5 Types of Businesses That Help You Make Money Online

The dotcom boom or the dotcom bubble was a now legendary period where internet companies received huge speculative funding though the bubble burst and lost many people millions of dollars in its wake. That was roughly a decade and a half ago.

These days internet-based businesses are deemed a lot safer, a lot more stable and a lot more profitable for anyone who knows how the internet works. If you too are looking for a way to make money online, all you need is to choose a business model that is suited to your talents. Here are some great ideas that can help you make money online with relative ease.

eCommerce websites


eCommerce websites are the easiest kind of online businesses to set up these days. To get started, you basically need to provide an e-shopping platform and get vendors to give your business. The trick to earning really big bucks through an eCommerce website is to be spot on in terms of the quality of the products, delivery times and customer service.

You can choose to develop your own platform for an eCommerce website or choose a prefab option if you have the resources. Also, you might need to spend a bit of time initially in setting up a catalogue which would require you to write original copies for product descriptions to figure higher on searches for products.

Auction/resale website

Auction or resale sites are becoming increasingly popular. Even though eBay is unrivalled in the field, a buyer who is looking for something specific would not hesitate to buy from a relatively unknown auction/resale website either as long as you can keep your service as clean and accurate as possible.

You can set up such a website with relative ease though you’d have to be very careful about providing secure payments system on such sites. Also, you might need to go the extra mile in ensuring the quality and authenticity of products that are auctioned or sold through your site, at least initially to avoid your website getting a bad rep.

A niche blog


If you have a certain degree of expertise in a field (food, fashion, travel, finance) or if you are passionate about a popular topic (gaming, politics, gardening), you can always start your own blog about it. You’d have to remember that blogs take a lot of work to maintain and popularize and you probably won’t see too much money coming in initially. But the beauty of blogs is that you can speak a passionately through it as you want and it can help you establish yourself within the blogging community fairly easily.

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Hire-a-guy directory

Information based websites are hugely in demand these days. One of the more popular search items in this category is business directories or directories that list local professionals. Depending on the size of your city or town and how wide a region you wish to cover, you can create a website that provides information about the professionals that offer services of a certain kind (plumbers, electricians, construction workers, gardeners) in your region.

You can include information about how you can contact them, where their office is based (if any), testimonials about their previous work etc. You either create a website that provides this information for free or act as a broker between two parties and earn commission.

Info sites

Thanks to new updates made by Google, local searches are more emphasized and hence an online business that caters to a local population or covers information about a particular city or region is more likely to show up higher on local search results.

This update essentially has opened up the internet to small local online businesses. If you have a keen eye for gathering local information and presenting it in a nice way, you can set up a website about virtually anything (local tourist sites, local hotels, local administration, local shops, etc.) as long as it covers a topic that would be of interest to someone searching for it with “your town/region” keyword.

For example, you can create a website that lists and locates all local businesses of a certain niche (like local gardening shops) and provides the reader with extensive info about it. You can place advertisements from these establishments on your website and earn in ad revenue.

5 thoughts on “5 Types of Businesses That Help You Make Money Online”

  1. The competition is tough on a site like eBay ..Blogging and Auctioning a website seems to be the most easiest and best ways to earn cash online ..points 4 and 5 are new for me ..so i can’t comment much on them ..Anyways,thanks for sharing the information .


  2. You must mean, “5 Types of Businesses . . .” – but, regardless of which one you choose, it seems that is is getting harder to gain traction and make a decent profit with so many (millions) of niche blogs, info sites, etc.

    1. It’s hard to get traction if one has no business plan nor project management. Otherwise it’s just a question of good balance of workload and professional internet promotion. There is still lot of bucks to be made online should you have the idea AND good approach towards it.

  3. Thank you for the article, although I am a bit skeptical about you saying that it’s easy to earn money this way. There are so many well-established sites that I think users won’t be interested in any unknown sites.

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