Warning! Your New Business Needs a Marketing Plan!

When it comes to internet marketing, there are so many factors that are absolutely vital to your success, and it is vital to have a plan. It is unique to any other kind of marketing partly because of its many different elements.

So, before you jump in to market your company or site, it absolutely imperative to understand how to take advantage and use all features of internet marketing as a complete package. Here are some of the basics that will certainly have you well on your way to building the traffic and success that you desire.

Link Building


You must always place importance on the links that you are using, whether it be on your website content, blog posts or even product descriptions.  Link building is a phenomenal way to create the streets needed to lead your traffic to your website. In addition, you must know how links work in correlation with the search engines used because if used improperly, not only will they not work , but your site could essentially become penalized and even worse, red flagged and as a result, you would not show up in any search engine results.

Guest Blogging

Quickly becoming one of the best solutions for internet marketing today, guest blogging gives you the ability to build traffic and credibility through writing for other sites. Guest Blogging is an industry that has grown tremendously throughout the last few years, and it is important to follow the rules. There are many people who guest blog, but there are those who write fresh, developed content and those who write posts who are simply looking for another link for their site. Make sure to guest blog with the right intentions!


Search Engine Optimization helps you market your site with keywords and page ranking. With so many results appearing once something is typed into a search engine, ongoing SEO can ensure that your website appears at the top of the first page due to your high ranking of relatable and reliable content.

This is achieved by many ways of utilizing specific words consistently throughout your content. With SEO, you are also producing content specifically geared towards your targeted demographic by utilizing popular search words or keywords.

Image Optimization

This aspect to internet marketing is a type of SEO, but rather than placing the keywords within content, you’re using it on your photos. Image optimization places importance on the file names, sizes, tags and placement of the image so you can engage the highest amount of audience.

Proper use of image optimization will also help you appear in search engine image results. It not only can be used in this fashion, but also for the obvious use: engaging your readers in a deeper way. People like media, and it’s important that you provide it for them.

Video Marketing

Although video marketing can be summed up as the promotional use of video footage for a company website, the details to success is what sets the average company apart from those rising on this online video marketing trend. Just like any online marketing tactic, the usage of keywords is a crucial element to create the highest potential of views, which essentially brings your company to a higher amount of traffic.

Without the use of keywords, or “tag words” within your videos, you are leaving your targeted demographic with no path to find their way to your content. Thus, your footage sits on the internet with a rare chance of being seen by people who would otherwise watched your content had they had an opportunity to find it. Another, newer, not-so-developed aspect of video marketing is that YouTube now transcribes their videos, so keyword usage is more useful than ever.

Social Media

You’ve heard it before, and you’re about to hear it again because social media is ruling the world and changing the way people use technology. You must adapt to the new ways of marketing so you can thoroughly take advantage of this new phenomenon.

Social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube and even Tumblr are the ultimate way for you to provide brand recognition, and further market yourself, brand or products. There are several tricks to the trade of social media, but in a nutshell, the goal is to create a huge interactive following, provide consistency and personalize your brand in a way that leaves your following wanting more.

Email Marketing


This is a fabulous option for you to personally keep in touch with your clients, and provide them with exclusive treatment and content which will further their loyalty to you. Use your email system to inform your customers of new products, which essentially provides you with the opportunity to sell it to them as well. Forming a personal bond will further their trust in you which provides more loyalty and essentially, more business.

The secret is to keep it fresh, over-personalized and not sales-sounding. One trick to avoid ending up in a spam folder is to use mailchimp as an email marketing solution, and try to avoid links as much as possible.


Pay Per Click is a system that places your content within the advertising sections of a search engine. With each click, you pay a very small price. This allows your content to be seen, and you only pay when you are receiving the benefits from it.

The trick is figuring out which words and PPC ads that you use are creating the best conversions for your site. You could have 1,000 people clicking on your link, but 1 sale. This is not the best outcome, so it is important to understand that you may spend a lot of time testing and measuring results. Sometimes, however, all you need to begin your success is to get the word out, and this is an affordable way of doing so.


Not only should you interact with your clients through social media and emails, but you should also be interacting and networking with other companies who can further your success. Internet marketing places huge importance on who you know because someone with a following of 1,000,000,000 can certainly get the word out about your company. Networking is also helpful for finding leads and resources for your company to connect with in the future. Chances are that there are plenty of businesses that you have never heard of, and you need to get connected with them!

In order to thoroughly take advantage of internet marketing, you must have the desire to have the highest rank possible in search engines, and the motivation to practice all elements of internet marketing to provide a well rounded aspect of marketing as a whole. Now that you have a basic understanding and foundation of the areas you need to cover and attack, the key is to have the mindset of, “the entire world needs to hear about my product/service, and I’m going to do the best I can to make sure everyone hears about it.


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  1. All these points are not only important in the context of business but also important for every webmasters …You have said it right that link building is a phenomenal way of road to success .Thanks for sharing the information .


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