5 Ways You Can Use Your Blog to Enhance Your Relationship with Your Customers

As cliché as it sounds, customers are always king because without them, a business cannot survive through competition in the market. They are the bread and butter of every company, so business owners must ensure that their staffs are providing excellent customer service.

Nowadays, the idea of customer service is just a call center taking care of customer inquiries. In this article, we will talk about new and innovative key areas in tackling five ways you can use your blog to enhance your relationship with your customers.

Post Unique and Educational Content

Visitors of your blog most of the time may have either landed from the search engine’s result page or link from social media shares. They were enticed by the blog title and decided to read the rest of the article. So you have to make sure to keep them interested throughout the content.

To do this, posts should be made unique and educational like video infographics and innovative articles. such that they work to provide answers to visitors’ questions and queries. This is the starting point of building relationships with them. When you have traded enough sound knowledge, they may syndicate the post by sharing it to their network. Highlight their efforts and acknowledge their appreciation.

When you get successful at this, you may even follow up through exchanging emails with customers. Over time, you can form a relationship that’s more than strictly professional business but a friendship type of rapport with blog visitors and customers.

Create Community

Blogs should not only present information about the products and services but also bring about communication and engagement with readers through blog comments and emails from them. Instead of a face-to-face interaction, blogs serve to be a platform where you can express your ideas and opinions on how your products work. And these are also where leads and customers can appreciate your contributions.

Make your blog interactive by posting relevant questions for them to think about and answer. Reply to their responses and make each comment sound personal to sound human. You can also organize events and publish invitations on a blog post. This can draw crowds to your physical location where they are more able to create a community finding those with similar interests.

Let Customers Know You

Customers-relationshipMost traditional businesses only talk about corporate things about the business and nothing else on their websites. But blogs should be different as this site should offer more creativity. Why not show features how you started up your business?

This kind of topic will excite readers because it’s different from the rest. It might even inspire them and thus find a connection with you. When the readership of your blog grows, you or the writers assigned would seem to be the trusted “human face” of your business. This translates to making a complex organization to a simpler one real human being whom readers can relate more to.

Deal with Complaints

Another topic you can explore in your blog is the complaints section. By showing that you are open in dealing with complaints, customers will also be more open to tell you where your business can improve at. While this can be time-consuming and the number or gravity of complaints is challenging to control, it is a good exercise to practice. By knowing the problems through your blog’s “feedback corner,” you will be able to solve them and improve relationships with those who posted their concerns appropriately at the same time.

You can also receive complaints or negative feedback by activating the comments section in every post of your blog. This is to provide voices to readers and empower them to participate in discussions. However, viewing of comments also has risks as some comments might damage the impression on your company. When moderated and handled well, on the other hand, these will help you in the short and long run. When communication builds up, you can nurture and grow a sense of trust among customers and this makes them become more open and honest. The next thing you’ll get is a lasting business relationship with these people.

Give Bonuses


Customers love extras – discounts, vouchers, and other bonuses. Whether it’s worth a small amount or a large value, these extras like loyalty programs can make your relationship with your customers stronger. Also, promoting bonuses through social media that are directed to your blog will increase traffic. But be very careful not to spam their timelines, newsfeeds, and emails. Just post updates on your blog and share them in other online channels on a regular basis so you will always be on top of their minds at a certain period of time.


There are many different ways on how you can improve your relationship with customers through your blog and all these result to great customer outreach and greater sales conversions. As the lifeline of any business, great customer service brings in repeat sales from customers and these “loyalists” may even bring in newer customers through word-of-mouth marketing and so on.

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  1. olatunji.adetunji

    Whaoo this is a very educative topic, I knew blog is good, but never knew I could achieve this much, am going to add a blog to my site immediately.
    But then there are some issues that do arise from blogging too, like keeping the content quality coming in and the interest growing, most small business individual such as myself do not have the time for consistency, my thoughts were to create an auto blog content site, or get web visitors to sign up to blog and their blogs are tailored just like this site, where you have a lot of people blogging for it.

    1. Hi Olatunji,

      Good Day! Yes, you’re right that most business men are busy doing other stuff than just blogging. One option would be is to pay an internet marketing company to do the blogging for you. This way the quality of the content you’ll have on your blog will greatly be beneficial to your audience and to your customers. Try looking for a services provider that could meet your requirements! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Well written tips for new bloggers. Bloggers must know proper guideline how to build strong relationship with customer. It will boost the blog as well

  3. Such great advice! Most of these start with one keyword — LISTENING and at the same time, Internet marketing is a great way of creating a special relationship with your customers. Thanks a lot!

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