4 Common Mistakes Professional Search Marketers Make

Making mistakes is nothing appreciating at all. Well, this is all what I believe. These mistakes as made by a professional search marketer are the warning signs for Campaign Managers, Search Marketing Directors and everyone else involved in a search marketing agency.

Even if these mistakes as committed by them are common enough, yet following these guidelines would help to avoid them. So, let us have a look at some of the common mistakes as committed by them:

Clients are not communicated properly


This is definitely one of the most important reasons one should take care of. Well, if proper rapport is not built with your Clients, then they will most likely not trust your company. So, make sure that you conduct a weekly campaign status calls with your clients to build up a positive relationship with your clients regarding your Business.

This is definitely important that you maintain a positive impact with your clients to build a positive business deal.

Campaign Budgets are managed badly


Managing your Campaign Budget is important and definitely poses a vital role. So, if you are setting up a marketing budget that are too high and if it exceeds that your Clients has budgeted for, then you are simply entering the problematic territory. Not only it will upset your clients but also they may get disappointed. You clients need to add more dollars to your campaign and this might relate to a foul. This is true that nobody likes to pay more than what they have budgeted for.

Too Low- Again if you set the campaign budget extremely low, then you won’t get enough traffic to your site and will loose out some impressions. This is also a negative effect for your ppc campaign too. This also leads to less visibility and reach as you are not addressing the entire audience with your campaign. As a result, some of the potential customers will be lost. So, fixing your budget at a medium level definitely helps a lot.

So, make sure that your campaign has got a well-balanced budget and they are well communicated and documented with your Clients that they have budgeted for. Also make sure that your clients are satisfied and their campaigns run well with whatever budgets they have fixed and they do not need to pay any more.

Landing Pages are null and dead


Landing Page poses a vital role. This is infact the place or the page where your visitors will be directed to and they will get the entire concept of your site.

So if your landing page is dead, this is simply make your visitors to fly away from your site. Hence, a total loss for both you as well as your clients. At the same time, this is something embarrassing for your ppc company too if your client is getting notified by your disapproved ads as well as about your5 unskilled works too.

Therefore, quality assurance is the vital task which you need to take care of. Make sure that your landing page works correctly and properly. It is well designed as well as organized so that your visitors don’t find it any problem or hectic. Also make sure that the URLs that they have appended also works correctly and the landing page that they have designed also works well. So, checking the landing page of your campaign is surely important. Isn’t it?

Don’t target the wrong geographical areas


Well this is true that targeting the wrong geographical area is one of the bizarre mistakes one can ever make. Campaigns targeting the wrong geographical areas would be the most ridiculous situation one can ever make. Therefore, it is important that each search marketer troubleshoot their work and fix upon the places well before they start their campaign.

Make sure that you send out screenshots to your clients so that they get a fair idea of the places that their campaigns are targeting. They would also know that their campaigns are correctly set up and the settings are also accurate.

Therefore, it can be said that these mistakes are not silly indeed but one of the gravest mistakes one can ever make. Committing it over and over again would make you feel embarrassed and sometimes it may make your clients to distrust you and that is not appreciable at all. So, all you can do is to avoid these mistakes and make sure that your ppc campaign runs well!!

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  1. Hi,
    This might be a bit off the topic but I was wondering if you could tell which Studiopress theme do you use? I really like the design of your blog.

  2. Really nice guide to manage your marketing campaign and avoid basic error to promote your business and brand establishment.

  3. Finding ways to get your client with the landing page can sometimes be a challenge. Given the fact that SEO still has to be considered, it is important to have a concrete idea how to deal with this problem.

  4. Given the fact that SEO still has to be considered, it is important to have a concrete idea how to deal with this problem.

  5. I think I’m guilty of the number 4, I am targeting wrong people in wrong geographical locations that is why I’m not getting my desired results. Anyways, I’m learning by and by. Thanks for sharing this useful post.

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