Common Blunders Of Content Marketing To Avoid

People use internet for solving their problems, to find the information and entertainment. One of the perfect ways to provide this to your audience is providing them the content through articles, blog posts, email, reports etc. Content posting is one of the simplest and cost effective ways to reach to your target audience as long as you want and you do right.

Only publishing the content and hoping for the high sales will not work. Content marketing needs a solid approach to get success in your business. This solid approach means that you should create an effective content without any mistakes. Most of the bloggers make lots of mistakes while writing and marketing the content.

In this article, it is discussed about these content marketing mistakes which you must avoid to get success in your business:

Mistake # 1: Fail to promote content

If you are the content publisher and you take pride in your task and create the content meticulously for the audience or readers. But this great content will not be of any use, if it is not promoted actively. By doing this you are cutting your opportunities for getting business success. When you publish any content, ensure that you put as much efforts as you have put while creating the content at first place. Here are some of the tips that would help you to spread your words effectively:

  • Announce your content on social media
  • Ask your friends in your niche to share the content
  • Redistribute the content on other websites
  • Share your content with your mailing list
  • Create social sharing options or buttons for your website readers.

In a nutshell, creating content is just half the way to success. You also have to put some efforts to let the people read it.

Mistake #2: Absence of purpose and call to action

Creating the content is liked by many. Those creating the content love the topics they cover and are fervent about their subjects. And these writers hope that, their fervent will result into profit. They believe that if they write the quality content, then the readers will buy their products and use their services.

But this belief is somewhat wrong, if you don’t tell your readers about your products and services, then they will not buy it as they know nothing about your products and services. Every content you write should have some purpose and a call to action. These calls to actions will help you to increase conversion rate.

Content Marketing

Mistake#3 Not understanding the target market

The key to content marketing success is to have an in depth knowledge of your target market. You must know that for whom you are writing for as this will let you to select and write on the right topics. Here are some of the ways how you can know your target audience and create an effective content:

  • Keyword research, which shows you what people are searching for related to your subject area or niche.
  • Asking questions to your readers. What they want to know? What are they anxious for?
  • Considering comments on social media and blog

Mistake #4 Not sharing the content of other people

It is natural to focus on own content as you have spent lot of time to create the content. It is not only important to share your content but it is also important to share other people content. There are many benefits of sharing other people content:

  1. Sharing content with your audience proves you as a valuable or great resource for content.
  2. By sharing your content with your fellow publishers and you share their content, then people will more likely to share yours.

Spend time top share useful content for your readers via mail, social media, blog.

Mistake #5 Not interacting with audience

Today, the web is interactive and our readers expect interaction. As a content writer or publisher, you should answer the questions, respond to the comments and engage with your audience frequently. This doesn’t mean that you have to respond and answer to your audience everyday. This would not be the good use of time but you must respond to their comments more oftenly because there is no such thing as a one way conversation.

Mistake #6 Quantity over quality

It is true that more the content, more will the opportunities to be seen, but if you focus on the quality of your content then it can go even further. Therefore create quality content by taking more time and write them in detail. Besides this make your content visually appealing and publish it on different media.

People will recommend your content, if you do all the things well in your content and hence more traffic will come to read your content. On the other hand, if you publish the content which is thin and not of much help, then the audience will not share it or promote it further and you will lose the traffic. So, create a content of great quality and publish it. In other words, focus on quality not quantity.

Summary: Publishing the great content is not enough but you can get the amazing results in your business if you combine multiple pieces of content marketing.

11 thoughts on “Common Blunders Of Content Marketing To Avoid”

  1. Biggest blunder people make nowadays in Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing is not having a Call to Action in their sales pitches which just lowers conversions like hell.! Nice guide!

  2. Hi !
    I agree with all the points . A content marketing campaign can’t see much success if the marketeers didn’t understand the market and failed to promote the content.Hence , we should always gather as much details as possible on the market before stepping into it .Thanks for sharing the information.

  3. Great article!

    The main section I like about the article is call to action. Without a sufficient effort in this area, much efforts can then go to waste


  4. Sabrina your post did not leave any thing in blogging. My experience says that you covered every thing and if some one seriously follow your article can never be fail. But please tell me more sources of promoting blog if you don’t mind

    my Email address is

  5. As it seems the biggest mistake of any content marketing is not interacting with the users as engaging with your users will tell you what they want and you might also get updated with some of your existing knowledge

  6. Well Said bro, You have chosen a very important topics. We as webmasters need to know the importance of marketing. All new bloggers should definitely read this for their benefit.

  7. I liked he point “Quantity over quality”. I think the huge paragraphs in content is not going to help. small paragraphs with unique and quality content makes a huge difference. Thank you for the post .

  8. Main blunder people produce currently within Email marketing and Articles Advertising seriously isn’t which has a Proactive approach inside their revenue pitches which often only brings down conversion rate including nightmare.

  9. Content posting is one of the simplest and cost effective ways to reach to a large target audience as long as we want and we do it correctly. Appreciating Email marketing tips.. :)

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