app on their mobile phones. With this dominance of smartphones taking the wave, this trend is also not going to die soon.

Video Ads will Fill the Screen:

Video Ads

We all have witnessed the video advertisements on Television. Now, this trend has been transferred to the smartphone technology to provide a boost to the services of a particular business.

This trending digital marketing strategy takes the space of the user’s mobile window with video advertisements.

Even the online giants like Google, Facebook and YouTube have incorporated the skills of promoting the personalized content of a particular online business with the use of video ads streaming online on the mobile screens. With this trend gaining impetus, be prepared to accept more videos popping on your smartphone screens.

Wearable Technology Rising to New Heights:

Wearable Technology

What more promotion could giants like Google and Apple need?

Yet, with the introduction of wearable technological apparels or gadgets like Google Glass, FitBit and Apple’s smart watches; this trend is certainly going to last for long.

A good competition to the smartphone technology, these cool gadgets which are engineered with smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology are set to mark their presence in the digital marketing scenario. 2016 marked the beginning of this wearable technology in the field of digital marketing; we hope to see more innovations in this aspect in the upcoming years.

Email is the Good Old Marketing Skill:

Email Marketing Skill

Though your emails must have moved from the desktop to your smartphones this year, yet the trend of the incoming marketing E-mails from the organizations would not cease to operate any soon.

E-mail has always served as a great tool used by the businesses across the world to promote their products and services through regular newsletters and subscription E-mails. Owing to such vital importance in the hearts of people, E-mails technology will continue to dominate the forthcoming years and so on.

It’s All About Bigger Data:

Bigger Data

Data analytics has continued to expand itself in the recent years with existing data getting bigger. 2016 marked itself with the innovation of new tools and platforms which are used to track and understand the customer behavior online. This serves as a boon to the implementation of the proper digital marketing strategy for the success of any online business enterprise.

The concept of “business in the cloud” has accelerated the Information System and Business Automation marketing trends. The innovators have come up with various data-driven marketing tools including Content Curation tools, Personalization tools, Retargeting and Effectiveness Review tools and many more are on their way to give a boost to the online digital marketing success to the online businesses.

The Use of Digital Assistants:

Digital Assistants

The online marketers have been observed to make use of the online strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) to increase the substantial traffic to their websites. This is another effective digital marketing technique used globally to filter major traffic to their online sites to give a boost to their business.

Online marketing has always marked its significance in moving ahead of the potential competitors in today’s era. With the advent of such innovative digital marketing strategies in 2016, we hope to witness more of such technology booms in the upcoming years.

3 thoughts on “The Top Digital Marketing Trends That Will Define 2016”

  1. I agree that content is one of the most important aspects for a digital marketing company. As there are constant updates and information is constantly changing, it is important to make sure that your updates and changes in content can follow the trend. If you have a company that is not changing and adapting each day, it will easily be swallowed by the other hundreds of companies that offer a similar service.

  2. Wearable technology is the new hype that has continued to 2017, and that is what will take internet marketing by storm. So a thorough knowledge of that is one of the first requirements. This post was really helpful in letting online marketers analyse where they have to focus more. So thank you and keep posting.

  3. Truely said, these 2016 treds have taken the global into new level. As you said wearable trends are going to rock 2017 also. Yeah, i totally agree with the content, it plays a vital role in any business and helps website to withstand with any competition. Digital marketers will keep an eye on the upcoming technology and trends and change their business accordingly.

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