Why Businesses Should Use Facebook Hashtags

Hashtags are no longer monopolized by Twitter. The metadata tag that was once exclusive to 140-character tweets has now evolved into an influential social media business tool and cultural grammar phenomenon. Social sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ have adopted the hashtag to increase user engagement and participation. Most recently, Facebook introduced the hashtag to its more than one billion users, greatly enhancing the experience and value for users and businesses.

Hashtag, Huh?


If you’re in need of some hashtagging 101, a hashtag is a word or phrase prefaced with the symbol #. Labeled an “organization tool” by Digital Ethos, a hashtag serves to connect a common topic or idea that can then be searched. On Twitter for example, users click on #marketing and #ecommerce in tweets and are redirected to a page with conversations about marketing and ecommerce. Hashtags can also be customized. Unique, brand-specific hashtags create an original space where people can engage in dialog surrounding a particular topic.

Relationship Building

Hashtags not only strengthen the virtual connections of friends and families, but can also build relationships between brands and consumers. Facebook status updates are public conversations, and posts embedded with a hashtag create a gateway for users with the similar interest to meet and connect. It’s mutually beneficial for businesses and customers. Connected by hashtags, businesses can acquire a fly-on-the-wall perspective on what people are saying about their brands or products. Alternatively, customers can directly express how they feel about a brand or product. With active updates and social network strategizing, such as campaigning with hashtags, a business can reach out to consumers and attract loyal customers.

Creates Brand Ownership & Engagement

Sam Haseltine, the social media strategist at digital marketing agency Greenlight, emphasizes how Twitter helps brands claim ownership of online discussion through hashtags. “Whether it’s a television program or a developing news story, there’s great value in being able to own the online discussion around a life event.” Businesses can use hashtags to mimic that “ownership” methodology, promote their brands and engage audiences.

Digital marketing and SEO agency iAcquire takes ownership of content marketing and SEO through iAcquire.com tweets, Facebook posts and other instrumental social media spaces. The digital search agency maximizes these social spaces, engaging with other key industry players through Twitter and Facebook hashtags such as #PR, #content and #linkbuilding.

Hashtag Tips

Keep in mind that “engagement is more important than sales on social media,” notes Business Insider report covering social marketing by Altimeter’s Brian Solis. Businesses can’t afford to be exclusive from a Web and social media standpoint. As these digital spaces evolve, businesses should grasp these opportunities to gain consumer insights, stay up-to-date on trends and gather customer information.

Brand and market your business with the following SmallBizTrends.com pointers:

  • Add # in front of key words within Facebook posts to network with new people and join conversations within your niche.
  • Actively comment on and like relevant posts that share your hashtags.
  • Use hashtags to monitor trending topics and locate those who are also passionate about #smallbusiness, for example.
  • Explore competitor hashtags, track conversations and use that data to your advantage.

Incorporating Facebook hashtags into your social media campaigns will “add more functionality to help convey information and build an audience around specific topics“, notes Small Business Trends.

15 thoughts on “Why Businesses Should Use Facebook Hashtags”

  1. Well , there’s no doubt that HashTags are useful , HashTags on twitter are one of the best examples of it …now the no 1 website in the world and one of the populated website -Facebook have also introduced them ..if used properly , HashTags can do wonder for your business ..You may get many leads and sales through Facebook alone .Anyways , thanks for sharing tips and the strategies.


  2. Great tips. Hashtags are a very powerful tool that now has a life of itself. Wonder if Twitter could’ve trademarked that, but I digress.

    While simple, the concept is quite ingenious allowing just about anyone to contribute something related to that same key phrase and collate them altogether. One thing I’ve noticed is that people are starting to abuse it to a point placing tons of # before almost anything. Since there are no rules it’s everyone for themselves.

    Nevertheless your points are very valid and businesses will do well to take advantage of the information hashtags can get them and bring them.

  3. Hi, well it’s an interesting post but i have a question :
    What do you think about Facebook and SEO? Hashtags are goods to natural seo? Thx

  4. Never really thought about hashtags as a tool to network with new people. This is an awesome tip!
    Heck this can be used as an advertising tool as well.

  5. Hi it’s an Interesting Post and i am using Hash tags in my post but its not good because user can’t interact on my post so i am dis-pointed about this .

  6. Hashtags are the best way to gain traffic from very social media.I am very happy to use hashtags on facebook.Hope facebook also come with some other improvement.

  7. Thanks for the post. I just knew that facebook actually takes a great deal of consideration for hashtags after reading your post. I have seen many of them use but I thought they were carried with their twitter style. Thanks again, this will help in great deal. Have a nice day.

  8. Hashtag is very strong tool. i am using it… thanks for information :) it will really help me to use it..
    Good Luck.

  9. Great tips. Hashtags are a very powerful methods at present has a life of itself. And thanks for providing the better information for facebook businees.

  10. What a great insight and thanks to the person that shared the information. I still think hashtags is a great tool if you know how to use it. am 100% in agreement with the writer.

  11. Hashtags are becoming important in facebook now, earlier these have been used in twitter. These are good for better promotion and communication.

  12. Facebook plays a key role in the website ranking as well as for the web sales. It’s new hashtags are a competition with a Twitter like hash tags. I really happy to know about it now and using in properly in promotion of my wesbsite.

  13. Hashtags are very powerful tools and with it being used by Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter. You just have to grab the opportunities hashtags offer for your social media approach.
    Visit to know more

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